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My Name Is Bruce (2007)

B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon.

IMDB: 6.35 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Fantasy
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The Synopsis for My Name Is Bruce (2007) 720p

Four teenage kids from the tiny mining town of Gold Lick vandalize a nineteenth-century cemetery of Chinese laborers when one of them disturbs a demon who's been guarding the souls of 100 workers killed in a cave-in. Jeff, the surviving teen, goes in search of his hero, over-the-hill B-movie star, Bruce Campbell. Jeff kidnaps the actor and brings him to Gold Lick to save the town. Bruce thinks it's a birthday treat engineered by his agent, so he plays along, humoring the townsfolk and chatting up Jeff's unimpressed mom. Bodies pile up as the demon slashes. What will the sorry, boozy Bruce do when he realizes that Guan-Di, the demon, is for real?

The Director and Players for My Name Is Bruce (2007) 720p

[Role:]Taylor Sharpe
[Role:]Grace Thorsen
[Role:Director]Bruce Campbell
[Role:]Bruce Campbell

The Reviews for My Name Is Bruce (2007) 720p

Reviewed byThe_VoidVote: 8/10/10

It's already been said that My Name is Bruce is a movie for BruceCampbell fans, by Bruce Campbell; and I'm going to say it again becauseit's true. I won't say that I'm (quite) a part of the crowd thatidolises the Evil Dead star; but I am a fan of his and his merepresence is generally enough to make me want to see a movie, no matterhow bad it sounds. I decided that I was going to go into My Name isBruce and rate it solely on how good it is rather than based on thefact that Bruce Campbell is in it; and overall I certainly wasn'tdisappointed; as My Name is Bruce is a thoroughly entertaining andhilarious comedy horror that is sure to delight anyone that is willingto enjoy the movie for what it is (or for the fact that Bruce Campbellis in it). The film focuses on Bruce Campbell, who plays an over thetop version of himself. He's down and out and tired of starring inrubbish low budget horror. Meanwhile, a young kid (who loves BruceCampbell so much that he uses Army of Darkness quotes to pick up women,without much success) unwittingly unleashes a vengeful demon, and thetownsfolk see the actor as their only means of survival.

Much of the movie's humour is focused around Bruce Campbell and theactor is certainly willing to laugh at himself. I doubt the actor inreal life much resembles his character in this film; but even so, Idon't think there are many Hollywood stars (or 'stars') out there thatwould, for example, drink liquor out of a dog bowl while playingthemselves. The fact that its Bruce Campbell playing Bruce Campbell isthe brunt of the movie to such an extent that the rest of it almostcomes off like an afterthought; but since most fans will go into thismovie wanting that; and Campbell clearly made this movie purely forthose people, that was always to be expected. The monster in the movieis a Chinese demon and it really looks ridiculous, but in a fun campysort of way. The film features plenty of death scenes; althoughunfortunately most of them are not particularly bloody. I have to saythat the film doesn't really capture the manic style of the Evil Deadtrilogy (despite featuring some lines of dialogue, actors and scenesfrom said films) but the film has its own style and it works well.Obviously the story has no depth at all; but it just wouldn't be properto criticise it for things like that, and overall I have to admit thatI really liked this film a lot and I'm sure that my fellow BruceCampbell/Low budget horror fans will too.

No way a Bruce classic.Reviewed byElijahCSkuggsVote: 6/10

Fanboy is a term used to describe any individual who is devoted to a single subject in an emotional or fanatical manner, or to a single point of view within that subject, often to the point where it is considered an obsession.

There was a day when I considered myself a Bruce Campbell fanboy. I've seen 90% of his movies, own posters and even a talking Bruce Campbell doll. Hell, I just remembered my ringtone to this day is quotes from Army of Darkness. But I realized after watching this movie, I'm not one. I never really backed up his weaker movies and honestly I didn't even enjoy Running Time. Which Bruce I guess holds some love for. Anywho, after only the beginning scene of MNisB I instantly realized this wouldn't be my cup of tea. And the biggest reason why, the amateur level seriously shows. The supporting actors (most of them) and the writing are just so damn unimpressive. The flick completely relied on Bruce to save the day. But with writing this weak, that's no easy chore.

The story itself is kinda cool, especially when we heard about it 5 years ago....or whenever the hell it first got buzz. Bruce is called upon for help, but fails miserably to live up to his legendary hero status. That's funny, and still is. But the movie didn't do that justice very well. I can only remember myself smirking a handful of times, and that's no joke. And probably a couple of the smirks were because of Grace Thorsen's massive boobs. Talking about a total babe.

This isn't to dismay anyone from seeing it, especially Bruce fans, since there are tons of nods and hidden jokes, but if you also can control your giddiness and fanboyisms (?), you'll see this film isn't a Bruce classic And the moron who said "if you like Bubba Ho-Tep, you'll love this." Wow, that is so off. Bubba Ho-Tep is ten times the movie this is. Which is a damn shame, because Bruce fanboys waited a while to see this one. I may still be a Bruce fanboy to some people, but I'll be the first to say this was one weak Bruce outing. 6 outta 10 for the Bruce swearing, the big, bouncing bosoms on Grace, and the handful of jokes that worked.

Turns into one of the bad movies it's parodying.Reviewed byClothes-OffVote: 5/10

This is worth watching only if you happen to come upon it, not worth going out of your way to rent--which I did. A little of Campbell's tongue-in-cheek persona works better in his "straight" B-movies, not one that is supposed to be a send up. I should take off another rating point for the unrealistic--and thankless--gay characters, although the portrayal wasn't disrespectful, it was still a silly attempt to use gayness for humor, and unsuccessful at that.

I guess it's just not bad enough to be "so bad it's good", and not good enough to recommend enthusiastically. It might have been better if they played it straight instead of making the cheapness so obvious. I think we would have gotten it.

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