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My Sister Eileen (1955)

Ruth and her beautiful sister Eileen come to New York's Greenwich Village looking for "fame, fortune and a 'For Rent' sign on Barrow Street". They find an apartment (such as it is!), but ...

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The Synopsis for My Sister Eileen (1955) 720p

Ruth and her beautiful sister Eileen come to New York's Greenwich Village looking for "fame, fortune and a 'For Rent' sign on Barrow Street". They find an apartment (such as it is!), but fame and fortune are a lot more elusive. Ruth gets the attention of playboy publisher Bob Baker when she submits a story about her gorgeous sister Eileen. She tries to keep his attention by convincing him that she, (a "spinsterish old-maid writer") and the gorgeous, man-getting Eileen are one and the same person.

The Director and Players for My Sister Eileen (1955) 720p

[Director]Richard Quine
[Role:]Betty Garrett
[Role:]Janet Leigh
[Role:]Jack Lemmon

The Reviews for My Sister Eileen (1955) 720p

A Joyful MusicalReviewed byatlasmbVote: 8/10

What began as a series of short stories in "The New Yorker" became a Broadway show, which became a film. Then they added music and the story was reborn as "Wonderful Town" on Broadway. Columbia wanted to bring the musical to the big screen, but was not willing to pay what Leonard Bernstein wanted for his music, so they had Jule Styne and Leo Robin write a new score, which is what we hear in this wonderful film.

Two sisters from Ohio move to New York City, hoping for success in acting and writing. Janet Leigh plays Eileen, the fresh-faced optimist. Betty Garrett plays her sister, Ruth-the skeptical cynic who is used to living in the shadow of Eileen's beauty.

The wonderful cast includes Dick York, Bob Fosse, Tommy Rall, Kurt Kasznar, and Jack Lemmon. Everyone acquits himself well in this story of life in the big city. In short, the film is a joy, filled with comedy, singing, and dancing.

The music is sometimes criticized for being inferior to Bernstein's, but I think it is great. In particular, the songs "I'm Great" and "There's Nothin' Like Love" are standouts. The singing is excellent. And the dancing (credited to Bob Fosse) is stylish and strong. The dancing duel between Fosse and Rall is the highlight of the film.

New York City is featured enough to make one want to visit. Greenwich Village is where most of the action occurs. Cinemascope provides the colorful presentation.

Likable enough musical with undistinguished songs but some terrific talent...Reviewed byDoylenfVote: 7/10

A musical remake of the original Broadway play, MY SISTER EILEEN is a little-known gem from Columbia in the mid-'50s, produced in lively Technicolor and starring JANET LEIGH as Eileen and BETTY GARRETT as her writer/sister, both newcomers to the Greenwich Village scene. And naturally, the story and the film are very dated when viewed today.

But for light entertainment, it passes inspection beautifully. BOB FOSSE and TOMMY RALL are excellent ingredients as singer/dancers and both of them have more screen time than usual here. JACK LEMMON doesn't have much to do as the publisher in love with Garrett and gets to sing the film's most undistinguished song--unfortunately.

The "Conga" number that comes near the end of the film is a treat, the Brazilian soldiers bursting into dance at the drop of the word "Conga," with some imaginative choreography by Bob Fosse. KURT KAZNER is the Greek landlord who actually joins in the number, as do most of their Greenwich Village neighbors.

A bright, unpretentious and sunny film, it's long on charm but short on inspired musical numbers. It's a wonder Columbia decided not to use the Comden/Green Broadway score but hired Jule Styne and Leo Robin to write a new one. Watch for DICK YORK as "Wreck," the husky neighbors who looks out for the girls.

Passes the time pleasantly, but is easily forgotten.

Trivia note: Director Richard Quine was featured in the original MY SISTER EILEEN starring Rosalind Russell in the 1942 film version.

Lovely underrated musicalReviewed byblanche-2Vote: 8/10

Betty Garrett and Janet Leigh star in "My Sister Eileen," a 1955 musical also starring Jack Lemmon, Bob Fosse, Tommy Rall and Kurt Kasznar. This is not the musical "Wonderful Town" but it has delightful music by Jule Style. It's the story of the Sherwood Girls, Ruth and Eileen, who come to Greenwich Village from Ohio to "make it" -Eileen as a performer and Ruth as a writer. The two are conned by a landlord (Kasznar) into renting (for a whopping $65 a month) a basement apartment that shakes like crazy during subway construction. Not to mention, with their window placed the way it is, they may as well be living in the street.

The Ruth character is based on the writer of the original story, Ruth McKenney. Eileen is the freshly beautiful blonde who always has men swarming around her; in comparison, the pretty, funny and stylish Ruth feels like a plain Jane. She sublimates by being dedicated to her career until she meets a publisher (Jack Lemmon) and falls for him. He's interested in her story, "My Sister Eileen," and she's so insecure, she tells him that she is the sought after Eileen - it's another aspect of her personality, she says.

The Greenwich Village aspect makes the film as the movie captures its atmosphere perfectly and gives a real feel for the New York of the 1950s. Betty Garrett is great as Ruth. Her singing and acting are both wonderful. Surprisingly, though it's the title role, the part of Eileen really isn't much. (Sadly, the real Eileen died very young. She married writer Nathanael West and died with him 8 months later in a 1940 car accident.) Janet Leigh is pretty and sweet, putting over the necessary naiveté as Eileen, plus she gets to show off her singing and dancing. Fosse, who also choreographed, and Tommy Rall are suitors of Eileen and do some fabulous dancing. Dick York has a small but showy role as a young man in Ruth's and Eileen's building. Jack Lemmon, in an early role, is slightly miscast as the sophisticated publisher but is very likable.

Well-directed by Richard Quine, it's a shame that "My Sister Eileen" hasn't gotten more attention. It's pretty to look at and to listen to with wonderful, vibrant performances. Check it out.

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