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New Kids Turbo (2010)

New Kids Turbo is a movie starring Huub Smit, Tim Haars, and Wesley van Gaalen. Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are getting fired because of the economic crisis. They decide that they won't pay for anything anymore.

IMDB: 6.41 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 84
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
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The Synopsis for New Kids Turbo (2010) 720p

Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are being fired because of the economic crisis. They decide not to pay for anything anymore. They're stealing beer and food, while the police tries to end their efforts. Unfortunately, the cop from Maaskantje is unable to stop the five friends so the minister of defense decides to send help....

The Director and Players for New Kids Turbo (2010) 720p

[Director]Steffen Haars
[Director]Steffen Haars
[Role:]Wesley van Gaalen
[Role:]Tim Haars
[Role:]Huub Smit

The Reviews for New Kids Turbo (2010) 720p

terribly boringReviewed byruud-35Vote: 7/10

Funny how people do react on this Dutch Movie, you love it or you hate it. First of all i was a fan of their sketches on Dutch TV, but this movie is much too long and goes on and on and on with no surprises. It's a lot of the same, a real disappointment The Dutch Press seems to have the same different opinion about this typical Dutch movie. They love it or they hate, in fact of the Dutch Papers NRC Next gave it 0 stars, which is uncommon, even for a bad movie . Making a sketch of 5 minutes is much easier that making a feature movie. And thats what the problem is with this movie. The second complain about the movie is that i expected another twist than what they normally bring, an extra. The fact that this didn't happen is not a big issue, but the fact that the film never has the same quality as the sketches is definitely a big disappointment.

Ge kunt de groete uut Brabant krijge kut!Reviewed byKnighthawk701Vote: 9/10

To understand a part of this movie you have to know a little history. I went to school in the 90's in Eindhoven, a city near the place were the movie takes place. In that time a lot of people dressed as the people in the movie, drove the Sita scooters and drive around in Opel brand cars pretending to be the tough guys. Those people were called Johnny and Anita's. Sneakers, sport clothing and the haircuts you see in the movie were all over the place. Those were great times as we laughed a lot at their stupidity and general behavior.

So basically the writers/actors use that background and show us that kind of attitude and fashion is still alive in Maaskantje (the town were everything takes place). The actors behave like the Johnny's and Anita's back then, talking with an accent commonly used in that region. They are rebels, aggressive and lazy.

The story itself is about all of them losing their jobs and when the bills get too much and they also lose their social security money, they decide no longer to pay their bills. Of course it gets them into trouble and their aggressive behavior gets them even more deeply into trouble, up to the point were the authorities have to step in...

The movie looks good in all. Some stuff is funnier then other parts of the movie. Some cameo-appearances of (in)famous Dutch people. The actors are well know for their short video's from earlier New Kids and the Pulp Show and a lot of things will seem familiar looking at them and the movie.

I had a great laugh, it's an entertaining movie but don't have great expectations watching it. Over 1 million people went to the cinema to see this movie and it's a big hit in Germany too. The German translation is hilarious since the real actors dubbed it, not stopped by their lack of speaking German! It is no wonder this movie scores big time in Germany after movies like 'Manta Manta' and 'Manta the movie'...

ps don't watch this movie if you are a cop!

Fantastic Movie, even better than the Sketches.Reviewed byFranz24Vote: 10/10

I've just seen New Kids Turbo in the cinema, and I'm not disappointed. The same humor is used as in the Sketches, and the storyline is worked out great. If you're a fan of New Kids you're also gonna like it. Everything is played very well, and you really get sucked into the movie, and I guess the whole cinema thought the same. Everyone was laughing all the time, and the humor in the movie isn't made for 'stupid' people. There are a lot of smart jokes, and great plot twists that make everything more enjoyable. (btw, sorry for my bad English, but come on.. It's a Dutch movie, nobody from other countries is gonna watch this)

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