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New Kids Turbo (2010)

New Kids Turbo is a movie starring Huub Smit, Tim Haars, and Wesley van Gaalen. Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are getting fired because of the economic crisis. They decide that they won't pay for anything anymore.

IMDB: 6.41 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 84
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
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The Synopsis for New Kids Turbo (2010) 720p

Five friends from 'Maaskantje' are being fired because of the economic crisis. They decide not to pay for anything anymore. They're stealing beer and food, while the police tries to end their efforts. Unfortunately, the cop from Maaskantje is unable to stop the five friends so the minister of defense decides to send help....

The Director and Players for New Kids Turbo (2010) 720p

[Director]Steffen Haars
[Director]Steffen Haars
[Role:]Wesley van Gaalen
[Role:]Tim Haars
[Role:]Huub Smit

The Reviews for New Kids Turbo (2010) 720p

Kind of its ownReviewed byjwg-hamersVote: 10/10

This movie sets the standard for this genre.

It is really a turbo version of the sketches.

In comparison to when Rambo stitches his own wound the version in this movie the guy acts much "cooler".

Funny how the audience reacts differently to the "killing" of animals in opposite to the "killing" of people in the movie.

Even though I don't like bad language, here it is fully appropriate. The bluntness is exact the way it should be.

For people who don't like this kind of movie: don't watch it and/or lighten up.

I thought Dutch films could not sink any deeper...Reviewed byGerkevHVote: 2/10

I must say, I didn't have high expectations when I saw the film and even the expectations I had, were shattered.

I really enjoyed the sketches of the first two seasons (which at first weren't aired on TV, only on the internet ( These were really good. The sketches of the third season which were aired on Comedy Central in the Netherlands were not as good, but still made me chuckle from time to time. Then came the film New Kids Turbo. I did not expect a film made from characters out of sketches to be a success, and it really wasn't.

Okay, the actors played their roles relatively OK, but the entire film sucked. I see the resemblance with the 90's culture in Noord-Brabant (I grew up near Maaskantje in the 90's) and that's about the only positive thing about New Kids Turbo.

I didn't laugh once during the entire film, which is not a good thing, considering that it was supposed to be a comedy. Furthermore the storyline was really bad (there was no story). Halfway through the film I was thinking about turning it off, alas I did not. The entire film consists of cursing, shooting, and more cursing. Not really my idea of a fun time. Everything in this film is exaggerated, which is not actually a bad thing, but it is in this case when the entire youth of Holland is pretending to be a 'new kid'.

All in all, my advice to you is: do not see this film! There are a lot of much better Dutch films! I really hope they decide to not make a sequel...

great movie! don't listen to those other commentsReviewed bytravis-higginsVote: 10/10

First of all, I am an American.

And I enjoyed this movie very much. This is not a comedy for simpletons.. Yet they will enjoy it as well.

I think the acting was very good, (spot on!) and portrayed the characters just as they should have been. I loved how the characters dressed in outfits circa 1990's and followed failed trends of Americans.

There are a lot of smart jokes if you're quick enough to catch on, if not - there are plenty, and I mean plenty of crude humored situations as well.

I don't see how you can miss the entire story-line, but there is a story, and it comes together incredibly. Definitely different from the norm as far as stories and characters go.

I found this movie to be very clever and entertaining. I could not stop laughing throughout..

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