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Night and Fog (1956) 1080p

One of the most vivid depictions of the horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps. Filmed in 1955 at several concentration camps in Poland, the film combines new color and black and white footage with black and white newsreels, footage shot by the victorious allies, and stills, to tell the story not only of the camps, but to portray the horror of man's brutal inhumanity. —Bill Randolph

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The Synopsis for Night and Fog (1956) 1080p

One of the most vivid depictions of the horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps. Filmed in 1955 at several concentration camps in Poland, the film combines new color and black and white footage with black and white newsreels, footage shot by the victorious allies, and stills, to tell the story not only of the camps, but to portray the horror of man's brutal inhumanity. —Bill Randolph

The Director and Players for Night and Fog (1956) 1080p

[Director]Alain Resnais
[Role:]Heinrich Himmler
[Role:]Reinhard Heydrich
[Role:]Michel Bouquet

The Reviews for Night and Fog (1956) 1080p

Short-documentary about concentration camps with horrifying and hair-raising imagesReviewed byma-cortesVote: 9/10

This incredible documentary is among the very first films concerning the Nazi horrors , as we see harsh rampage , grisly murders , astonishing massacres against the unfortunate prisoners . Thus , when the incoming transports , mostly Jews, SS soldiers made instant decisions , those who were fit to labors were sent into the camp, others including the children , were dispatched immediately to the gas chambers . The picture providing a view of the terrible reality that begins with the Nazi rise to power in 1933 , being told by a voice-i- off whose narrator is the prestigious French actor Michael Bouquet. The documentary contains archive footage with the protagonists of the tragedy, as there appears Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich , Heinrich Himmler , Julius Streicher , among others . It packs sensitive and relaxed musical score fitting to horrible frames composed by Eisler and conducted by Georges Delerue . The film is perfectly edited and directed by Alain Resnais who takes WWII shots , adding recent images of concentration camps and specially from Auschwitz. . From the building of the concentration camps to the eventual roundup of Jews and others issues , as people from across Europe are herded into cattle cars and transported to the camps where those who were not not immediately executed are put to work. By 1942, the Nazi's "final solution" - the extermination of all Jews - is in full force.

The short-documentary dealing with the Holocaust is based on real events by means of photographs and stock-footage. Alain Resnais' short 1955 documentary film in which appears work camps are transformed into extermination centers to implement the policy of genocide thought at the Wannsee Conference . All four camps , Sobibor , Chelmo , Blezek and Treblinka in the Lublin district of Poland were under the command of SS Odilo Globocnick and , of course, Himmler and Heydrich , the architects of final solution . There was some minor industrial activity linked to the war effort but the main work was the execution of inmates . Millions of prisoners died in the concentration camps through mistreatment, disease , starvation , and overwork, or were executed as unfit for labor. More than three million Jews died in them, usually in gas chambers , although many were killed in mass shootings and by other means.

Prisoners were often transported in inhumane conditions by rail freight cars, in which many died before reaching their destination . The prisoners were confined to the rail cars, often for days or weeks, without food or water . Many died of dehydration in the intense heat of summer or froze to death in winter. Concentration camps also existed in Germany itself , and while they were not specifically designed for systematic extermination, many of their prisoners perished because of harsh conditions or were executed.Victims were brought to the camp in unventilated transports , and all but a handful were gassed after arrival,the gas chambers could accommodate hundred prisoners at one time using Zyclon B which was a crystallized prussic acid which dropped into death chamber , most of their corpses were burned in open pits . The documentary reflects amazing images of the exterminations camps . These camps differed from the rest , since not all of them were also concentration camps. Although none of the categories is independent, and each camp could be classified as a mixture of several of the above, and all camps had some of the elements of an extermination camp, systematic extermination of new-arrivals occurred in very specific camps. Of these, four were extermination camps, where all new-arrivals were simply killed - the "Aktion Reinhard" camps (Treblinka , Sobibor and Belzec) , together with Chelmno. Two others (Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek) were combined concentration and extermination camps . Others were at times classified as "minor extermination camps". Little of the camps remain today but the memory of what happened lives on.

A Witness To Unthinkable EquationsReviewed byatlasmbVote: 9/10

This documentary about The Holocaust and the persecution of millions intersperses current-day film with archival B&W shots from WWII, which ended only ten years earlier. But this is more than a documentary--which would only document facts--because it includes the poetic commentary of Jean Cayrol, a survivor whose words seek to convey the horror on a personal level.

The result is a moving film that does not try to explain what cannot be explained. Instead, the viewer is left with more questions. Even today--so many years after the gates at Buchenwald were opened and their secrets revealed, there are questions about complicity. I know I will continue to read about this tragic phenomenon, hoping to better understand the nature of man.

Though the film may be graphic and repulsive, it actually could have been worse. Knowing that, the viewer is left to extrapolate the horrible truths of those years. The witness of cruelty by one man magnified millions of times. The overt inhumanities that undoubtedly led to unthinkable betrayals from moment to moment over accelerated lifetimes.

Shots of smiling guards, so efficient and so casual in the face of what had become routine for them, are triggers for wondering what calculus allowed them to abandon their humanity on a daily basis and then embrace their families at day's end.

Deeply disturbing and powerful documentary.Reviewed byHumanoidOfFleshVote: 10/10

Alan Resnais' "Night and Fog" was made in 1955 and illustrates with ghastly details exactly what went on inside the Nazi death camps of Struthuf,Oranienburg,Auschwitz,Belsen,Ravenbruck and Dachau.The footage was shot with the Nazi's own cameras and those of the liberating Allied Forces.This thirty minutes documentary is extremely graphic and disturbing.It shows buckets of detached heads lining the corridors,medical 'experiments' in progress and huge mounds of half burnt bodies being bulldozed into mass graves.Resnais filmed color footage of the empty,overgrown concentration camps Auschwitz and Majdanek and juxtaposed it with historical black and white images.The score by Hans Eisler is incredibly powerful as is the narration written by Jean Cayrol,a French poet,novelist and camp survivor.This is surely the film that needs to be seen by everyone interested in the true story of the Holocaust.10 out of 10.

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