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Nighthawks (1978) 1080p

Nighthawks is a movie starring Ken Robertson, Tony Westrope, and Rachel Nicholas James. A homosexual man is forced to hide his sexuality by day while living his secret life by night.

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The Synopsis for Nighthawks (1978) 1080p

Jim (Ken Robertson), a London teacher by day who spends his evenings cruising bars and discos, on the lookout for men from different backgrounds and places and trying to connect with them whether for sex, attempts at a relationship or friendship. He attempts to keep his life compartmentalised, his 'Gay encounters' and his 'friendships with school colleagues', something that seems a necessity working with school children, but can the status quo can't remain forever.

The Director and Players for Nighthawks (1978) 1080p

[Director]Ron Peck
[Role:]Maureen Dolan
[Role:]Rachel Nicholas James
[Role:]Tony Westrope
[Role:]Ken Robertson

The Reviews for Nighthawks (1978) 1080p

Painfully realisticReviewed byfubar-2Vote: 9/10

This could almost be a documentary, it's depiction of the gay male lifestyle is so realistic. A brilliant film unlike any others in the genre. No fantasies here, just honesty (though obviously made before AIDS was an all-too common fear).

a film for now as much as forty years agoReviewed byrobertknight2003Vote: 10/10

This extraordinary film was made in 1978 - almost forty years ago. The Sexual Offences Act in Britain had come into effect in 1967 decriminalizing sexual acts between two men in private at the age of 21.

Clearly, seven years on from then, a huge liberation had occurred, but homosexuality was still hampered by amazing ignorance and intolerance in general British society. There was still the fear of being branded 'queer' or 'bent', and becoming bereft of a livelihood and an income, and viewed as repugnant by family and those around where you lived.

This film cannot be valued enough. It's breathtaking in its lack of polemic. It's just about gay men getting on with their lives in their particular period. What's so interesting is that their sad search for love then is no different to the search now.

Live By NightReviewed bysol-Vote: 5/10

Finding a steady boyfriend proves challenging for a gay geography teacher in prejudiced 1970s London in this British drama starring Ken Robertson. The film was considered daring in its day with its suggestion that something is wrong with a society in which it is so hard for homosexual men to be themselves. Viewed nowadays though, the impact is not the same. There are some admirable techniques at hand, like the absence of audible dialogue for the first six minutes and a shot that gradually zooms into his nervous face at a gay bar, and some of the dialogue resonates (some believe "you're not even human" if you do not "like birds"). For all these positives though, there are many repetitive shots of men dancing for ages on end. A new teacher at Robertson's school also provides a too obvious outlet for him to ramble on about the difficulties of being gay and while a scene in which his prejudiced students grill him about their misconceptions of homosexuality is great, it comes too late in the piece. The film additionally shies over how its protagonist has so much spare time or can turn up to class two hours late without repercussion - but, for all its drawbacks, the film does at least have its heart in the right place.

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