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Nobody Walks (2012)

Nobody Walks is a movie starring John Krasinski, Olivia Thirlby, and Rosemarie DeWitt. A Silver Lake family's relaxed dynamic is tested after they take in a young artist so she can complete her art film.

IMDB: 5.30 Likes

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The Synopsis for Nobody Walks (2012) 720p

A Silver Lake family's relaxed dynamic is tested after they take in a young artist so she can complete her art film.

The Director and Players for Nobody Walks (2012) 720p

[Director]Ry Russo-Young
[Role:]Rosemarie DeWitt
[Role:]Olivia Thirlby
[Role:]John Krasinski
[Role:]India Ennenga

The Reviews for Nobody Walks (2012) 720p

Not organizedReviewed byRyan MurrayVote: 1/10

There is a lot of b-roll and fat that can be cut out of this film. I feel like they used extra stock film just to make the movie a longer movie. It doesn't make it better it only makes it slow and boring. The close-ups are way to close. It feels awkward and not intimate at all, which I feel is the way they wanted to pursue those shots.

The start of the movie is very confusing. You don't really get introduced to the characters, you just see them. You don't know who they are or why you are looking at them. I also don't like the main actress, Olivia Thirlby. Her character is very bland.

I would like to know more about Peter, who John Krasinski plays, and why it is so easy for him to cheat on his wife. John Krasinski is the only reason why I started to watch this film. I think he is a good actor and he does perform good in this film. I wish I would see more of him in newer films.

You also never find out why Kolt, who India Ennenga plays, is learning how to speak Italian.

Pretty EntertainingReviewed bygiantpantherVote: 7/10

Maybe I just got my expectations down to that special level of low, I find Lena Dunham stuff to be horrible, tiny furniture was just one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. So I think seeing her name attached to this helped me enjoy it because I thought okay this will be bad, and when it turned out to be good I was happy.

What makes this movie entertaining is you can watch any of the actors involved on their own, they could have made any of the characters the lead or the main focus and you would have been into it. I actually thought the length was a huge negative, ended maybe a good 15 minutes too early, from opening to credits it was a mere 78 minutes long although it might claim to be longer.

There isn't much of a plot, an artist moves in with a family she stirs things up, I won't give away too much but she's an attractive woman around men who like attractive women so its not that difficult to figure out. The movie does a good job of just sort of moving along without being about anything. One of the weak links was this sub plot with an Italian teacher, I could have done without that it was a little odd.

The young lead actresses India Ennenga who plays the sixteen year old step daughter to Krasinski, and of course the artist woman Olivia Thirlby held it all together and kept it interesting even when it dragged along. I don't know why this movie made so little money, it was decent, maybe it didn't get a big release. I just found it via netflix as I am sure most other people found it that way too.

I would say watch this with no expectations, and if you like movies with lots of action and dramatic arcs then just skip this one, this is more of an experience film.

Reviewed byEd UyeshimaVote: 4/10/10

Given the screenplay was co-written by Lena Dunham, creator andbreakout star of HBO's "Girls", I was hoping this 2012 indierelationship drama would resonate strongly like Lisa Cholodenko'sacclaimed Los Angeles-set films ("Laurel Canyon", "The Kids Are AllRight"), especially with such a smart cast of actors. However,something feels amiss in director Ry Russo-Young's coolish approach toa familiar story of adulterous deception and family dysfunction. Thepacing feels glacial, and the characters are just not that involvingemotionally. Perhaps that was the intention in showing the shallownature of the lifestyle being portrayed, but it rubs off on the film'sinertia leaving it feeling quite flat. The setting is LA's funky-chicSilver Lake neighborhood where sound engineer Peter lives with hispsychotherapist wife Julie along with their young son and her teenageddaughter from a previous marriage, Kolt. They epitomize the laid-back,everything's-cool attitudes one associates with affluent SouthernCalifornians.

Enter Martine, a New York acquaintance of Julie's college friend whohappens to be an attractive 23-year-old experimental filmmaker. She hasagreed to work as Peter's assistant in exchange for him helping out onher latest project, an arty video installation revolving around close-ups of ants. How Martine emotionally invades the family is the crux ofthe story, and to the credit of Russo-Young and Dunham, she never comesacross as an unrepentant interloper like more commercially drivenexploitative films have done in the past. It's just that the plotpretty much goes the way you would expect it would go from the outset,although the characters carry decidedly ambiguous natures that makesome of the story turns feel more complex than they really need to be.For instance, the inevitable tryst between Martine and Peter lacksbelievable passion because it feels almost matter-of-fact. Inhindsight, I feel like it should have been the driving force in pushingeach character toward self-examination.

The cast is not really at fault here as the acting, for the most part,is sensitive and assured. Olivia Thirlby (the best friend in "Juno")provides the requisite gamine quality needed to make Martine credibleas an object of obsession even if her character remains a cipherthroughout. The always becalming Rosemarie DeWitt ("Rachel GettingMarried") delivers a thoughtful balancing act between earth mother andjealous wife as Julie. John Krasinski has a bit harder time escapinghis amiable good-guy image from "The Office" and "Away We Go", but hedoes provide some surprisingly heated moments as Peter that make youwonder if he could do a greater variety of roles on screen. As theconstantly yearning Kolt, India Ennenga appears to be channeling earlyClaire Danes, but she makes the character's unrequited love palpable.In smaller parts, Justin Kirk as a horned-up Hollywood screenwriter andJulie's attentive patient and Dylan McDermott as her self-possessed ex-husband bring much needed alpha energy to the proceedings. A latemeltdown scene with Kolt's smarmy Italian tutor (Emanuele Secci) feelsvery out of place. Lethargic viewing.

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