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North (1994)

North is a movie starring Elijah Wood, Bruce Willis, and Jason Alexander. Sick of the neglect he receives from his mom and dad, a young boy leaves home and travels the world in search of new parents.

IMDB: 4.42 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 19 / 19

The Synopsis for North (1994) 720p

Eleven-year-old North has had it with his parents. They are always busy with their careers and don't give North the attention he needs, so he files a lawsuit against them. The judge rules that North should either find new parents or return to his own parents within two months. Thus north starts off on an hilarious journey around the world to find the parents that really care about him.

The Director and Players for North (1994) 720p

[Director]Rob Reiner
[Role:]Elijah Wood
[Role:]Bruce Willis
[Role:]Julia Louis-Dreyfus
[Role:]Jason Alexander

The Reviews for North (1994) 720p

Without a doubt the worst movie of all timeReviewed byStephencjones13Vote: 1/10

Say you have $40 million to make a movie. You have a great director and a wonderful cast topped off with a great young actor. The story is nothing too big so the $40 mil should cover it. You seem to have the makings for a potential classic. Nothing could go wrong with this, right? Right?

But the movie you'd have would be North. And apparently things did go wrong. Many...many things. Or possibly the only thing that went wrong was the story chosen. The story is about an 11 year old boy named North (now how could a movie NOT be funny with such an unusual name for a character?), played by a pre-Frodo Elijah Woods, who feels his parents are mistreating him because they don't pay attention to him. So he gets a lawyer, who he finds literally chasing an ambulance, haha, and divorces his parents. Now because he's such an overachieving little wretch, letters come pouring in from families who would LOVE to have North as a part of their family.

Bruce Willis plays...well I don't really know WHAT Bruce Willis plays. Whatever he has of a character is too useless to be a guardian angel. He doesn't really DO anything. He first shows up in an Easter Bunny costume (the movie just keeps getting funnier and funnier) and sits next to North in his (North's) secret spot, a chair in the middle of a department store. Now, maybe Alan Zweibel's definition of 'secret' differs from mine, but shouldn't a 'secret spot' be a spot that nobody else knows about? I'm pretty sure at least a couple people noticed that, GASP, there's a chair in the middle of the department store.

Watching North is like receiving a shotgun blast to the crotch, stretched out over 87 minutes, only without as much permanent damage. Some of the people involved have done so many other great movies that I can forgive them for this. However, Alan Zweibel has not only done nothing of note besides this, he wrote the story this movie was based on. The script is the sole reason this movie is bad. It certainly isn't the actors; it's not the director, Rob Reiner. The plot twists, or attempt thereof, are lame, and the final one is just insulting to anybody who has the misfortune of watching this movie.

Avoid this movie at all costs. No matter what is on the other channels or at the video store, nothing is as bad or worse than North.

GoodReviewed byzsscorpVote: 7/10

I hate when people try to play the "Ill save you from this movie" part and analyze films like they "Understand" movies. I even saw a comment that warned parents from showing the movie to their children and called it EVIL! I bet they rather show another "Teletubies" episode...

Overall its a fun movie, good jokes (smart at least), good actors. Maybe not a "must see" but definitely fun to watch. Hollywood guys used to make good movies back then. Besides, i really enjoyed the not-John McClane Willis...

Every person that gave this movie less then 5 stars should be expelled from IMDb. :)

Damn that 10 line rule...

It's For KidsReviewed byddonald99Vote: 10/10

I don't care what Roger Ebert says (he also hates Fight Club), I loved this movie as a child, because that is who it is intended for. Yeah, Roger Ebert probably won't like it because he's 1,000,000-years-old. This film was great for kids, just because it's not some stupid Pixar movie with a few adult references, doesn't mean anybody out of elementary school can't appreciate it. Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and any other Pixar movies (especially if they're sequels) are critics darlings because they reference the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (or something similar) every 20 minutes. Kids can't tell terrible acting from good acting, they don't care for detailed plots, they just want a good laugh and a happy ending, and as far as I'm concerned, North achieved this. I don't care if parents suffer while they're kids watch it, "Family Films" are actually "Children Films," and Disney tries to make it appeal to parents by throwing in adult references, but that won't effect sales, if the kid wants to watch North, he'll watch North, no parent will say no. North was a good movie, and I don't care how many times you say "hated," Mr. Ebert.

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