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Ocean Waves (1993)

Umi ga kikoeru is a TV movie starring Nobuo Tobita, Toshihiko Seki, and Yoko Sakamoto. As a young man returns home after his first year away at college he recalls his senior year of high school and the iron-willed, big city girl...

IMDB: 6.80 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Drama
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  • Run Time: 76
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The Synopsis for Ocean Waves (1993) 720p

The main character travels to his hometown for his high school reunion. During the trip, he recalls the memories of the days in high school. Friendship, subtle love, a trip to Tokyo and so on all came back to him as the film evolves.

The Director and Players for Ocean Waves (1993) 720p

[Director]Tomomi Mochizuki
[Role:]Toshihiko Seki
[Role:]Yuri Amano
[Role:]Yoko Sakamoto
[Role:]Nobuo Tobita

The Reviews for Ocean Waves (1993) 720p

Too much teen angst...a rare misfire from Studio Ghibli.Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 3/10

I've made a deliberate effort to see as much as I can from Japan's Studio Ghibli, makers of such wonderful films as "My Neighbor Totoro", "Spirited Away" and "The Wind Rises". I always have enjoyed their animated films...though "Ocean Waves" (also known as "I Can Hear the Ocean") is a first...a film I didn't particularly enjoy. The animation is nice...but the story left me completely flat.

The story is told from the viewpoint of Taku, a high school boy who becomes infatuated with a girl who has just transferred to his small town school from Tokyo. As the film progresses, however, you wonder WHY does he like this girl so much. Often, she is self-absorbed, snobbish and kind of a jerk. As a result, the film is much more teen angsty than other Ghibli films and this is the main problem for me. The worries that the main characters had all seemed trivial and unimportant...and the characters didn't seem particularly likable as a result. And, at the end, when there was a nostalgic quality to the film you were left wondering why...why look back at this period when any sort of fondness? Overall, very nice animation...and a story that would probably appeal to man teens but which left me bored and a bit confused.

Short and sweet.Reviewed byzlocteVote: 7/10

Although it can be fairly predictable and having a similar story as Only Yesterday (due to the backwards and forwards time line, in my opinion), Ocean Waves has a sweet and simple story focusing around the friendship of Taku and Rikako. Produced by Studio Ghibli, Ocean Waves first aired on Japanese television in 1993. The 1 hour and 10 minutes film is very underrated, as the more well-known and 'greater' Studio Ghibli films are pushed into the limelight moving the focus away from small gems like Ocean Waves. Its a basic film and if you want to watch a short movie with a 'romance' based theme don't pass up the chance! 7/10

An atmospherical contemplation of things long forgottenReviewed bynachtturneVote: 8/10

What a forgotten Ghibli masterpiece! I'm glad that I accidentally stumbled upon it. Someone else beat me to it in the review section twelve years ago, but I gotta emphasize: this movie is as authentic as it gets. The characters behave very realistically, they feel much more humane than those in similar slice-of-life movies. Because of this, you can relate to all the characters, their actions, their motives, and the story will get you involved in no time. Just don't expect any out-of-the-place action or sensationalism - the movie maintains a very relaxed pace, with everything in order, every slight movement feeling natural.

This movie is a hour-and-a-quarter long contemplation, a travel into the past - just like the main character, you will catch yourself wondering about loves, friends and memories long gone. But you might just find redemption at the end of the road, and the end of the movie.

Its seldom I get the bittersweet butterfly of nostalgia growing in my stomach; last time the Miyazaki-classic "Only Yesterday" were able to achieve it. The two movies share a common feel and theme (great reunions, evaluating your roots, and a change of life), and while I think "Only Yesterday" somewhat works better, "Ocean Waves" is an otherwise unrivaled choice for gloomy Sunday afternoon homecinema.

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