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Octaman (1971)

A team of researchers discovers a strange mutation of man and octopus who proceeds to terrorize them.

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  • Genre: Sci-Fi | Horror
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The Synopsis for Octaman (1971) 720p

A scientific expedition in Mexico discovers several unusual baby octopus specimens. When they capture several of the creatures their half-man/half-octopus parent appears to terrorize the hapless scientists.

The Director and Players for Octaman (1971) 720p

[Director]Harry Essex
[Role:]Jeff Morrow
[Role:]Kerwin Mathews
[Role:]Pier Angeli

The Reviews for Octaman (1971) 720p

Good Old-Fashioned Creature FeatureReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 6/10

A team of researchers discovers a strange mutation or man and octopus who proceeds to terrorize them.

Early on we learn that the "octopus is supposed to be the most intelligent species in the ocean". Does this tell us more about the octopus or the scientist? I am pretty sure the octopus is not particularly bright, and this statement completely ignores dolphins, manatees, porpoises, whales, and others.

But what do you expect? They show the octopus suit during the opening credits and then show it repeatedly throughout the film. The creature is hardly believable, and it is more than obvious his lower arms raise up when his top arms do (via a string). Now, conventional wisdom tells us that if you have a cheesy monster, you keep him off the screen as much as possible. Instead, they flaunt him. Foolish or brilliant? This film is like the Amazon River of liquid cheese.

If nothing else makes this film stand out, it should be said that legendary, Oscar-winning effects man Rick Baker made the Octaman costume.

The Cheesy Tentacles of DeathReviewed byCoventryVote: 3/10

With "Octaman", my buddy and I were pretty much convinced to have stumbled upon the ultimate bad movie! This initially looked like brilliantly bad entertainment with a horrendously inefficient environmental message and some of the most pitiable and cheesy costumes we would ever have seen. Well, it's bad all right ? but not necessarily in the entertaining way that we were anticipating. "Octaman" is a long lost relative of the wonderful Creature of the Black Lagoon"; a half man and half sea serpent monster with a ludicrous head and six tentacles. There isn't much of a plot to describe, but writer/director Harry Essex (co-writer of the original aforementioned classic – believe it or not) does his very best to show off with the rubber suit as much as possible. Octaman is literally always luring from behind a bush or with the top of his dumb head sneakily emerging from the water. The continuity in this film is far lost, the characters (supposedly another scientific expedition) are lame wooden stereotypes and the screenplay takes itself way too seriously. There isn't any attempt to insert any humor, unless you think it's hilarious that the Octaman is credited as "himself". When the monster kidnaps the girl and flees towards the water whilst holding her, the image suspiciously looks a lot like that legendary poster of "This Island Earth", with Faith Domergue in the arms of big-headed alien. This proves all the more that "Octaman" got made and released approximately fifteen years overdue. At heart, this is a genuine 50's movie, but in the 70's it doesn't even qualify as a half-decent homage and ends up being a wacky and boring film.

What the...Reviewed byadriangrVote: 4/10

A very low budget and barmy monster flick from the 1970's in which a mutant octopus-man terrorizes about 6 people on a jungle expedition. Not widely known or seen, Octaman doesn't really do much with it's central idea, but then again what really is the scope for a film where the threat is one single man in an octopus suit? The story is slim: a wildlife expedition finds a little octopus with big starey eyes on a riverbank and take it back to their tent for study. Later that night a big daddy Octaman with even bigger starey eyes come to reclaim his little-un! Things go on like this for a while, with lots of nighttime scenes showing the rubbery menace stomping around the compound looking for trouble and whacking people to death with his tentacles. Unfortunately it's very easy to see right from the start that Octaman is a guy in a rubber suit with an extra fake tentacle on each arm and an extra fake tentacle on each leg...these don't move much and the effect is sadly mostly unconvincing. The old motto that "less is more" could have worked well here: if the monsters ugly face and flailing limbs were seen a bit less clearly, the audience might find things a bit more intriguing, but after the first 30 minutes, the Octaman has been seen very clearly from every angle multiple times, and I was getting bored of him! Especially as the majority film never leaves the same wretched riverbank for almost an hour, and just shows Octaman coming out of the water to camp, attacking people and then going back in again.

Acting is so-so, but acceptable, from the limited cast of 6, and at least the monster is fun to watch. Although I did find two things a bit silly – the POV "Octa-vision" shots show his vision to be faceted into hexagons like a fly-eye view might be, even though he has big round single lens eyes. And his permanently wide open mouth has plenty of angry looking sharp teeth but no throat opening at all – it just looks like a teeth-fringed green saucer! For these reasons and the very underwhelming climax, I can understand why "Octaman" has not become a cult hit..shame really, but it's just not very exciting.

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