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Octaman (1971)

A team of researchers discovers a strange mutation of man and octopus who proceeds to terrorize them.

IMDB: 3.62 Likes

  • Genre: Sci-Fi | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 76
  • IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Octaman (1971) 720p

A scientific expedition in Mexico discovers several unusual baby octopus specimens. When they capture several of the creatures their half-man/half-octopus parent appears to terrorize the hapless scientists.

The Director and Players for Octaman (1971) 720p

[Director]Harry Essex
[Role:]Jeff Morrow
[Role:]Kerwin Mathews
[Role:]Pier Angeli

The Reviews for Octaman (1971) 720p

Need a Real Turkey for Thanksgiving?? :=8PReviewed byMooCowMoVote: 1/10

Then look no further than "Octaman", a hideously poor eco-gobbler with eight, count 'em, eight legs....er, arms...er tentacles. Whatever. "Octaman" is a laughably stupid film about a group of idiot scientists and greedy cowboys who search a "primitive hispanic community" for a legendary monster, "1/2 man, 1/2 fish". Of course, octopusses are not fish, but that doesn't seem to matter much to the makers of this film, because they also don't shamble about on land in a rubber suit with wires and zipper plainly in view. Turns out that ol' Octo is a mootant, created by pollution, or radiation, or some such thing - somecow or another we're to blame, yet again. Big Octo doesn't like the way that the dopey scientists are carving up his fake, rubber, whining little octo-friends, so he shambles about like the grimacing Tabonga in "From Hell It Came", slapping people with his rubbery arms whenever possible. As if that weren't enough, Octo then developes an odd sexual fixation on Pier Angeli ("Viva America!"), grabs her, and then ambles about with her in his many arms(Pier died during the filming of this moovie, possibly of acute embarrassment). The scientists try to capture Octo to put him on display by surrounding him in a ring of fire, thereby "eating up all the oxygen around him". Very clever...but, Octo breaks free, gets back into the water, and is able to wave his rubbery arms menacingly yet again. Rick Baker may win 1,000s of Academy Awards from now 'til Doomsday for his make-up special effects, but he will NEVER live down this shaggy skeleton in his fx closet. Poor Octo is one of the moost uncowvincing monsters in film history; his pathetic shamblings evoke moore sighs than actual laughs because Director Harry Essex really thought the sight of a guy in a rubber octopus suit walking about on land would be scary. Ahh, to be that naive again... The MooCow's favorite scene is when Octo surprises the scientists by leaping out of their RV, where he was presumably hiding his zipper and wired arms. Poor direction, uncowvincing acting, and muddled, murky cinematography all help to chop this calamari caper into sushi. The MooCow says rent this for "Shambling Rubber Suited Monster Night", but be prepared for a real stinker. :=8P

What the...Reviewed byadriangrVote: 4/10

A very low budget and barmy monster flick from the 1970's in which a mutant octopus-man terrorizes about 6 people on a jungle expedition. Not widely known or seen, Octaman doesn't really do much with it's central idea, but then again what really is the scope for a film where the threat is one single man in an octopus suit? The story is slim: a wildlife expedition finds a little octopus with big starey eyes on a riverbank and take it back to their tent for study. Later that night a big daddy Octaman with even bigger starey eyes come to reclaim his little-un! Things go on like this for a while, with lots of nighttime scenes showing the rubbery menace stomping around the compound looking for trouble and whacking people to death with his tentacles. Unfortunately it's very easy to see right from the start that Octaman is a guy in a rubber suit with an extra fake tentacle on each arm and an extra fake tentacle on each leg...these don't move much and the effect is sadly mostly unconvincing. The old motto that "less is more" could have worked well here: if the monsters ugly face and flailing limbs were seen a bit less clearly, the audience might find things a bit more intriguing, but after the first 30 minutes, the Octaman has been seen very clearly from every angle multiple times, and I was getting bored of him! Especially as the majority film never leaves the same wretched riverbank for almost an hour, and just shows Octaman coming out of the water to camp, attacking people and then going back in again.

Acting is so-so, but acceptable, from the limited cast of 6, and at least the monster is fun to watch. Although I did find two things a bit silly – the POV "Octa-vision" shots show his vision to be faceted into hexagons like a fly-eye view might be, even though he has big round single lens eyes. And his permanently wide open mouth has plenty of angry looking sharp teeth but no throat opening at all – it just looks like a teeth-fringed green saucer! For these reasons and the very underwhelming climax, I can understand why "Octaman" has not become a cult hit..shame really, but it's just not very exciting.

Big guy in green rubber suit!Reviewed byStevieboy666Vote: 4/10

Being a fan of horror for nearly 40 years I have just watched Octaman for the first time, free online. And it turned out pretty much as I expected, some guy pretending to be half man half octopus in a green rubber suit, terrorising and killing people. Throw in some stock footage of wildlife, day for night scenes & a smattering of cheap gore and we have a film that's fun because it's bad, destined by some to be a cult classic though in truth it's pretty rubbish. Rick Baker, the suit designer, obviously went on to do far better things!

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