One Million B.C. (1940) 1080p YIFY Movie

One Million B.C. (1940) 1080p

One Million B.C. is a movie starring Victor Mature, Carole Landis, and Lon Chaney Jr.. Tale of Prehistoric survival and love between a male and a female belonging to opposing tribes that happened to be at slightly different stages...

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The Synopsis for One Million B.C. (1940) 1080p

Tumak, member of the prehistoric Rock tribe, is exiled and makes his way to the more peaceful Shell tribe, where he is taken in and taught manners by the lovely Loana. Forced to leave the Shell tribe for fighting, Tumak, along with Loana, return to the Rock tribe, where Loana shows them the error of their brutal ways - until the volcano erupts!

The Director and Players for One Million B.C. (1940) 1080p

[Director]Hal Roach Jr.
[Role:]Carole Landis
[Role:]Conrad Nagel
[Role:]Victor Mature
[Role:]Lon Chaney Jr.

The Reviews for One Million B.C. (1940) 1080p

Memorable cave man sagaReviewed byjaybee-3Vote: 6/10

This film must have been quite a show for moviegoers in 1940. Reportedly it did not do very well at the box office. But, it is remembered fondly by youngsters who saw this movie on television back in the 50s and 60s. Today we have to forgive the very silly story and over the top acting. Production-wise though, the photography, art direction and musical score are all quite good. Special effects are fairly impressive. Indeed, the dinosaur and volcano eruption sequences show up later in many low-budget films of the 40s and 50s so don't be surprised if they look familiar. Give it a shot - it's worth a look ! Footnote: For years, this circulated around under different titles and variable quality prints. Hal Roach Studios went back to the original 35MM elements and produced a very nice video transfer for television broadcast.

Interesting Prehistoric adventureReviewed bychris_gaskin123Vote: 7/10

I've seen One Million BC a couple of times and enjoyed it, although its remake, One Million Years BC with Raquel Welch and Ray Harryhausen special effects is much better. This was released on video in Germany, of which I have a copy which a mate ordered for me from Amazon.

A group of explorers go into a cave and look at some cave paintings done by Stone Age Man. The movie then goes back in time and we learn how these people lived. One of these, Tumak meets a girl from a rival tribe and falls in love with her. After getting up to different adventures including battles with dinosaurs and other prehistoric life (more of which later), a volcano erupts and there is also an earthquake towards the end.

Now to those creatures, starting with those "dinosaurs". These are enlarged lizards and alligators with sails stuck on their backs to resemble Dimetrodons. We also see a T-Rex which is just a man in a monster suit and seems to be dancing. At the beginning, the cavemen kill a rubber Tricertops for food. Other creatures we see are Woolly Mammoths which I think are just elephants covered with fur, a giant armadillo, aardvark and snakes. Some of these creatures look OK and some look rather shoddy.

Stock footage from this movie was to appear in many others in years to come, including Teenage Caveman, Tarzan's Desert Mystery and King Dinosaur.

The cast includes Victure Mature in his first movie, Carole Landis, horror star Lon Chaney Jr (The Wolf Man) and John Hubbard.

Though not fantastic, One Million BC is certainly worth a look and is a worthy addition to any collection, especially for fans of dinosaur movies like myself.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

Dated But Still WorthwhileReviewed byAarwin916Vote: 10/10

Despite the defective historical content (dinasaurs and humans did not coexist) this was the first movie to portray Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon man as interacting. Modern archeology has shown that the two branches of man did coexist and inter-breed.

I watched this movie many times during my childhood and as often as I see it available in my adulthood I watch it again. I never tire of the excitement, adventure, and human conflict.. It portrayed the people of pre-history as having human feelings and reactions not so very different from our own. Of course, it is dated, but that does not dilute its impact.

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