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Oscar (1991) 1080p

A gangster attempts to keep the promise he made to his dying father: that he would give up his life of crime and "go straight".

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  • Genre: Comedy | Crime
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  • Run Time: 109
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The Synopsis for Oscar (1991) 1080p

Angelo "Snaps" Provolone made his dying father a promise on his deathbed: he would leave the world of crime and become an honest businessman. Despite having no experience in making money in a legal fashion, Snaps sets about to keep his promise. He is faced with numerous problems: henchmen who know nothing but crime, the police who are convinced he is hatching a master plan, and Oscar, who has just got his daughter pregnant.

The Director and Players for Oscar (1991) 1080p

[Director]John Landis
[Role:]Sylvester Stallone
[Role:]Chazz Palminteri
[Role:]Ornella Muti
[Role:]Peter Riegert

The Reviews for Oscar (1991) 1080p

Divertimento per tutta la familia!Reviewed bypzivojinovicVote: 8/10

"Oscar" is a hilarious movie that keeps you laughing throughout. You even feel quite exhausted after it's all said and done since there's so much going on. The great thing about the movie is being surprised minute by minute. The basic story is about "Snaps" Provolone, a powerful Chicago gangster that is feared by many. However, Snaps is about to go straight because he promised his dying father on his deathbed that he would go legit. However, it's not going to be easy. In only 24 hours of trying to be straight, everything goes straight to hell, and everything that could go wrong does. And that's when all of the fun begins. This is a terrific comedy that can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Sylvester Stallone can really be a card and is hilarious when given the right opportunity. His facial expressions and outbursts are truly unforgettable.

John Landis scored big with his spoof of high finance magnates "Trading Places" and revisits similar terrain in "Oscar," only this time the big money was made in the crime syndicate field. Landis shrewdly sets his satire in the Depression period to provide for the same kind of contrast between rich and poor that he showcased in "Trading Places", when Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche wagered to see what will happen when poor African American Eddie Murphy is allowed into their world to make business decisions. This is filled with hilarious dialogue and is delivered perfectly by everyone. Yes, even Stallone. And you felt so proud when Chazz was ahead of everyone else after not knowing a thing about a thing.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

A nearly perfect comedy.Reviewed byivinianVote: 10/10

Excellent timing, a fantastic cast, great soundtrack... actually, everything about this movie is terrific. It centers around mixed (and missed) messages, so a lot of it depends upon timing and straight delivery. These are accomplished in a major way.

The main center of the comedy, the valise, gets treated in a way that gets a bit old, but overall, I can't get tired of this movie. Stallone does such fantastic comedy and has such an exquisite sense of timing and delivery, it's a wonder anybody lets him do action movies. He missed his calling. Look for Ornella Muti (Princess Aura from "Flash Gordon") as the superb, dignified, and fiery-tempered Sophia, as Snaps' wife and source of fear for the entire cast, and Tim Curry as Dr. Poole, in a genius turn as a mild-mannered professor discovering love for the first time. It's a fairly obscure movie, but if you get the chance to see it, do treat yourself.

A hilarious, slapstick fun filmReviewed byfisherbee1Vote: 10/10

This movie is a barrel of laughs from start to finish! My first reaction to a Stallone comedy was "Are you kidding?", but he really is funny. From the opening scene, at his father's deathbed, we are taken on a wild ride through a plot with more twists than the best roller coasters, great slapstick humor, and some of the quirkiest characters in film. Part of the charm is that none of the characters seem to realize just how funny they really are. The straight faces through some of the craziest scenes makes me long for an outtake reel! The timing is out of this world, the costumes are wonderful for the period, and true classic car fans will drool over some of the automobiles in the film. If you want a totally entertaining, very non-serious, fun film, this is one you'll want to see. Just be ready for sore ribs from the laughter. I was actually rolling on the floor.

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