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Oscar and Lucinda (1997)

In mid-1800s England, Oscar is a young Anglican priest, a misfit and an outcast, but with the soul of an angel. As a boy, even though from a strict Pentecostal family, he felt God told him ...

IMDB: 6.70 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Romance
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  • Language: French
  • Run Time: 132
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 2

The Synopsis for Oscar and Lucinda (1997) 720p

In mid-1800s England, Oscar is a young Anglican priest, a misfit and an outcast, but with the soul of an angel. As a boy, even though from a strict Pentecostal family, he felt God told him through a sign to leave his father and his faith and join the Church of England. Lucinda is a teen-aged Australian heiress who has an almost desperate desire to liberate her sex from the confines of the male-dominated culture of the Australia of that time. She buys a glass factory and has a dream of building a church made almost entirely of glass, and then transporting it to Bellingen, a remote settlement on the north coast. Oscar and Lucinda meet on a ship going to Australia; once there, they are for different reasons ostracized from society, and as a result "join forces" together. Oscar and Lucinda are both passionate gamblers, and Lucinda bets Oscar her entire inheritance that he cannot transport the glass church to the Outback safely. Oscar accepts her wager, and this leads to the events that ...

The Director and Players for Oscar and Lucinda (1997) 720p

[Director]Gillian Armstrong
[Role:]Ralph Fiennes
[Role:]Ciaran Hinds
[Role:]Cate Blanchett

The Reviews for Oscar and Lucinda (1997) 720p

Reviewed byQueenMagVote: 8/10/10

I am not one for love stories, but this one truly moved me. It iswonderfully strange! It's nothing like anything I've seen before. I lovedthe awkwardness of Oscar and Lucinda, and the way that we had a chance tosee (at length} who they were before they ever met each other. It madetheir attraction to one another make sense (something so rare in cinematicromances).

I think this is Ralph Fiennes' best performance of his career, and he'sproved his versatility. Compare his Oscar to his Count in The English Patient- completely different people, not even carrying themselves in the same way!This was a very good role for him. Cate Blanchett was really the standoutfor me; I took notice of her right away, and determined to keep an eye outfor her future performances (she did a terrific job in the flawed"Elizabeth").

Of course, the film is beautifully made (I wouldn't expect anything lessfrom Gillian Armstrong) and imaginative ... the way it depicts reality asalmost surreal, and the surreal as quite real ... it'slovely.

On the one hand, this is a sad film, in that it's about two people who arejust ... odd. They don't really fit in anywhere, and people don'tunderstand them. Neither Oscar nor Lucinda are even anticipating (oraspiring) to be understood, and yet they find, and take comfort in, oneanother. Here is where the film turns from sad to joyful ... it isthrilling to see the surprise and delight they express as they discover thatthey have found their soulmates. I have to say that I found, in theirstory, a true (and hopeful) portrayal of love.

A Story of Obsession and Guilt with Wonderful ActingReviewed byBB-15Vote: 6/10

Do you like great acting? I mean something subtle where an actor's face is like an artist's brush or music by a fine composer. In this film Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett are the virtuosos and they simply dazzled me with their talent.

The main story of Oscar and Lucinda is not very original, a tragic love story. The film does involve pre 1900 English characters that present some basic dilemmas of life. How strange the English of the 1800's seem today. Their repressed world can make an interesting contrast to the lives of free spirits and native cultures.

The dilemma Oscar and Lucinda gives us is that if we follow our feelings and obsessions, we will break away from many silly and confining customs. But such devotion to feeling taken too far can lead a person to commit hideous acts. Oscar and Lucinda goes to the heart of many of these conflicts which are also touched upon by the fine film, The Piano, and by the more obvious and superficial Sirens.

With such weighty issues, there is much hand wringing guilt by several characters. And all of that gets in the way of the love story which was alright with me but may bother some.

There are a few novelistic touches (why use the flashback technique a la Fried Green Tomatoes at all) that felt unnecessary. But these are minor points. The talented director Gillian Armstrong finely crafts many of the scenes and keeps the story moving. As a final dilemma, even though Western Civilization has tragically spoiled much of the beauty of the natural world, it has also created beautiful, finely acted films such as this.

Odd duck of a movieReviewed by[email protected]Vote: 4/10

Here's a movie which appears to have a lot going for it: adaptation of a Booker Prize novel, directed by Gillian Armstrong, Ralph Fiennes straight from his triumph in the English Patient, and Cate Blanchett in her first significant role. I haven't read the novel -- and after seeing the movie I certainly won't. This is a strange story (whose plot I won't repeat for anyone wishing to be surprised) with characters that are completely unconvincing, despite the best efforts of Fiennes and Blanchett, in a story that might serve the fantastical imagination of certain directors. Gillian Armstrong is not one of those. Instead we are given a semi-realistic exposition of a tale that never inspires the suspension-of-disbelief necessary to put it across. Pay no attention to the names on the marquee. This is not a good movie, merely an odd one.

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