Ot vinta 3D (Wings) (2014) 1080p YIFY Movie

Ot vinta 3D (Wings) (2014) 1080p

A few weeks before a big airshow competition Ace gets his acceptance letter to take part in the completion to become the next champion.

IMDB: 3.213 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Adventure
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.66G
  • Resolution: 1920x804 / 23.976 (23976/1000) FPSfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 3.2/10 
  • MPR: Unrated
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 0

The Synopsis for Ot vinta 3D (Wings) (2014) 1080p

A few weeks before a big airshow competition one young aircraft fighter gets his acceptance letter to take part in this prestigious competition. Determined to be the next champion, Ace ventures out to find and train with Colonel, a legendary retired aircraft fighter. As training begins Colonel sets a very disciplined schedule teaching Ace new aircraft tricks and speed tactics. As training continues, lurking in the wings of the flight training camp, Cyclone sets up an evil plan, using Windy as bait, to distract Ace and make sure that he will be the next airshow champion. On the day of the big competition, Ace and Cyclone compete against each other leaving only one brave aircraft fighter, not only the champion, but a hero.

The Director and Players for Ot vinta 3D (Wings) (2014) 1080p

[Director]Olga Lopato
[Role:]Gregg Berger
[Role:]Jeff Berg
[Role:]Antonina Berezka

The Reviews for Ot vinta 3D (Wings) (2014) 1080p

Reviewed bylzhong103Vote: 1/10/10

Wings was absolutely the most awful movie I've watched in a long time.I can't believe it is even commercially available. We left half waybecause it was just so bad. Some girls sitting behind us got so boredthey started playing with their dolls and chatting loudly soon afterthe movie started.

The characters in the movie are inappropriate for children - calling aplane a nickname like "Kamikaze" because he is a little clumsy, another disrespectful remarks are typical of the lines of characterscompletely lacking any personality. No American script writer wouldcome up with lines that are constantly insulting to all the characters,all the time. None of it was funny. It makes me think perhaps thescript was written in another language, and then they had to translateit into English to try to make it intelligible.

Here is Google Translate's version of a review I found in German, asthey showed it movie theaters in Germany:

Jets - Heroes of the Skies Movie review: We had a week ago issued awarning to all parents because all the evidence as to imply Jets -heroes of Flight ( Ot Vinta ) not only could be a mixed film experience, but moreover a cheap attempt two months before Disney's plan comes toGerman cinemas to draw unsuspecting families across the table. Now wehave the film that will be released in German cinemas this Thursday ,looked at in all its glory and have to admit our mistake : The movie isnot as bad as expected - it is even worse ! First of all: What do wereally expect from a child-oriented animated film ? Of course, theideas vary depending on personal taste and age of children , but Iguess we can agree on a basic definition , the Pixar chief JohnLasseter once like this put it: "To make a really entertaining moviethat people will not soon be forgotten , you need an exceptional , goodstory full of emotion and humor and amiable , truthful characters wholive in a believable world . The audience wants to see things that havenever seen it before . " With this picture of a successful film inmind, we now look at jets. We let the fact outside before that it wasat Jets - Heroes of the Skies is a free rider in the slipstream of aDisney film, and consider only the film itself , to at least give himthe chance to surprise . Finally, on a film about talking vehicles andplanes with googly eyes even far away from Disney basically nothingwrong - except he is so poorly implemented like this : Jets and thestudio responsible Touch FX animation from Armenia lacks any narrativeand pedagogical knowledge . The viewer is confronted with scenesalready in the prologue , whose production is not to follow theirmeaning and can be interpreted only later from the context . With eachpassing minute, the weaknesses of the film are evident. The characterstalk incessantly but without really saying anything - free of relevanceor motivation. The golden rule of filmmaking that showed things andshould not be explained , is consistently ignored or simply unknown.The humor is limited to an even more embarrassing embarrassingslapstick animated bird. This reflects in particular the artisticlimitations of the makers ( or the IMMENSE time pressure they wereexposed ) , because between genuine , organic character animation - andand while moving of aircraft with eyes in the X , Y - for example, aMerida could be alive Z are worlds apart. The jets do not fly , theymove as if they were drawn on invisible rails through the air. Even theanimations of the Rusty Knight film acting in direct comparison justtoo vivid and soft. The entire film feels like a work of freshmen thatthe importance of a screenplay , let alone a storyboard have neverheard of. They pounced rather just on computer animation programs whosemanuals although they know by heart , but do not use in creative ways.Character development , drama , dramatic resolution , or quite simplefactors such as fun and feeling are foreign words for this film. Anidentification with the characters does not take place , is to abstractthe Aneinandereihung of scenes and dialogs , but everything was prettytextured and lit regardless of the consequences. Cheap Mockbuster likejets are produced each year in droves . My sole purpose is to earnmoney and swim along in the wake of major Hollywood productions.Typically, they rely on the naïveté of consumers who , in good faith ,to have the real movie right to access . But never was a rental so boldand brought such a cheaply made film directly into the cinema - withthe clear objective to mislead families ( other movies you should beknown , then it writes in the comments) . Latest after sighting of jetsevery mother every father, grandmother , aunt, sister will be aware ofhow much they were deceived by this movie while the kids sit in thecinema and do not understand why the new " Disney movie" was so stupid. A very bitter pill of Splendid Film Distribution set before theGerman families. However, it should remain apparently not an isolatedcase , the " Splendid animation " logo in the German trailer suggeststhat the rent

Don't watch "Wings"Reviewed byTheMunkeyBoyVote: 1/10

I knew this movie was going to be somewhat "b-grade" and riding on the coat tails of Disney's Planes... but I wasn't expecting such an overall bad movie. It was seriously terrible. TERRIBLE. I wonder if the better known actors that appeared in the movie knew what the producers were planning to release. The dialog didn't even flow. It was a very basic and done-before plot and they couldn't even make it hold my kids attention. They love movie night. But this just had them bored, they got up and found their toys and played in front of the TV, not even looking up. Like they knew it wasn't a real movie. No character depth (at all). Bad animation that was just clearly trying to copy a "style" of Pixar - but didn't cut it in any way. This was a waste of my money and my kids time. I was bitterly disappointed and am somewhat angry (partly at my self for not looking at reviews first) that I ever got this movie for them. Don't see this movie, it doesn't deserve any attention. It's shameful.

Never does take off and crashes and burns when at its worstReviewed byTheLittleSongbirdVote: 2/10

While Disney's Planes from personal opinion wasn't particularly good, not a plane wreck but disappointingly lazy, it is much better than this. The two are being compared due to Wings being advertised in a way that viewers immediately think that 'this is a rip-off of Planes.'

The good news is that Wings is certainly not as blatant or as insulting as most animated mock busters are, it's derivative of Cars (like Planes was) but seeing as Wings' release dates predate those for Planes I am not going to be so hasty to call it a rip-off regardless of the advertising. What stops Wings from being rated any less is a few solid character designs, not as creepy or as robotic as feared. Other than that Wings never does take off, and crashes and burns when at its worst.

Most of the animation is not very good. There's worse computer animation out there (even the worst of it is nowhere near Video Brinquedo or Spark Plug Entertainment bad), but apart from the character designs the lack of budget and polish shows in the flat colours, some very stiff movement and framing and less than handsome and polished backgrounds, some of it looking out of sync too and the flying sequences lack energy and are choppily edited. The soundtrack is reasonably pleasant and rousing on its own but doesn't quite work within the film; there are numerous moments in Wings where the music just doesn't fit with the action. Apparently it was different in the original Russian version, and there are times where you can tell that there were changes, especially in the soundtrack, the dialogue and some of the animation, and the original version probably would have fitted better.

In terms of writing Wings fares very poorly. The dialogue plays it far too safe, and lacks any spark, instead being very flat and shallow throughout. It's not insultingly juvenile or over-complicated, it just feels bland, with some of it feeling rambling or not particularly relevant. The story fails to maintain momentum, with its 88 minute running time starting to feel too long even as much as halfway through (Planes' story was very lazy and it was not one of the stronger assets of Cars either, except nowhere near as bad, but the storytelling in Wings is even lazier). Like the dialogue, some parts are played too safe with the flying lacking energy, invention or danger, action is very sedate in the early parts, while the latter half becomes muddled and some of the story felt jumpy and incomplete.

The characters while decently designed are rather cookie-cutter and have little personality or personality to hold one's attention. Dodo comes over as obnoxious, Cyclone is a dull villain who is more of a rival bully sort of character (which doesn't come over convincingly due to the lack of tension between the characters) whose comeuppance is incredibly rushed and the leads are inoffensive but with little to make them stand out. The voice acting is competent (although Rob Schneider really gets on the nerves), but fits in the category of just about getting the job done but with not much to distinguish themselves.

All in all, there's worse to be had, to be sure, than Wings, but it never does take off, feeling too bland, too safe, sometimes muddled and forgettable. 2/10 Bethany Cox

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