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Pack of Lies (1987)

London in the early 1960s. The life of a couple is upset by the coming of a British Secret Service Agent who moves in across the street.

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The Synopsis for Pack of Lies (1987) 720p

London in the early 1960s. The life of a couple is upset by the coming of a British Secret Service Agent who moves in across the street.

The Director and Players for Pack of Lies (1987) 720p

[Director]Anthony Page
[Role:]Teri Garr
[Role:]Ellen Burstyn
[Role:]Ronald Hines
[Role:]Sammi Davis

The Reviews for Pack of Lies (1987) 720p

a note by way of a correctionReviewed bydgsweetVote: 7/10

Hugh Whitemore is listed as the author of the teleplay of PACK OF LIES. It would be more accurate to say he co-wrote it. He wrote the original TV play that was then the basis of the stage play the was a success in London. It was less successful when it played New York and I saw it. He was signed to write the adaptation for HALLMARK. He delivered a draft. For some reason he decided to leave the project and I was brought in to do a rewrite. I made some substantial changes. I gather these annoyed him. He had the right to sign the script. I was told he disliked what I did so much he didn't want to be associated with it, so he signed his pseudonym, Ralph Gallup. I was billed as creative consultant.

The show was successful. "Ralph Gallup" was nominated for an Emmy, as were the show and Ellen Burstyn. (I watched the Emmys in my living room with a bowl of popcorn on my lap.) It was also part of the basis for HALLMARK's Peabody Award that year. If the credit were accurate, Whitemore would certainly have first position. I wouldn't make comment except that, of everything I've worked on for television (pilots, episodes, assignments, sitcoms, TV movies, soaps), this was my favorite project, and I remain pleased with my part in it.

I am one of Whitemore's fans, by the way.

How Deceit and Guilt Can KillReviewed bywriterasfilmcriticVote: 10/10

"Pack of Lies" is a very interesting drama which is aptly named. MI5 agents, led by Alan Bates as "Stuart," skillfully manipulate a well-intentioned British family into believing that they are merely police on a routine investigation who need to use their home in the London suburbs "just for the weekend" in order to surveil a suspect who has been tracked into their neighborhood. As it becomes clearer what is really going on and what is at stake, the agents practically take over the house, the British couple are encouraged to lie to their teenage daughter about the unseemly details they have learned, and then the husband must lie to his increasingly distraught wife in order to spare her the trauma of the final ugly truth. Everyone must deceive the family's friendly neighbors by pretending that nothing at all is amiss, for it turns out that they are Soviet spies who have been lying their heads off to maintain their cover. In the end, as British agents close in for the inevitable arrest, Ellen Burstyn, as Barb, is subsumed in guilt, completely torn between her loyalty to her best friend, Helen (Teri Garr), while at the same time feeling totally gullible and cruelly betrayed by her. This is a great TV movie with excellent performances all around, but especially from Alan Bates, Teri Garr, and Ellen Burstyn. In fact, the latter is so convincing in her interpretation that at certain key moments it almost defies description.

The interesting thing, of course, is that this effective movie is based on a true story, as was pointed out in another's comments. "Helen and Peter" seemed so affable and caring but were in fact part of the infamous atomic spy ring that gathered American nuclear secrets after WWII and transmitted them to the Soviets. They escaped the US when the Rosenbergs and others were arrested, only to surface in London some time later under assumed names.

Somewhat DisappointingReviewed byatlasmbVote: 6/10

Based on a true story, this television movie makes a lot of promises to the viewer, with its stellar cast, layers of intrigue, and a tremendous build-up to the finale. But there is little payoff.

Ellen Burstyn (Barbara Jackson) bears most of the emotional burden for this film, and she delivers a wallop of a performance. Much of the tension created can be attributed to her delivery of a demanding role. Emotionally, she is the hair trigger that threatens to explode, gaining intensity as the story progresses.

The narrative is about friendship versus duty. Set during the Cold War, British authorities suspect that a mysterious stranger may be an agent for another country. They impose on some average folks, invoking rules about silence and compliance that put great stress on everyone.

While watching, I was weighing various resolutions that might play out, most more dramatic than the actual ending of the film, which was only a letdown because my expectations had been raised so highly by the quality of the acting and the story.

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