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Paganini Horror (1989)

Paganini Horror is a movie starring Daria Nicolodi, Jasmine Maimone, and Pascal Persiano. When a female rock band use an infamous old piece of sheet music to record their new album in an old mansion, they accidentally open a portal...

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The Synopsis for Paganini Horror (1989) 720p

The female rock and roll band formed by Kate, Elena and Rita want to release a new album, but their producer Lavinia refuses since their songs are very poor. Their friend Daniel buys a piece of music from a stranger called Mr. Pickett that explains that the music was written by Paganini himself and never released. Lavinia believes that the music will become a hit and she hires the filmmaker Mark Singer to make a videoclip in a manor she has hired from her acquaintance Sylvia Hackett. Soon Rita and Daniel disappear and the floor collapses beneath Kate that also vanishes in the hole. The survivors try to flee from the real state but they discover that they are trapped in hell.

The Director and Players for Paganini Horror (1989) 720p

[Director]Luigi Cozzi
[Role:]Pascal Persiano
[Role:]Daria Nicolodi
[Role:]Maria Cristina Mastrangeli
[Role:]Jasmine Maimone

The Reviews for Paganini Horror (1989) 720p

A Laugh RiotReviewed byThyDavidethVote: 8/10

Some musical broads decide to record an unpublished Paganini song which ends up opening a portal to hell or something. Paganini Horror is bad. The story is incoherent and idiotic. It's like I get where they were going with it but they just throw in random $#!+ all over the place that doesn't make sense to the story. Some of the killing sequences were fun and bloody but this is one of those rare occurrences to where the bad acting was actually a lot more entertaining than the violence. I literally almost crapped blood with laughter from it. It also has some pacing issues like two music sequences of some, eh, mediocre rocks songs some may or may not like but at least you get to see a chick in tight pink spandex revealing the curvature of her succulent buttock so that counts for something. Plus the effects are poorly shot and looks r·tarded. In the end... (sigh) I think it's a genuine $#!+show masterpiece of unintentional humor and weirdness. I struck gold with this one. Loved it.

Good only to laugh at itReviewed bymonofronVote: 7/10

It's not a surprise that Luigi Cozzi, after this movie, never shot a film again (except for two documentaries). This thing is not worth being called a movie (I've directed better films with my friends). The attempt of the director to give the film a photography reminiscent of the chromatic games of Suspiria is simply pathetic, and is nonetheless the better thing of the movie. However this film made me laugh so much with my friends that I should forgive its uselessness and its ugliness. We had a lot of fun. There are two sequences in Paganini Horror (one at the beginning, the other close to the ending) so silly and dumb that you can't do nothing but laugh.. unfortunately the rest of the movie can be quietly trashed away, its boringness is something unbelievable (especially during the music scenes). Maybe this film owes its only appeal to the bad acting of the actors, the principal cause of hilarity. But even the script is wonderful: the invisible barrier is surely the lowest (or highest) moment of the film...

A big Paga-no-no!Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 3/10

When a predominantly female rock band are lambasted by their producer for failing to write a decent tune, their male drummer purchases an unpublished score written by violinist Paganini, who was rumoured to have murdered his wife and sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune.

The band use the music as the basis for their newest song, and decide to shoot the accompanying video in the very house in which Paganini sealed his Satanic deal. This proves to be a bad idea when they discover that evil forces are still at work in the old building, where time and space have their own rules and a mysterious masked murderer lurks, armed with deadly violin equipped with a spring-loaded blade.

"What a strange light," mentions one character to her friends as they investigate the spooky house at the centre of the Paganini Horror. "It's more than strange", comes the reply, "it's weird." This dreadful exchange of dialogue (one of many) is fairly representative of this late-80s Italian horror as a whole: it makes no sense whatsoever—not surprising since it was written and directed by Luigi Cozzi, the man who gave us dumb, Z-grade, trash sci-fi flicks Hercules and Starcrash, and the very daft Alien rip-off Contamination.

Cozzi seems to be aiming at delivering a Dario Argento-style supernatural horror in the vein of Suspiria or Inferno, but being a total hack, only manages to emulate Argento's garish lighting with any degree of success. The plot is so muddled that even Argento's most outrageous work seems logical in comparison (believe it or not, one character is inexplicably killed by wood fungus!), the direction is basic at best, and the score is a diabolical mix of 80s pop-rock and classical music.

Not one of the cast puts in a credible performance, with particularly bad acting from Pietro Genuardi as the band's video director Mark Singer, who is supposedly a top horror film maker, but who works with a single shoulder mounted camera, no crew and absolutely no sign of a script or storyboard; even Argento's muse Daria Nicolodi and Donald Pleasance are dreadful, with Nicolodi overacting wildly and Pleasance looking rather embarrassed to be involved.

Don't go expecting much in the way of decent gore either: most of the deaths are pretty bloodless, and even the most gruesome moment—a woman's head crushed by an invisible wall—will have you laughing at the cheap effect, achieved by pressing the actress's face against a sheet of glass whilst running fake blood over her head.

If it hadn't been for the fact that a couple of the women are very easy on the eye and happily squeeze into body-hugging outfits, I probably would have fallen asleep way before Cozzi calls it a day and wraps the film up with a simply awful surprise ending.

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