Pale Rider (1985) 1080p YIFY Movie

Pale Rider (1985) 1080p

A mysterious preacher protects a humble prospector village from a greedy mining company trying to encroach on their land.

IMDB: 7.39 Likes

  • Genre: Western |
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 115
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
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The Synopsis for Pale Rider (1985) 1080p

A gold mining camp in the California foothills is besieged by a neighboring landowner intent on stealing their claims. A preacher rides into camp and uses all of his powers of persuasion to convince the landowner to give up his attacks on the miners.

The Director and Players for Pale Rider (1985) 1080p

[Role:]Michael Moriarty
[Role:]Carrie Snodgress
[Role:Director]Clint Eastwood
[Role:]Clint Eastwood

The Reviews for Pale Rider (1985) 1080p

Pale Rider is a Pale CopyReviewed byReb9Vote: 4/10

Shane is one of the five best westerns ever made. Pale Rider is dreck. The normally sure footed Eastwood should never have attempted this perfectly awful remake. The word "hubris" leaps to mind as the only reason he might have stumbled so badly in this case. The writers, I would assume at Eastwood's suggestion, took a powerful, straight forward tale of good versus evil and poured a heaping helping of metaphysical nonsense over it. Eastwood's Preacher is just one more tired turn as The Man With No Name from his Italian period -- but lacking even a faint hint of originality or creativity. The supporting players were as pale as the rider. Nowhere did we see the power of Van Heflin's performance as Joe in Shane. Heflin was Everyman. Jean Arthur, Jack Palance, Brandon DeWilde, all were perfectly cast. Palance was particularly effective in evoking quiet menace. Eastwood needed to add a back-up group and collectively they couldn't summon up the smallest chill. And Alan Ladd, of course. Stoic without being dull. Projecting a man of flesh and blood instead of some mythic gunslinger. If you want to see Eastwood at his best rent The Unforgiven and steer clear of this pitiful mishmash.

One good reason to watch it: Clint EastwoodReviewed byPhilip Van der VekenVote: 8/10

I'll give you one good reason why shouldn't miss this movie: Clint Eastwood. If you are a fan of Westerns or even when you only like to watch one occasionally, than you should know more than enough. In my opinion Clint Eastwood is the one and only true Hollywood cowboy.

When a mysterious preacher - no-one knows where he comes from, what his past is, they don't even know his real name - comes to a gold mining camp near a small town in the mountains, the local miners are in great danger. A ruthless landowner has decided to take their land, he doesn't mind using violence and he has the support of the sheriff. No one seems to be able to stop them. But than the preacher proves to be more than a man of God. He's a good shooter, the sheriff is afraid of him and he's the only one brave enough to rise against the landowner...

If you are looking for an original movie, than you'll have to look somewhere else. This movie uses all the possible clichés that can be found in this kind of Westerns. But on the other hand I must also say that all is done in a very proper way. Eastwood is a fine director and he did what he was best in at the time: he made a Western. The story, the direction, the acting, the scenes,... it all looks professional and more than OK and especially thanks to Eastwood's acting performance in it, this movie is still a 'must-see'. I'm not a big fan of Westerns, but every time that I'm able to see one with Eastwood in it, I'll not let it pass. My advice: if you can see past the fact that it isn't very original, you will almost certainly enjoy it. I certainly did and that's why I give this movie a 7.5/10.

A strange preacher comes to defense miners in their struggle against the nasty ownersReviewed byma-cortesVote: 7/10

A drifter (Clint Eastwood) comes to a mining village in the Old West just in time to reckoning gunslingers and owners . He is a mysterious preacher who comes to the aid of gold prospectors and protects a humble embattled prospector (Michael Moriarty) and his woman (Carrie Snodgres) from a greedy mining company (ruled by LaHood , Richard Dysart, and his son Josh LaHood , Chris Penn) trying to encroach on their land . Meanwhile , the Good Stranger is idolized by their daughter named Megan (Sydney Penny). As the wealthy owner contracts a group of outlaws as hired gunfighters (led by John Russell who also acted as villain in Rio Bravo) to kill miners . The title ¨The Pale Rider¨ refers to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation, chapter six , Megan is reading the exact verse when she and her mom first see Preacher ride up to their house.

Well crafted Western with interesting screenplay written by Michael Butler and Dennis Shryack . Although atmospheric , it's also sometimes slow-moving and winds up into a spectacular showdown . This stirring picture contains a powerful examination of morality and hypocrisy on people as well as an enjoyable message about faith and hope . Clint Eastwood is unforgettable in the title role coming to help a group of struggling miners and homesteaders . Clint Eastwood revealed in interviews that his character is in fact a ghost. Other clues to the Preacher's true nature are the ghastly bullet wound scars seen when he is dressing, and his sudden appearances and disappearances throughout the movie . During shooting, Clint Eastwood sustained what he describes as the worst injury he has ever had on set when a horse he was riding fell through thin ice and launched him forward as Clint suffered a dislocated shoulder . Good casting with several secondaries as Carrie Snodgress , Chris Penn , Doug McGrath , Richard Kiel , Charles Hallahan , Billy Drago and special mention to John Russell as a downright nasty. Exquisitely shot in Panavision by Bruce Surtees , son of classic cameraman Robert Surtees , with a magnificent cinematography on the wooded exteriors and snowy mountains backgrounds. Acceptable production design by veteran Edward Carfagno , though the train station built for production was used again late in 1988 for Back to the Future Part III . Thrilling as well as sensitive musical score by Lennie Niehaus . The film is made in somewhat similar style to ¨Shane¨ by George Stevens , and which so much cloning of ¨High plains drifter¨ also directed by Eastwood only this time the drifter appears to have been sent from hell rather than heaven to right from ordinary injustices . Star, producer , filmmaker Eastwood realizes an excellent film and perfectly directed . This classic Western as good as the notorious ¨Josey Wales¨ is splendid in every way . Later on , Eastwood produced and directed another successful Western ¨Unforgiven(1992)¨ also with some common theme.

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