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Paulie (1998)

Paulie, a talking parrot, recounts his travels looking for his original owner to a Russian janitor who helps him to the end of his journey.

IMDB: 6.54 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy
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  • Run Time: 91
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Paulie (1998) 720p

Paulie, an intelligent parrot who actually talks, relates the story of his struggle to a Russian immigrant who works as a janitor at the research institute where he is housed and neglected. Paulies story begins many years earlier when he is given as a gift to a little girl who stutters. Eventually, he teaches the girl to speak correctly but is taken away by her father because he believes the girl cannot distinguish fantasy from reality because she believes the bird can talk. Paulie goes through a series of adventures with a pawn shop owner, an ageing widow, a Mexican-American troubadour and a would be thief before being taken to the institute where he now lives.

The Director and Players for Paulie (1998) 720p

[Director]John Roberts
[Role:]Cheech Marin
[Role:]Gena Rowlands
[Role:]Tony Shalhoub

The Reviews for Paulie (1998) 720p

Reviewed byFionualaOVote: 10/10/10

I have seen this film numerous times and for the life of me, I cannotunderstand why some people compare this to BABE. This film is not aboutthe secret life of ALL animals who secretly can talk. Instead, it isabout a Parrot who learns to talk to help his owner, a little girl witha serious stammer, overcome her speech impediment only to be separatedfrom her in a heart-wrenching scene early on. Then the great journeybegins. Paulie the Parrot sets out to try and find his one greatfriend, Marie.

Along the way, he meets several wonderful people and numerous nastypeople. He falls in love with a girl parrot and loses her. He getsconned into a life of crime and then captured by a bad scientist whowants to exploit him.

He recounts his tale to a sympathetic Janitor in the Lab who agrees tohelp him escape and find his beloved Marie.

Tony Shaloub shines as the kindly Janitor who has an open mind and bigheart and who determines to help little Paulie despite the risks. JayMohr plays the voice of the Parrot AND one of the seedy characters hecomes across.

There is a little suggestive language but this film is appropriate formost kids and even more so if the parents join in on the fun and watchtoo. It is a witty, clever, epic animal-adventure story and ultimatelya great love story about a Bird and his little girl. He search forMarie ends with a quite an unexpected surprise for most people whodon;t know much about Parrots.

Kids who have seen the wild Green Parrot Tribes in Los Angeles andPasadena will especially benefit from seeing this film andunderstanding that Birds, especially Parrots are not disposable pets.All children everywhere, will see that Pets form deep attachmentsthemselves and that the love and loyalty of a dog or parrot is a giftto be treasured.

so no BABE here, more of an incredible journey with a twist.

Enjoy and try no to tear up during the sad parts.

Reviewed bySouthmarkVote: 10/10/10

Something about "Paulie" touched my heart as few movies do. It is awitty, funny yet emotional movie. I'm a late comer in becoming a fan ofthis movie. I didn't see "Paulie" until May, 2004 and have sinceordered the Widescreen DVD from a seller at eBay.

The special effects of showing Paulie talking are superb. My son askedme how the bird knew so many phrases.Probably my favorite part of themovie is when Paulie is in Gena Rowlands (Ivy's) company followed byCheech Marin (Ignacio). Tony Shalhoub (Misha) plays an excellent partas the good hearted human. You root for him all the way through themovie.

You can't go wrong renting or buying this movie!!

The voice of PaulieReviewed byDavid WordenVote: 9/10

I was entranced by this touching and hilarious film, not to mention surprised. I was also surprised to find that the voice of Paulie was performed by Jay Mohr. The performance was so finely nuanced, neither wavering into schmaltz nor becoming too hard under the New Jersey swagger, that I thought that this must be some unsung old pro, not the baby-faced Mr. Mohr. A very impressive performance, indeed, and it's gratifying to see his talents being taken seriously in a string of quirky, indie films.

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