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Paulie (1998)

Paulie, a talking parrot, recounts his travels looking for his original owner to a Russian janitor who helps him to the end of his journey.

IMDB: 6.51 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 91
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for Paulie (1998) 720p

Paulie, an intelligent parrot who actually talks, relates the story of his struggle to a Russian immigrant who works as a janitor at the research institute where he is housed and neglected. Paulies story begins many years earlier when he is given as a gift to a little girl who stutters. Eventually, he teaches the girl to speak correctly but is taken away by her father because he believes the girl cannot distinguish fantasy from reality because she believes the bird can talk. Paulie goes through a series of adventures with a pawn shop owner, an ageing widow, a Mexican-American troubadour and a would be thief before being taken to the institute where he now lives.

The Director and Players for Paulie (1998) 720p

[Director]John Roberts
[Role:]Cheech Marin
[Role:]Gena Rowlands
[Role:]Tony Shalhoub

The Reviews for Paulie (1998) 720p

Reviewed bySouthmarkVote: 10/10/10

Something about "Paulie" touched my heart as few movies do. It is awitty, funny yet emotional movie. I'm a late comer in becoming a fan ofthis movie. I didn't see "Paulie" until May, 2004 and have sinceordered the Widescreen DVD from a seller at eBay.

The special effects of showing Paulie talking are superb. My son askedme how the bird knew so many phrases.Probably my favorite part of themovie is when Paulie is in Gena Rowlands (Ivy's) company followed byCheech Marin (Ignacio). Tony Shalhoub (Misha) plays an excellent partas the good hearted human. You root for him all the way through themovie.

You can't go wrong renting or buying this movie!!

Reviewed bychipcoffeyVote: /10

Paulie is a "feel good" film about the life of an amazing parrot and thelives he touches. He starts out as the friend of a young girl, then liveswith a dying woman, an Hispanic performer and a con man. He finally windsup as the subject of experiments at a laboratory, where he is befriendedbyan introverted Russian immigrant, played by the wonderful Tony Shalhoub.Iwon't give away the end of the film, but it'll bring tears to your eyes.You won't believe you are crying about a parrot! A nice little moviethat'll make you laugh and cry and give you a feeling ofhope!

Reviewed byLee Eisenberg ([email protected])Vote: 10/10/10

Some people might call "Paulie" a kids' movie, but I wish to assertthat it's more than that. Probably more than anything else, this moviesuccessfully goes to great lengths to show the plight of immigrants inthe United States - topical given the recent debates. Portraying aparrot telling a Russian immigrant janitor (Tony Shalhoub) of how hesearched America for his original owners, the movie tells severalstories. There's the elderly woman (Gena Rowlands) whom he befriends,then a Mexican immigrant (Cheech Marin), and others.

All in all, it's a very well done movie. I usually don't expect muchfrom these sorts of movies, but this one is a treat. I certainlyrecommend it. Also starring Jay Mohr, Buddy Hackett, Bruce Davison,Hallie Eisenberg and Trini Alvarado.

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