Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) 1080p YIFY Movie

Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) 1080p

Pete 'n' Tillie is a movie starring Walter Matthau, Carol Burnett, and Geraldine Page. Unassuming and single thirty-three year old Tillie Shlain is at that phase of her life of being known as a soon to be spinster if she doesn't...

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The Synopsis for Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) 1080p

Unassuming and single thirty-three year old Tillie Shlain is at that phase of her life of being known as a soon to be spinster if she doesn't marry soon. She isn't looking forward to meeting the latest in a long string of blind dates, his name being Pete Seltzer. Pete and Tillie are not a match made in heaven, he using wisecracking and constant flirtations with women to mask his own insecurities about his average looks and not wanting to deal with life head on. Despite Tillie's guard being up with regard to Pete, he is able slowly to chip away at her defenses. They do embark on a relationship which ends up in a straightforward and somewhat mutual declaration that they will get married despite their fundamental differences. But can their relationship survive these fundamental differences, which don't change during the course of their marriage, and as they deal with the terminal malignant tumor diagnosis of their nine-year old son, Robbie?

The Director and Players for Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) 1080p

[Director]Martin Ritt
[Role:]Carol Burnett
[Role:]Walter Matthau
[Role:]Barry Nelson
[Role:]Geraldine Page

The Reviews for Pete 'n' Tillie (1972) 1080p

One of my favourite film linesReviewed byoyvayVote: 8/10

I'll treasure this movie for having given me of the my favourite lines, which I have used continually since first seeing this film... when on their first date... given a choice of beverages from Burnett, Matthau says 'whatever's the most trouble'.... that's pure Groucho... and of course the fight between Page and Burnett. A good woman on woman fight is rare in this type of film and the scene on the lawn with the hose is a gem,

I like to revisit this film every few years and still enjoy it immensely. Yeah, it degenerates to soap...too bad...if it hadn't this one might have been WAY up there in the ratings.

Reviewed byjzappaVote: 8/10/10

The main accomplishment of Pete 'n' Tillie is the skill put into it forhitting the symmetry amongst the hilarious and the heartbreaking,between moments of earnest gravitas and other moments of priceless highcomedy and even slapstick. What happens in the story is supposed tohappen. Life's like that. In one go, Pete 'n' Tillie is anentertainment feat, with its high comic panache, its dexterity withbittersweet dramaturgy and its star turns for its two tremendouslytalented leads. The special thing about this movie is the way it mergesthose two tonal styles, with even more subtlety and naturalism than thefilms of later periods.

Indeed, this is a sharp, surprisingly heartfelt and charming movie ofthe early '70s, with a skillfully lasting and subdued tone ofmelancholy. Writer-producer Julius J. Epstein has seized hold ofpriceless dialogue and a theme of togetherness. The title charactersare two sardonically mileage-developing San Francisco pragmatists whomeet at a party and like one another virtually in spite of themselves.Owing to their age, they're seasoned enough to realize that "lovewithout irritation is just lust." They get going, wed, raise a brightson and experience a paralyzing family predicament whose subtle,poignant handling is the most appreciable thing about this offbeat lovestory beholden to George Stevens' superior Penny Serenade.

It's a straightforward comedy that soaks up tragedy without an awkwardwrinkle. This owes to the always subtle, sophisticated and refineddirection of Martin Ritt, normally helming much less sentimentalmaterial, shrewdly of course. Then there is Geraldine Page, asBurnett's well-heeled friend, whose succinct, horrified charade at apolice station and the subsequent catfight pack that beautiful releaseof laughter after a tragic peak. Like most great comics, Burnett, heldin rein by a somber, down-to-earth story, is impressive, even in gravermoments that feel as if the material was contrived to the point ofbathos. Matthau has given more cumbersome performances but none moredisarming since The Odd Couple.

TerrificReviewed byelision10Vote: 7/10

I'm surprised the reviews aren't more positive. For me the movie was extraordinarily touching. Perhaps it's the combination of Matthau and Burnett, two actors I love on their own and together are even better. I also liked that, even though it was San Francisco in the early Seventies, you didn't get a lot of cultural Zeitgeist or gratuitous mentions of Watergate (I think there was one Spiro Agnew joke). It's a sad, wry movie but ultimately extremely satisfying.

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