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Pirates of Tortuga (1961)

An English captain and his crew are dispatched to the Spanish-controlled island of Tortuga, where famed privateer Henry Morgan has defected from his support of the English Empire and is ...

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The Synopsis for Pirates of Tortuga (1961) 720p

An English captain and his crew are dispatched to the Spanish-controlled island of Tortuga, where famed privateer Henry Morgan has defected from his support of the English Empire and is running a strictly piratical venture, stopping any and all vessels including English.

The Director and Players for Pirates of Tortuga (1961) 720p

[Director]Robert D. Webb
[Role:]Dave King
[Role:]Letícia Román
[Role:]Ken Scott

The Reviews for Pirates of Tortuga (1961) 720p

PIRATES OF TORTUGA (Robert D. Webb, 1961) **Reviewed byMARIO GAUCIVote: 4/10

One of the myriad cheapies churned out by independent film producers (here Sam Katzman) under the aegis of a major Hollywood studio (20th Century Fox) and which revolves around the exploits of a notorious pirate figure (Sir Henry Morgan). Despite being fully aware of the film’s non-reputation even among others of its type, I was still taken in by the relatively decent cast (Robert Stephens, Leticia Roman and John Richardson) and the promise of colorful entertainment (brought on by my recent spate of similar superior outings).

Unfortunately, PIRATES OF TORTUGA falls far short of earlier movies about Morgan – THE BLACK SWAN (1942) or even the contemporaneous MORGAN, THE PIRATE (1961) – and proves to be a lackluster affair with a poverty of imagination on display that is quite dispiriting. To start with, Morgan (an over-the-top Stephens) himself only appears half-way through with the result that we are left largely in the company of a truly overbearing gypsy of a leading lady (Roman), a listless hero (Ken Jones) and his puerile cronies (Richardson and Dave King). Add to that the intermittent usage of action stock footage lifted from earlier Fox seafaring productions, the uncharacteristic popping up of modern slang in the dialogue and the sheer predictability of the whole venture and it’s small wonder that very little time has elapsed before the film starts to sink…right out of one’s memory!

For the record, director Robert D. Webb had much earlier won an Oscar as an assistant director (in one of the few times these awards where handed out) on IN OLD CHICAGO (1937) and had also guided Elvis Presley through his first film LOVE ME TENDER (1956); incidentally, I might get to check out six(!) of his other directorial chores in the future: not just two notable Westerns WHITE FEATHER (1955; with Jeffrey Hunter and Robert Wagner, which I have in my DVD collection) and THE PROUD ONES (1956; with Robert Ryan and Jeffrey Hunter again, which I intend to acquire) but also a few more available at local DVD rental outlets: BENEATH THE 12-MILE REEF (1953; which I haven’t watched in ages), the aforementioned LOVE ME TENDER, THE CAPE TOWN AFFAIR (1967; a remake of Samuel Fuller’s PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET [1953]) and THE JACKALS (1967; featuring Vincent Price and a remake of William A. Wellman’s YELLOW SKY [1948], which I own and intend to watch presently as part of my ongoing Richard Widmark tribute).

Reviewed byDaniel R. BakerVote: 6/10/10

Sea captain Bart Paxton has a thankless task from the King of England.Henry Morgan, erstwhile ally of the crown, has set up a kingdom onTortuga, whose buccaneers are robbing English ships at will andstrangling the island of Jamaica. The Royal Navy can't attack Tortugawithout igniting a new war with Spain, so the King is sending Paxton asa secret privateer to put an end to Morgan's depredations. And Meg, theyoung hellion who has stowed away on Paxton's ship, isn't making hisjob any easier.

Unlike its predecessor The Black Swan or its contemporary Morgan thePirate, Pirates of Tortuga casts Henry Morgan as a villain, the correctand natural role for that treacherous, rapacious, and brilliant man.The one difficulty is that the historical Captain Morgan died rich,contented, and even respectable, a most unsatisfying end for a movievillain. The movie deals with this problem straightforwardly, byconstructing a sort of alternate history that shows what might havehappened if Morgan had not chosen to answer King Charles's summons toEngland after his raid on Panama in 1671, with its very real attendantrisk of imprisonment and execution, but instead had followed the coursemany of his fellow buccaneers did by raiding and lootingindiscriminately. It would have been well within Morgan's power to setup the "buccaneer kingdom" on Tortuga that the movie shows.

The plot is bare-bones, but serviceable: Paxton finds Morgan, Paxtonposes as partner of Morgan to spy out Morgan's fortress, Meg flirtswith the governor of Jamaica, but ultimately decides her heart trulylies with Paxton, Paxton defeats Morgan. But the denouement is a majordisappointment: unimaginative, perfunctory, and implausible at once,and moreover, it fails to tie up Morgan's end of the story.

Bart Paxton's part is well-written, a potentially dashing commanderwith real brains and imagination, but Ken Scott is unable to bringanything to the role but heroic blandness. Letitia Roman is certainlyfetching as Meg, especially in her sailor's togs, and her bare-leggedwriggling in Paxton's bed is a clear sign of the sexual revolution'stsunami roaring toward the beach of the Hayes Code. But looking beyondher physical charms, Meg's personality really has nothing to recommendher: she's not smart, brave, loyal, honest, or even charming.

Robert Stephens' Henry Morgan is interesting, but ultimatelyineffective. Stephens plays Morgan as a full-blown alcoholic, completewith the shakes. His Morgan is greedy (his eyes almost bug out whenPaxton presents him with a chest full of guineas) and cruel, butcredulous and unintelligent. He is fun to hate, as a good villainshould be, but he lacks the frisson of menace that emanated fromRathbone's Levasseur or Newton's and Heston's Long John Silver.

The supporting cast comes to the rescue, particularly Dave King asPeeWee and Stanley Adams as Montbars. King is appealing, dashing, andsometimes very funny, while Adams' Montbars is pure, unbridledappetite, fat and greedy and bullying, a perfect pirate.

Visually, the movie is outstanding. The shots of the sailing ships aresublime, the colors are sumptuous, and the islands and cliffs aremagnificent. The movie is fun to watch, and while it won't stay withyou long, it avoids the gratuitous absurdity of many pirate movies.

Rating: ** ½ out of ****.

Recommendation: Worth a rental after it leaves the new release shelves.

Reviewed byBlueghostVote: /10

I saw this film quite a few times growing up on independent TVstations. I didn't think it was anything too spectacular then, but hey,it was a pirate flick, and you can't go too wrong... right? Well,before the days of corporate run focus groups and test marketscreenings for films, the studio moguls, banking on what they believedwould sell, would ride movie trends like the corporates do today. Backthen Westerns and Pirate flicks were all the rage, and in 1961, hopingto revitalize a waning market, 20th Century Fox invested in this thing.

They must've done it on the cheap. Recycleing old studio props andsets, it looks like they cast bit part players in supporting roles.That and the cinematography is pretty bland, though not too far fromb-movie standards at the time.

It's a market driven film. No standards or rules are being bent orpushed. There's a few social messages snuck in here and there, butnothing too shocking by contemporary American social standards.

There's nothing really innovative or impressive about this film, but itdoes offer two hours of pirate escapism. Take it for what it is.

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