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Pirates of Tortuga (1961)

An English captain and his crew are dispatched to the Spanish-controlled island of Tortuga, where famed privateer Henry Morgan has defected from his support of the English Empire and is ...

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The Synopsis for Pirates of Tortuga (1961) 720p

An English captain and his crew are dispatched to the Spanish-controlled island of Tortuga, where famed privateer Henry Morgan has defected from his support of the English Empire and is running a strictly piratical venture, stopping any and all vessels including English.

The Director and Players for Pirates of Tortuga (1961) 720p

[Director]Robert D. Webb
[Role:]Dave King
[Role:]Letícia Román
[Role:]Ken Scott

The Reviews for Pirates of Tortuga (1961) 720p

Reviewed bymilliefanVote: 1/10/10

Oh my. 20th Century Fox must have burned with shame and embarrassmentat this wretched turkey being released under their aegis. I enjoyalmost all old movies, and up until viewing Pirates of Tortuga hadnever seen a film that was ALL bad, without any redeeming qualities orentertainment value at all ... but this is the one. Pirates is so veryinept in every respect that it can't even be enjoyed as one of those"so bad it's good" pictures. The direction is almost non-existent, withscenes that drag on as is a first rehearsal had been filmed, and filmedbefore it had even been blocked. This plodding footage is interspersedwith stock shots and, in cases, entire scenes lifted from earlier (andMUCH better) movies, and the inserts are glaringly obvious,particularly in the first battle at sea (thirty or so background extraslistlessly waving swords at each other as if half asleep, never varyingtheir position, suddenly interrupted by a genuinely action-packedinsert from The Black Swan!). The cast is headed by lacklustre KenScott, who had lent his wooden presence to other Fox productions (hissupporting role in Stopover Tokyo helping to sink that particular dud).John Richardson looks fabulous, but has no technique, looks somewhatlost, and after this film went back to virtual extra status until hisbreakthrough a few years later in She and One Million Years BC. Worstof all, in fact the worst performance I have ever seen by a leadinglady in a studio production, comes from Leticia Roman, a pretty butspectacularly untalented Italian girl playing a cockney and spoutinglines like "lord love a duck" and "you ain't ever treated me like alay-dee" in a voice that's a cross between Monica Vitti and Dick VanDyke in Mary Poppins. I am in danger here of making Pirates of Tortugasound like something worth sitting through in order to have a giggle,but believe me it is NOT!

Typical pirate movie with interesting detailsReviewed bygryphon-6Vote: 5/10

It has been a long time since I've seen this film, over 20 yrs in fact, but there were bits of detail that made it stick in my mind this long. For instance, the character named PeeWee had a distinctive style of sword fighting: he had the rapier or saber in the right hand but he wore a black glove on his left. After some research, I found the glove was used to bat away the blade and acted as a main gouche. Those types of details kept me watching the screen and firmly seated it in my memory. It was a typical pirate movie with the usual stereotypical roles, but it was fun to watch and little bits of the unusual peeked out here and there. I wish I had a chance to watch it again.

Reviewed byJoeytheBritVote: /10

This is a fairly ordinary boys' pirate adventure memorable only for theover the top performance from Leticia Roman as the reluctant stowawayaboard Ken Scott's galleon embarked for the Caribbean and a battle ofwits with Captain Henry Morgan (Robert Stephens) who has returned tohis buccaneering ways after briefly working for the King of England.

Roman acts as if she's just downed a pint of strong black coffee, andno doubt most self-respecting sailors would have thrown her overboardafter having had their way with her. Somehow, though, not only does shemake it intact all the way to Jamaica but she also manages to getScott's insipid Captain Bart to fall in love with her.

Robert Stephens as a slightly unhinged Morgan given to smacking therump of his ever so slightly raddled lady companion is the highlight ofthe film, although he doesn't receive the amount of screen time hedeserves. Curious to see British comedian Dave King appearing as one ofScott's swashbuckling sidekicks too. Other than that there really isn'ta lot to say about this flick.

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