Point Man (2019) 1080p YIFY Movie

Point Man (2019) 1080p

Point Man is a movie starring Acorye' White, Matthew Ewald, and Jimmy Ace Lewis. Set in Vietnam in April 1968 - three months after the tide-turning Tet Offensive and one month after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. -...

IMDB: 4.83 Likes

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  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Point Man (2019) 1080p

Set in Vietnam in April 1968 - three months after the tide-turning Tet Offensive and one month after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. - Point Man is the story of a U.S. Army fire team fractured by racial tensions, moral crises, and the crushing pressures of combat in a war nobody wants to fight. Andre "Casper" Allen, a rough-edged ideologue, finds his radical politics put him at odds with the squad's machine gunner, Silas Meeks. When their search-and-destroy mission in the Mekong Delta goes terribly wrong, both men find themselves pitted against each other and their recalcitrant platoon commander, Lieutenant Sutter. Point men die like flies in the bush, and as loyalties dissolve every step forward comes with a price.

The Director and Players for Point Man (2019) 1080p

[Director]Phil Blattenberger
[Role:]Joshua Dela Cruz
[Role:]Jimmy Ace Lewis
[Role:]Matthew Ewald
[Role:]Acorye' White

The Reviews for Point Man (2019) 1080p

good movie, accurrateReviewed byjohndavispointmanVote: 7/10

I was there, this one gets it right. Bad times respect to the fallen who didn't make it back John Davis

Gorgeous film shot in Southeast AsiaReviewed byshaunmahoney-74852Vote: 10/10

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at its North American premiere in St. Louis in November 2018. As I recall its director Blattenberger was nominated for best first time director, a well deserved accolade that reflects on the rest of the cast. Really a marvelous production.

Southeast Asianists are in for a treat - Point Man is shot on location in Cambodia and Vietnam. Watching American GIs walking across sprawling rice patties and berms is something only Southeast Asia can deliver in its most authentic form, and Point Man takes on an truthful quality only that continent can deliver. There is no sweat like the kind a tropical sun bleeds from your pores, and you can see it in every wearisome step across a landscape radiating with heat and danger.

Take 90 minutes out of your day to watch Point Man. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Better than your average war filmReviewed bytaylorsroutVote: 8/10

Most war-genre indies suffer from low budget and a lot of them try to get around it by separating a couple of guys from a unit and giving them a gutsy mission. This usually means you end up with three guys in the woods prattling on for two hours.

This film - predictably - separates a few guys from their platoon, but it's a plot point, not a production necessity. Dialogue is riveting, story is excellent, pacing good, all in all a rare gem among a field of stones. Worth a watch.

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