Prince of the City (1981) 1080p YIFY Movie

Prince of the City (1981) 1080p

Prince of the City is a movie starring Treat Williams, Jerry Orbach, and Richard Foronjy. A New York City narcotics detective reluctantly agrees to cooperate with a special commission investigating police corruption. However, he...

IMDB: 7.61 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 167
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Prince of the City (1981) 1080p

New York City cop Daniel Ciello is involved in some questionable police practices. He is approached by internal affairs and in exchange for him potentially being let off the hook, he is instructed to begin to expose the inner workings of police corruption. Danny agrees as long as he does not have to turn in his partners but he soon learns that he cannot trust anyone and he must decide whose side he is on and who is on his.

The Director and Players for Prince of the City (1981) 1080p

[Director]Sidney Lumet
[Role:]Jerry Orbach
[Role:]Don Billett
[Role:]Richard Foronjy
[Role:]Treat Williams

The Reviews for Prince of the City (1981) 1080p

Possibly the best cop film ever madeReviewed byhausrathmanVote: 7/10

Treat Williams plays a corrupt New York narcotics detective who tries to redeem himself by volunteering to go undercover on the force to weed out other corrupt policeman only to find himself facing an increasingly difficult series of moral dilemmas involving his former partners. This intelligent film is possibly the best cop film ever made. Treat Williams delivers the best performance of his career although the excellent supporting cast, Jerry Orbach, in particular, comes very close to stealing the movie right out from under him. Williams is so good here that you can't believe he is the same guy who later appeared in "Dead Heat." (What happened?) Director Sidney Lumet, who also co-wrote the insightful, penetrating script with Jay Presson Allen, was never better. He does such a great job that you can't believe he's the same guy who directed "Family Business." (What happened?) The film is long, but you never lose interest. A must see.

Reviewed byclockwork8812Vote: 8/10/10

Many people consider this movie to be one of the greatest police dramasever made. It definitely looks and feels real. But many people havenever even heard of this film. It's high time it was released on DVDwith all the toppings because it was directed by Sidney Lumet, who isone of the greatest directors in modern day cinema. The film is basedon a true story that happened throughout the 70's concerning a narc whoout of the clear blue sky had a change of heart and decided to drop adime on his entire squad. The story concerns him testifying not onlyagainst his former co-workers, but corrupt lawyers, bail bondsmen andthe mob. Treat Williams, who plays the lead character is a dynamiteactor who has never gotten the credit he deserves. Sure he's beenaround forever and has an impressive resume, but a lot of people havenever even heard of this guy. As for the movie itself, even though it'sabout a special investigative unit in the New York City policedepartment, there isn't much action here like you see in other policefilms. It's mostly dialogue that comes across as realistic andpowerful. This is not a movie for children. The fact that it's based ona true story makes it look all the more real. If you liked Jerry Orbachon LAW & ORDER, then you'll like him here.

Score, 8 out of 10 Stars

Longest Episode of "Law and Order" EVER!Reviewed bywlee08Vote: 6/10

Made in 1981, this movie might have been compelling at the time. Watching this in 2010 is a struggle. And I'm not some gamer who's concentration has been compromised by Much Music videos. This movie is tedious. There are endless lawyers, endless perps with similar sounding Italian names, endless talk of 'indictment', 'perjury', 'feds'...If you were born after 1975 and you make it through this movie you probably have what it takes to make it through law school. There are some action scenes but not a whole lot of suspense. Just a whole lot of dialogue - all done up in the slang of cops, robbers, and legalese... There are a couple of compelling scenes but within the entire timeframe of this movie there really isn't enough to say it was worth the experience. Go into this expecting a three hour episode of Law and Order without the reward of an entirely positive or negative ending.

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