Pup Star (2016) 1080p YIFY Movie

Pup Star (2016) 1080p

Pup Star is a video starring Carla Jimenez, Makenzie Moss, and Susie Wall. A Yorkshire Terrier, competing in a televised singing competition, is separated from her owner by an opportunist dog pound worker.

IMDB: 4.40 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Family
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.75G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 19 / 9

The Synopsis for Pup Star (2016) 1080p

Welcome to a world where dogs can not only talk -- they can SING! Tiny, a cute little Yorkie pup with a big voice, gets a chance to audition for the singing competition for dogs, "Pup Star." After she earns a place in the finale, she's suddenly dog-napped! But with the help of her new friend, Charlie, a retired rock-and-roller, she escapes. Together they leave on an incredible journey through some of music's most iconic cities. They meet Big Ears - a soulful Bassett Hound who teaches Tiny to belt out the blues, Murray - a spiritual shaggy dog who helps her find her inner rhythm, and Emily Rose - a country-singing shepherd who helps her learn to sing from her heart. Most important of all, they all encourage Tiny to believe in herself and never give up on her dreams! Filled with all-new songs and the biggest cast of talking and singing canines ever assembled, Pup Star is an incredible family film filled with fun, music and heart.

The Director and Players for Pup Star (2016) 1080p

[Director]Robert Vince
[Role:]Jonathan Mangum
[Role:]Susie Wall
[Role:]Carla Jimenez
[Role:]Makenzie Moss

The Reviews for Pup Star (2016) 1080p

And adorable movie for the whole familyReviewed byComedyFan2010Vote: 7/10

The target audience of this movie are mainly young kids but the adults who watch it with them will also get to enjoy it.

It is about a cute dog Tiny participating in a singing competition. It seems to be based on American Idol. I am not a fan of the show but I could see that the jury dogs were created based on the original jury of American Idol.

Like kid movies should it includes a learning message of fighting for one's dreams and to do it in a fair way. It also includes a lot of adventures that will keep the kids interested.

Us adults will be able to guess how the movie will go, but it is still enjoyable to watch especially if one loves dogs. The dogs are incredibly cute and also get us to laugh.

Fun, Fantastic, Family-Friendly Film With Talking And Singing DogsReviewed byrannynmVote: 9/10

Pup Star is a fun, fantastic, family-friendly film! It really is an amazing and inspiring movie with talking and singing dogs. I found myself cheering for the super talented Tiny and booing the bad guys, or should I say bad dogs!

The story is about Tiny, an adorable Yorkie pup who dreams of becoming the next Pup Star, which is a spin off of the popular TV singing competition reality shows. The celebrity judges include Dog Gnarly, Blake Sheltie, Lady Paw Paw and of course, Simone Growl.

Along Tiny's journey, she is dog napped, meets colorful companions and becomes a more inspired singer with the help of Charlie, who is on his own journey. Tiny is encouraged by everyone she meets to keep going and not give up on her dreams. My favorite part is when Tiny sings. Kaitlyn Maher's voice over and singing of Tiny is outstanding and all 13 original songs are so strong melodically that I found myself humming along to the song Blue Skies after watching it. Additionally, the various voice over and singing talents for all the other dogs are equally impressive.

The message of this film is never give up and follow your dreams. Tiny faces many challenges and tries her hardest to persevere and reconnect with her loving family.

The talking and singing dogs are created with amazing special effects. Their mouths move in perfect harmony with the words and lyrics. Also, I love the rich and emotional music composed by Brahm Wenger which draws you in from the get go. I recently had the privilege to interview the writer and producer of Pup Star, Anna McRoberts and she mentioned that this is the biggest cast of talking and singing dogs ever in one movie - 31 total. Bow Wow!!!

Out of all the Air Bud Entertainment movies, this is my favorite. We can all relate to following our dreams no matter what they are and cheering for the underdog. I recommend this film to kids age 5 to 18 as well as anyone who loves dogs – kids and adults alike. With so many wonderful things to love about this family friendly film movie, I give it 5 out of 5 pup stars! I want to share one more thing: throughout this entire film, I actually forgot that dogs don't really talk? or do they?

Reviewed by Abigail Zoe L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Best film ever made ever, Jesus made it, literally Jesus made it!Reviewed byziajahVote: 10/10

Oh my actual Jesus in the sky! All of you just sit down and listen up this is the best film and the funniest film I have ever seen. It nearly had my 19 year old friend (excuse my french) bloomin hospitalised XD He couldn't breathe, He literally couldn't breathe until the main character was not on screen XD He bruised his body slapping the surroundings like a dying whale just to try and get a minute breath into his lungs! My head literally hurts from laughing so hard I may need to lie down before finishing the review. All ages nearly died but in the best way and I would say it is a FLAWLESS TIMELESS Masterpiece. 10/10 best movie ever AMEN. Roll on number 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

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