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Pushing Tin (1999)

A feud develops between two air traffic controllers: one cocky and determined while the other is restrained and laidback, which inevitably affects their lives.

IMDB: 6.02 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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The Synopsis for Pushing Tin (1999) 720p

Nick and the other boys (and Vicki Lewis) working the hotspot of air traffic control in New York are impressed with themselves, to say the least. They thrive on the no-room-for-error, fast-paced job and let it infect their lives. The undisputed king of pushing tin, "The Zone" Falzone, rules his workplace and his wedded life with the same short-attention span that gets planes where they need to be in the nick of time. That is, until Russell Bell, a new transfer with a reputation for recklessness but a record of pure perfection shatters the tensely-held status quo. The game of one-upmanship between the two flies so high as to lead Nick into Russell's bed with his wife. His sanity slipping just as fast as his hold on #1, Cusack's controller is thrown out-of-control when Thornton's wanderer quietly leaves town. Nick must now find a way to regain his sanity and repair his marriage before he breaks down completely.

The Director and Players for Pushing Tin (1999) 720p

[Director]Mike Newell
[Role:]John Cusack
[Role:]Cate Blanchett
[Role:]Billy Bob Thornton

The Reviews for Pushing Tin (1999) 720p

Not Bad of a Flight!Reviewed bymeezaVote: 7/10

Director Mike Newell's `Pushing Tin' is about the turbulent life of air traffic controllers. Its delightful and thought-provoking screenplay is not intended for the usual `airhead' moviegoer. So please put on your thinking cap for this one. The film stars John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett, and Angelina Jolie. Thornton and Jolie executed average `plane' performances. However, Cusack and Blanchett rose high with theirs. I do not blame Billy Bob or Angelina for not going up to par with John and Cate. Maybe, Billy Bob and Angelina were way too much in the clouds on and off the set, or maybe it was just that their characters were not fully developed in the script. Even though i am not `Pushing Tin' as one of the best film of 99, it is still one that you should put on the `safe landing looking' section. *** Average

Pushing Crap.Reviewed bypilgrimworkerVote: 1/10

I like John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton. Both are fine actors and I've enjoyed their films over the years.

This, however, is a travesty. Easily rates as one of the worst films I ever sat through. It is one of those you keep expecting it to get good and it never does.

The characters were annoying and the plot insipid. Angelina Jolie's character has outright repulsive. In fact, there was even moments were you could tell the actors were desperately trying to make a scene work, but couldn't, because the story was garbage.

Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

Reviewed byBuddyBoy1961Vote: /10

Here's 1999's winner for the film least likely to be shown during anoverseas flight. Cusack stars as a hotshot air traffic controller whose topdog status is threatened by the arrival of the equally gifted but enigmaticBilly Bob Thornton. Cusack's mounting rivalry with the inscrutable Thorntoneventually consumes his personal life as he falls prey to Thornton's sexywife (Angelina Jolie) and his marriage (to Cate Blanchett) graduallydisintegrates. Director Mike Newell showed great flair in balancing comedyand drama in 1994's "Four Weddings And A Funeral", but here the mix is lessassured and the extremes far too close together. Only fitfully amusing,"Pushing Tin" too rarely concentrates on its examination of air trafficcontrollers and their daily stresses, opting instead for a simpleone-upmanship plotline with a superficial and sometimes flippant look at themen and women within whose hands we entrust our lives. The four leads aremore than adequate in their roles, though the characters portrayed byBlanchett and Jolie (excellent during her brief appearances) are all butforgotten for long stretches at a time. As for rental possibilities,visibility should remain zero.

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