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Rambo III (1988)

When his friend Colonel Trautman is captured by Soviets during a mission in Afghanistan, John Rambo sets out to rescue him while bringing down the brutal tyrant and his army who rule that region.

IMDB: 5.729 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Run Time: 102
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Rambo III (1988) 720p

John Rambo's former Vietnam superior, Colonel Samuel Trautman, has been assigned to lead a mission to help the Mujahedeen rebels who are fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but the Buddhist Rambo turns down Trautman's request that Rambo help out. When the mission goes belly up and Trautman is kidnapped and tortured by Russian Colonel Zaysen, Rambo launches a rescue effort and allies himself with the Mujahedeen rebels and gets their help in trying to rescue Trautman from Zaysen.

The Director and Players for Rambo III (1988) 720p

[Director]Peter MacDonald
[Role:]Richard Crenna
[Role:]Sylvester Stallone
[Role:]Marc de Jonge

The Reviews for Rambo III (1988) 720p

Reviewed byDesson ThomsonVote: /10

Stallone scripts the wall-to-wall explosions too haphazardly and unimaginatively.

Ludicrous.Reviewed bymuertosVote: 2/10

Nowadays the chief claim to fame of this little bit of macho 80s tripe is, of course, the events in and regarding Afghanistan since it came out. Even the fact that this was the most expensive movie of all time when it came out--as well as one of the larger financial failures of Stallone's career--has faded from memory.

The script must have been written on a cocktail napkin: Rambo gets offered assignment; Rambo turns down assignment; Rambo's friend gets captured by bad guys; Rambo takes the assignment to rescue his friend. Standard issue action movie plot, but in this offering it's fleshed out even less than normal. For instance it's never exactly clear what the assignment IS that's offered by Rambo's former commander and his sniveling CIA sidekick (played with aplomb by Kurtwood Smith, who looks very anxious to get his paycheck and get the haole off this movie) except that it has something to do with Stinger missiles, which are never mentioned again in the picture, violating Anton Checkov's plot rule that a gun seen on the wall of the set in act one must be fired in act three. Every time the talented Richard Crenna is on the screen, another opportunity is blown for even minimal character development--the scriptwriters give him a hackneyed rant to the Russians about "you underestimated your enemy" (sounds like he's talking about Iraq circa 2003) and he spends most of the rest of the film cowering in a cell, waiting to be tortured and/or for Rambo to show up. As Troutman, Crenna never even gets a single line to say how much he misses his wife, or how he'd really like a beer, or how the sniveling CIA man let him down, or something. Yawn.

The most shocking thing is that at $63 million this is still very much a B-movie. You'd think at that price, and with exotic shooting locales like Thailand and Israel, at the very least it would look like "David Lean Meets Rambo." In fact it looks like it was filmed on the same dusty Burbank back lot where innumerable Westerns were made in the 1940s. Even the genuine Thailand locations might as well have been EPCOT Center at Disney World.

For my money my favorite part of the film is the ludicrous song played over the end credits, which is pure cocktail lounge cornball spiced up with that classic 80s My First Casio synth sound. I hoped against hope when the music credits went by I would see the title of it was "Love Theme from Rambo III," but alas, even this opportunity for a little tongue-in-cheek humor slipped the minds of the filmmakers. But then again, it's Stallone, who didn't learn to take himself with a grain of salt until the Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot era. Perhaps the addition of Estelle Getty with her .357 Magnum might have saved Rambo III from the utter waste of 102 minutes that it is.

Once again John Rambo fights the Russians. Explosive action combined with strong violence on a low intellectual level.Reviewed byQuakerzVote: 10/10

For myself, Rambo - First blood part 3 is one of the best action movies ever. In fact the story is a little bit poor, once again the typical one vs an army-story we know already from Rambo 2. Everyone, who does not think about a stupid story and the "Evil-Russians-topic" gets an explosive and very bloody action movie without long periods of boredom. In his original uncut version the movie is banned in Germany and this has good reasons. The film is absolutely nothing for kids. In my opinion the Littleton-massacre a few weeks ago was a direct consequence of films like Rambo. If you're old enough, watch it ! The final fight starts with the following dialog: "John,what're you thinking ?" Rambo:" F**k'em!"

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