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Rampage (2018)

When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.

IMDB: 6.547 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Run Time: 107
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Rampage (2018) 720p

Primatologist Davis (Dwayne Johnson) shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent silverback gorilla who has been in his care since he was young. When a greed-fueled corporation's genetic experiment goes awry, George and other animals across the country are mutated into aggressive supercreatures who destroy everything in their path. In this adrenaline-filled ride, Davis tries to find an antidote, not only to halt a global catastrophe but also to save the fearsome creature who was once his friend.

The Director and Players for Rampage (2018) 720p

[Director]Brad Peyton
[Role:]Dwayne Johnson
[Role:]Malin Akerman
[Role:]Naomie Harris

The Reviews for Rampage (2018) 720p

Excellent, but do NOT watch the trailer!Reviewed byStig-12345Vote: 8/10

A lot better than expected. And on IMAX 3D this was a winner.


I hate trailers, and tried to watch the trailer after I watched the movie.. well, it shows EVERYTHING! If you want to see the movie without knowing what's going to happen, do NOT see the trailer.

I'm not sure why the trailers are so long and so revealing.They ruin everything for me. And in cinemas I have to watch a whole bunch of them!

It's ROCK TEAMING UP WITH MIGHTY JOE YOUNG !!!Reviewed bynikola17Vote: 10/10

WELL NOT EXACTLY it's NOT sequel of Mighty Joe Young It Really Feels like Mighty Joe Young Where Bill Paxton Likes to be with Animals and him talking with Animals exactly similar thing but not same movie or rip off you love action a lot of destroying not much of CGI Like In Transformers this is it. Because Transformers is too MUCH CGI then this, this is not RAMPAGE UWE BOLL Film trash can films German director Uwe Boll threatened to file a lawsuit against Warner Bros. if the studio did not change the film's title. Boll, who produced and directed an unrelated Rampage film trilogy THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS FILMS THIS RAMPAGE IS A SC-FI ACTION FILM ANOTHER RAMPAGE THAT UWE BOLL DID WAS THRILLER, DRAMA it's too different movies, claimed that the Warner Bros. film will "shrink" his brand and revenues he could use for future installments of his Rampage films. He also went on to say that the Warner Bros. film "confuses the audience" and is "one of those typical feelgood, popcorn bullshit movies that the studios use to brainwash America even more! at well at least this movie has more Critics put more of rating then to uwe boll movies Uwe Boll has got 1% of his movies flopped Uwe Boll Is Idiot Hasn't done any research to found out what's Rampage Based In ??? Rampage was based on game YEARS AGO Rampage is a 1986 arcade game by Bally Midway is based on this movie NOT based On Uwe Boll Film RAMPAGE Game is made way before UWE was a director when his mother was teaching him how to read. the director Brad Peyton who made this movie, did San Andreas worked with Dwayne ROCK Johnson. But I Thought This Film Is Way Better then San Andreas with Earthquake style witch is bit boring but still good film through it, but this is a lot better story of When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago three Animals got giant and bigger like Godzilla witch is amazing idea. Buy the way i can even say CGI is a lot more AND MORE better then These Low Budget Trash can Syfy films mega python vs alligator or mega python vs gatoroid or Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus trash bin movies. this is a GREAT BIGGER BUDGET Monster Flick with a lot fun and Pace is a lot faster, full on action, full on Animals turned into Monsters cool idea this maybe Dumb Action Flick But it's VERY WATCHABLE Fun Movie Going Time. If you are in to this genre then this movie is for you. one of the worthy monsters movies non named KING KONG or GODZILLA which is much better than you expect. the movie is not only about monsters fight and the stuff u used to watch about those movies but it actually had a pot a character development and even a kind of humor. it's never boring and in the last 30 minutes or so the action is cataclysmic. Dwayne Johnson is great in this movie his character a former US military soldier and member of an anti-poaching unit, is a primatologist in a San Diego wildlife preserve. He befriends a rare albino gorilla named George, whom he saved from poachers. One night, as Davis drives home from work at the San Diego Zoo. i really enjoyed Dwayne Johnson in Doom, Welcome to Jungle AKA Rundown, Walking Tall, The Scorpion King, Gridiron Gang, Faster, also Fast and Furious Franchise, Snitch, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain & Gain, Hercules, San Andreas, Baywatch. he kicks a lot ass and kills monsters in this movie he is really enjoying his character in this movie i can tell and also he has having fun with action witch it has

a lot of action in this movie. in this movie i would say this it is a better role for him in this rather then in San Andreas this is type of character i liked to see him another monster flick just like DOOM expect it's not a horror movie, it's action adventure flick, Joe Manganiello (Sabotage, Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia, Justice Ledge he played Slade Wilson / Deathstroke, True Blood) he play's Burke, the leader of a private military group. he wasn't in movie that much sadly because he is only only in it for 10 minutes of movie he does kick ass little but then they wasted him sadly because i expected him to know more about his character a lot more i thought he looked like badass looking guy his character is a lot has to know but i wished he was in all movie teaming up with Dwayne Johnson and Jeffery Dean Morgan and Joe Manganiello i wished but never happened. also another character Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) known for 28 Days Later, Miami Vice, Street Kings, Ninja Assassin, and of crouse she played Eve Moneypenny In Skyfall and Spectre. her character is a discredited genetic engineer who teams up with Okoye, a genetic engineer who explains that this gas was developed by Energyne to rewrite genes on a massive scale. She had hoped to advance CRISPR research as a potential cure for disease. they discovered that Energyne planned to use it as a biological weapon. The company fired her and sent her and Davis to prison for attempting to expose them. then that's when I Loved Jeffery Dean Morgan Harvey Russell, a government agent who works for an agency called OGA. who looked like a villain but later on Davis gives Chance To help Harvey Russell. now i love Jeffery Dean Morgan i loved Losers, i liked The Courier, Heist AKA Bus 657, also Negan Walking Dead. he plays great character not another Negan Villain type. he was in all movie he did a great job, Animals turned into big was a the mutated wolf, the mutated crocodile, Gorilla George who is good side. it kinda feels Opposite to Godzilla Battling with Ronin but it's like King Kong VS Mutated Crocodile the movie. then all movie is so fun it maybe dumb it could look silly it's strange but give this movie a BIG SHOT believe me it's nothing bad compare then comparing any another SC-FI bullcrap channel this is a lot better believe me this movie you don't wanna miss out it's a lot fun, it's intense if you love Movie Monster Flicks battling each another feels opposite to Godzilla this is right movie for you then ! believe me listening and reading people another opinions of what they say about this movie and how bad it is DON'T EVER READ THAT OR LISTEN TO THEM it's your choice of you want to see it BUT HEY if Critics or it's nothing special or it's rubbish or it's nothing special HEY nowadays Critics are WRONG because sometimes when movie got what bad it's not bad movie like The Room or Alone in the dark or any another very bad lower rating like 1.0 and 1% in Rotten Tomatoes ?? this got 50% Rotten Tomatoes and 6.4 in IMDb it's not bad thing for you not to see this movie at all, it's really worth to pay this movie for ticket to cinema or buying it on DVD or Blu ray or 4K what ever you get it's worth it because this is a lot fun a lot of action and if your die hard fan of Dwayne Johnson this is IT THEN !!! go and see it, it's worth it.....

Action packed, big, loud, and a lot of fun.Reviewed bycruise01Vote: 9/10

Rampage (4.5 out of 5 stars).

Video game adaptations into films have been ongoing with a curse from missing a specific target audience. Resident Evil's are not great films but have been entertaining with its action. The new Tomb Raider reboot was surprisingly good but could have been more. And there are other lacklusters like Prince of Persia, Doom, Silent Hill, ect. A movie about three giant monsters of a crocodile, gorilla, and a grey wolf causing a mass destruction in a city. Yes, that is what the arcade games are about and that is exactly what you can expect in this Rampage film. At least, it is one hell of a wild ride of fun. So don't expect any award winning script with great dialogue, a long developing story, or logic with characters choices in the movie. If you leave all the critical thinking out before watching the film, you will find the film to be what it is. And it does its job, which is entertaining and being a lot of fun.

The plot follows after a science experiment gone wrong in space leaving three canisters to fall on Earth. A primatologist Davis (Dwayne Johnson) notices one of his gorilla friend George is infected with and a lot bigger. After his agitation and escape from the Zoo. The government agent Harvey (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) captures George and tries to take him into a more secured location. Meanwhile, a corporation that was in charge of the space station experiment of genetic editing led by Claire (Malin Akerman) and her brother Brett (Jake Lacy) tries to send a signal to bring in the giant gorilla and the other two infected beasts of a giant grey wolf and a mutated crocodile.

The film is a lot of fun. It has a lot of action and big set pieces. It is loud, big, and dumb. But it is definitely a film of escapism of watching three giant beasts destroying a city. While the military are giving everything they got to stop them. And Davis and Dr. Kate (Naomie Harris) are trying to find a solution to get George back and to have the giant gorilla stop the other two beasts. The visual effects are awesome. There may be some cheesy cgi with the military jets or watching Dwayne Johnson running through falling buildings and avoiding a lot of heavy debris while the monsters are battling it out.

Dwayne Johnson is becoming one of the actors you enjoy watching on screen. If you either like his big tough attitude responses or enjoy him facing the impossible with the action sequences. Naomie Harris was okay playing a sidekick character with Davis. Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy play cheesy villains of a cliché corporation on wanting to create deadly experiments for there own personal gain. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a lot of fun playing a cowboy attitude government agent. (Almost feels like he was playing the same character as Negan from The Walking Dead series).

Director Brad Peyton created a wild ride with San Andreas film. He does the same with Rampage. It is big and loud and action packed. From an exciting sequence with mercenaries fighting with a giant wolf in the forest to George's escape on the plane. And the final half hour climax of three monsters causing mass destruction. Also, there is some fun humor. And George and Davis friendship does try to build an emotional connection with the gorilla that tries to have you rooting for the beast.

Overall, Rampage is a really good film. It is action packed throughout. The visual effects are awesome. The characters are fun and cheesy. The plot and concept is everything you can expect for a blockbuster fun of monsters causing destructions.

I recommend seeing this film on the big screen in theatres. If you are looking for a blockbuster escapism of big action and mass destruction. And seeing Dwayne Johnson battle through this destruction. This would be the film to check out. It is a lot of fun.

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