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Raw Deal (1986)

A former FBI agent turned small-town sheriff agrees to help the FBI chief infiltrate the Chicago mafia when the FBI chief's son is killed by them.

IMDB: 5.57 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
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The Synopsis for Raw Deal (1986) 720p

Mark Kaminski is kicked out of the FBI for his rough treatment of a suspect. He winds up as the sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. FBI Chief Harry Shannon, whose son has been killed by a mobster named Luigi Patrovita, enlists Kaminski in a personal vendetta with a promise of reinstatement into the FBI if Patrovita is taken down. To accomplish this, Kaminski must go undercover and join Patrovita's gang.

The Director and Players for Raw Deal (1986) 720p

[Director]John Irvin
[Role:]Sam Wanamaker
[Role:]Arnold Schwarzenegger
[Role:]Kathryn Harrold

The Reviews for Raw Deal (1986) 720p

Reviewed byweezer76Vote: 9/10/10

This is a great film for what it purports to be. It's an action picture,but it also has curious storyline that keeps one interested in Joey P.Brenner's travails, and it's not all that predictable until the very end.Moreover, it does have a human element at times (plus we see astill-massiveArnold sporting a wife-beater). Granted, Arnold doesn't have much depthofdialogue, but it's not Shakespeare. I don't understand why everyone elsedislikes "Raw Deal" to such an intense degree, as one must firstunderstandwhere it is coming from. It is a fun film, one of the few Schwarzeneggerfilms that is a must-have on dvd.

Raw Deal - One of his bestReviewed byrawhide-5Vote: 10/10

This movie gives you everything you want to see in a true action movie from the Hero at his weakest to his strongest. Typically, action movies aren't awarded Oscars because the character development is poor. Most of the characters die before you really get to know them in some of the films we see. In this film, Arnold accomplishes character development as well as action in the same movie. Although, some of the characters are stereotypical gangsters, his interaction with them helps solidify their presence in the movie. The movie does rank in the same category as Commando but if you love watching his movies, then this one should be a real treat!

Reviewed bylemon_magicVote: /10

Don't be angry with me for only awarding "Raw Deal" 5 stars out of 10.It's a 'strong, almost a 6' 5, not a 'weak, barely above a 4' 5. Ifthat makes any sense.

I think that part of the problem is that I saw this after I saw"Terminator" and "Commando", and it was a bit of a let-down. (And Imight have been suffering from a bit of "Schwarzenegger-overexposure".)Arnold is a bit wasted here. It's as if someone mistakenly cast him ina role meant for someone like Chuck Norris. Let's face it, this is asmaller scale movie with a seemingly smaller budget; Dolph Lundgren orRutger Hauer or Micheal Biehn or even that guy from "Eddie And TheCruisers" could have filled in for the S-man in this movie and youwould hardly have noticed the difference, except for a few one-liners.Not to mention the director for "Raw Deal" seemed to be nowhere nearCameron's or Lester's class. Same thing goes for the cast (with allrespect to Darren McGavin and Robert Davi). Kathryn Harrold is not asubstitute for Linda Hamilton. She's OK, but she's a Ford Taurus toHamilton's Corvette Stingray.

There are pacing problems, too. The screenwriter felt the need toinclude several filler sequences that are meant to advance the plot andfill in back story and give the other cast members something to do. Butmost of these sequences are pretty lackluster: a fistfight in a women'sclothing store goes nowhere; a romantic confrontation between Davi andHarrold leaves no lasting impact (though it does let Harrold get off agood put-down line); and the 10 minute car chase scene where a crimeboss winds up hamburger is an exercise in by-the-numbers padding ifthere ever was one (good sound design, though).

But the last 20 minutes serves as a payoff to the first part of thefilm, and it is basically one long bullet-fest. Arnold basically shootseverything short of LAWs and RPGs at the bad guys, and they obliginglymiss with all their shots and fall over and die. None of this is stagedwith anything like the panache of the firefights in "Commando" or thedesperate high speed run-and-gun highway fights in "Terminator". It'sall very meat-and-potatoes stuff that wouldn't have be out of place ina typical Cannon/Golan-Globus production. But there's plenty of it, andthe S-man is appropriately grim and indestructible, and any fan will besatisfied once the final bad guy goes down in the final hail ofbullets.

After 3 viewings, I still don't understand why no one can hit the huge,slow-moving white guy when they shoot at him, but it's his movie, soI'll just attribute it to Arnold's penchant for bringing a BrowningAutomatic Rifle to a revolver fight, and let it pass.

And I don't discount this movie just because it was an Arnold vehicle -I felt that his follow-up "The Running Man" was a return to form(although still not as good as "Terminator" and "Commando").

Anyway, "Raw Deal" doesn't place in the top 5 (or even 10) Arnoldfilms, but any Schwarzenegger completist will want to have it, and willprobably find much to enjoy. And fans of "Crime Story" and gangsterfilms in general will also find this to their liking.

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