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Read It and Weep (2006)

A shy and retiring high school student develops a peculiar alter ego that changes her life forever.

IMDB: 5.70 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Read It and Weep (2006) 720p

Freshman Jamie Bartlett is frustrated with high-school life. She wonders what it would be like to be popular, where Marco the hunk might notice her and snooty Sawyer would remember her name. To escape the pressures of school, Jamie retreats to her journal, weaving a tale about teen heroine Isabella ("Is"), who's beautiful, self-assured, and popular and can effortlessly zap any pesky person out of her way. When she accidentally turns in her journal as a homework project, Jamie wins a writing contest and finds her books on shelves nationwide. Suddenly she's caught up in the whirlwind of photo shoots and guest appearances and starts to lose touch with her friends and herself. Meanwhile, Is becomes a real presence for Jamie, though no one else can see her. As Jamie's stardom grows, her literary alter ego pops in and out of her life to influence every move she makes. Jamie eventually becomes disenchanted with her new life and in the end must decide whether popularity is worth sacrificing ...

The Director and Players for Read It and Weep (2006) 720p

[Director]Paul Hoen
[Role:]Danielle Panabaker
[Role:]Alexandra Krosney
[Role:]Kay Panabaker

The Reviews for Read It and Weep (2006) 720p

Reviewed byflotsam22000Vote: 10/10/10

First off, I am so sick of people saying they were "disturbed" by thefact that Jamie was talking to herself! Grow up people, the only reasonshe was talking to herself was because her alter ego was saying thingsto her. But I found this to be one of the best DCOM's to date! I foundit to be far more interesting than high school musical! Kay Panabaker'sacting was great and Danielle was a magnificent gem!!! And the girl whopayed Sawyer was not half bad. I found this film enjoyable and fun! Ithought the setting was good too. And I thought it was very funny howIs popped up everywhere and scared Jamie :)I give this film 100/5 stars:)

Reviewed bythehyperchickVote: /10

I was wondering if anyone knows if there was going to be a soundtrackto the new DCOM "Read it and Weep", because I love the song at the enddone by Nick Whitaker, AKA Lenny, Jamie's brother. After the movieshowed on Friday, I looked continuously for almost two hours andcouldn't find the song anywhere. The title is "I Will Be Around". Themovie also had many other great songs. I was able to find "OutsideLooking In", but thats about it so far. This was one of the best Disneychannel movies that has come out in a long time, and I loved it. Allthe cast members did a GREAT job, and I also thought it was wonderfulthe way they chose to have the Panabaker sisters play Jamie, and "Is".They were a great team.

Reviewed byDontcallmekeysVote: 7/10/10

For as long as I can remember, I've been addicted to Disney movieswhether they were animated or on the Disney Channel. I remember waitingevery month for the latest Disney Channel film to premiere andthroughly enjoying each new film. Though I cannot pin-point exactlywhen it started happening but slowly Disney Channel movies began takinga turn for the worst and I stopped watching them as I grew older; nodoubt they were still entertaining for little kids but one of thethings I always enjoyed (and still do) about Disney is that theymasterfully appeal to both children and adults, not to mention thoseinbetween. The first Disney Channel movie I watched in as long as I canremember was "High School Musical" and my faith in the channel wasinstantly renewed. But this review is not about "High School Musical",but about Disney's latest film "Read It and Weep," the first DisneyChannel film since "HSM" that actually caught my attention.

"Read It and Weep" follows the (mis)adventures of a high schoolfreshmen, Jamie, who is always on the outside looking in. True, she'sgot three great friends, a cool but strange older brother and lovingparents but Jamie wants something more. She wants the hottest boy inschool, Marco, to notice her and wants to be able to stand up againstSawyer and her gang of "Populars" for once. But, seeing as Jamie willnever be able to get up the guts to do these things, she creates thecharacter Is to live out these wishes for her. Is (short for Isabelle)is the girl that every other girl wants to be and every guy wants todate; in short, Is is perfect. Not only can Is climb the rope in gymclass and get the guy, but she can also "zap" away any problem thatgets in her way. Accidentally, Jamie turns in the story of Is to herEnglish teacher and the "novel" ends up being published in the schoolnewspaper because making it all the way to the Bestseller list.Suddenly Jamie (or rather, Is) finds herself sky-rocketing inpopularity; Sawyer and the "Populars" actually want to be friends withher and Marcco is starting to look her way. But slowly, things start toget out of control, especially when Is begins to manifest herself as amore permanent part of Jamie's life and prompt Jamie to wonder how muchof Is is just a character and how much of Is is in herself. Jamie facesthe age-old dilemma of choosing between what she thinks she wants andwhat made her happy before, leaving a good message for all tweens whowatch the film.

As an 18-year-old, I found certain things about the film bothersomethat wouldn't even enter the mind of the tweens and younger childrenwho watch it, so I know I'm simply nitpicking. The fact that Jamie'snovel is so successful in such a short time is highly impossible,though enviable, but the plot is bearable given the fact that it's alight-hearted kid's film and the intended audience wouldn't care toomuch about all the steps it takes to earning that sort of career andpopularity. The story is cute (based upon the pre-teen novel "How myPrivate Journal Become a Best Seller -sorry if that's not the exacttitle) and the characters are warm, though Jamie is slightly obnoxiousat times. The real winner of the story, however, is Is (played byDanielle Panabaker, Kay's older sister) who doesn't get as much screentime as she should. Panabaker Sr. plays her character with acomfortable ease, no doubt feeding off the fact that she's used toupstanding her younger sis (though Kay has a promising career in frontof her in the children's movie set, if I'm not mistaken) and isenjoyable the entire time.

For the intended audience, "Read It and Weep" offers a very importantlesson: you don't need to be superhuman to be happy and content. Beingyourself is just as fine as being like Is. While most children's filmswill force their messages down the throats of the kids watching, "ReadIt" manages to work the meaning into the story without making itpainfully obvious.

As with any children's movie, the story is sub duded, written for achild to understand and enjoy (though this is one of the first DisneyChannel films I remember where two of the characters actually kiss;there was only a peck on the check in "HSM." The little romance betweenJamie and her background best guy friend was more then enough to keepme interested) but still manages to capture the attention of any agegroup. Even at the age of 18, I found the movie adorable andentertaining, something I would watch again given the chance.

While "Read It and Weep" is no "High School Musical", it is certainly amovie to stand with "HSM" when it comes to turning around the qualityof Disney Channel movies. If Disney continues to make films like "ReadIt and Weep", which smartly appeal to kids, teenagers and older teenslike myself, then they were be right back on track with the old filmsthey used to make "back in the day." "Read It and Weep" certainlydeserves a viewing, no matter your age and, if nothing else, will leaveyou with a hint of a smile on your face.

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