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Red Sonja (1985)

A vengeful woman sets out to retrieve a magic orb from an evil queen whom she vows vengeance upon after the evil queen slain her family and her loyal warriors raped her.

IMDB: 5.011 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 89
  • IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 
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The Synopsis for Red Sonja (1985) 720p

The tyrant Gedren seeks the total power in a world of barbarism. She attacks and kills the keepers of a powerful talisman just before it is destroyed. Gedren then uses the power of the talisman in her raid of the city Hablac. Red Sonja, sister of the keeper, sets out with her magic sword to overthrow Gedren. The talisman's master Kalidor follows to protect her. Of course they fall in love - however Red Sonja's power bases on the oath to never give herself to any man...

The Director and Players for Red Sonja (1985) 720p

[Director]Richard Fleischer
[Role:]Brigitte Nielsen
[Role:]Arnold Schwarzenegger
[Role:]Sandahl Bergman

The Reviews for Red Sonja (1985) 720p

Reviewed byKing_OpossumVote: /10

Let's just settle this before I start - this is a bad bad movie! You will behard pressed to find such awful acting anywhere as Miss Nielsen, 'veteran'director Richard Fleischer stumbles blindly through a non-existant plot, andyou will feel absolutely no sympathy for either the good guys or the bad -in other words you just won't care!

I would love to have hated this film - as a self-proclaimed 'movie-buff'this is the kind of film I should not even go near. But I'm loathed toadmit...I enjoyed it! The two stars, amongst their awful acting, areactually quite engaging in a comedic way (intentional or not!). I began torelish the dialogue scenes just to see if a line could have been deliveredwith any more wood! The intentional comedy comes from a young prince (ErnieReyes Jr) and his bodyguard (Paul Smith). Although I wished the prince tofind the end of a sword as quickly as possible from his first scene, theinterplay between these two characters was amusing, with some one-linersthat could not have been more out of place in this film! The villainousqueen (played by Sandahl Bergman) is unfortunately bland and forgettable.But one real treat for me was another completely out-of-place commodity - agreat rousing score from maestro Ennio Morricone!

This was Schwarzenegger's return to his CONAN genre after hitting it bigwith THE TERMINATOR. It isn't too surprising that this was the last 'swordsand sorcery' movie he did - but I promise you won't hate it! You'll wantto!....but you won't!

Sword-and-Sorcery epic with female lead accompanied briefly by a He-man taking on multiple adventuresReviewed byma-cortesVote: 6/10

Thrilling and spectacular movie full of imagination and fantasy that introduces us a brave heroine , female counterpart to Conan , and appointed to juvenile public and full-blooded adventure aficionados. Sword-and-sorcery saga with silly action , spectacular images and fantastic scenes with witchcraft and necromancy . This is a tale of fantasy , magic , imagination, blood and wizardly set in a mythical primitive world of barbarisms. This is an amusing adventure saga inspired on Robert E Howard's pulp tale , it stars Brigitte Nielsen ( by that time married Silvester Stallone) who join forces with the mythic and valiant warrior Kalifor ( a super-swordsman Arnold Schwarznegger in a brief guest spot), a Hyborian Age hero , a Conan-alike , taking on heinous forces of devil and evil minions . A nasty sorceress kills the keeper (Janet Agren) of a powerful green bulb that gives her great power , but Red Sonja is sister of the keeper and seeks vengeance on villainess Gedren who also massacred her family . A selfish little boy prince named Tarn (Ernie Reyes Jr) and his underling Falkon (Paul L. Smith), whose kingdom was wiped out by Gedren soon joins them . They undergo on a perilous trip to find the talisman , confronting magicians , spectres and dangerous adventures. Our heroine fights the evil hoodlums of brutal Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman) who seeks the total power and leading a vibrant ending.

This exciting film packs noisy action, fantasy, adventure, witchery , and rip-roaring fights . Dumb images , unintentionally hilarious and lots of amusement and entertainment . Made on a fairly big scale with spectacular set design and glimmer photography . Quite budget for an Italian/Netherland/US co-production and lavishly produced by Dino De Laurentiis , her daughter Francesca and Jose Lopez Rodero. This entertaining picture contains frenetic action , tension , necromancy, and moving action scenes . The film is full of freaks and bemusing situations ; it is quite entertaining because being a laborious and intriguing adventure tale with some humor . Colorful cinematography by Giuseppe Rotunno , Federico Fellini's usual . Very derivative special effects , grand production design by Danilo Donati ,and matte paintings by Albert Whitlock and Emilio Ruiz del Rio . Impressive musical score composed and conducted by the master Ennio Morricone. The motion picture is middling directed by Richard Fleischer . He's an expert director , with adventure classics (Vikings, 20.000 leagues under sea) and noir cinema (Narrow margin,Clay pigeons,Trapped). The film will appeal to fantasy buffs with enough action to make it worth looking in on . In other words, it seem likely Conan enthusiasts and juvenile viewers will be delighted because thrills, action and adventures are brilliantly presented and edited to offer the maximum impact. Rating : 5,5 ; it's an old-fashioned B film on an acceptable scale and basically enjoyable because of it.

Arnold, Brigitte, Sandahl!Reviewed byLinda_SVote: 9/10

This is a wonderfully moral sword and sorcery epic. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a heroic man of high character unlike the amoral Conan. His portrayal of Kalidor is understated and that makes it WORK. Brigitte Nielsen while a raw talent, still manages to put this film over. She is what one expects a Red Sonja to be: a simple, brave, barbarian woman with a sense of loyalty and oath upholding that is so alien to our modern world. Sandahl Bergman as the nefarious Queen Gedren is marvelous. She has a plum role playing a villainous megalomaniac and she enjoys every minute of it. Paul Smith and his sidekick Ernie Reyes Jr. almost steal the show, quite charming. Again there is a humanity in Smith's character, this loyalty and taking seriously of an oath that rings true for the imagined world of this sword and sorcery entry. Tutte Lemkow's portrayal of a wizard is one of the minor roles that is very well done. Of all the sword and sandal movies I have seen over the years I have a special place for this 1985 film. It is a feel good movie, romantic, exciting, beautiful scenery and costumes and an excellent ARNOLD film.

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