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Reign of the Supermen (2019)

Reign of the Supermen is a video starring Rainn Wilson, Rosario Dawson, and Cameron Monaghan. After the death of Superman, several new people present themselves as possible successors.

IMDB: 7.68 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Action
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Reign of the Supermen (2019) 720p

After the death of Superman, several new people present themselves as possible successors.

The Director and Players for Reign of the Supermen (2019) 720p

[Director]Sam Liu
[Role:]Rainn Wilson
[Role:]Rosario Dawson
[Role:]Nathan Fillion
[Role:]Cameron Monaghan

The Reviews for Reign of the Supermen (2019) 720p

Reign of the Supermen: Another poor loose "Adaptation"Reviewed byPlatypuschowVote: 3/10

When it comes to comic books I've always been a Marvel guy, but when it came to the best story arcs DC took the top two. Batman: Knightfall and the Death of Superman/World Without Superman/Return Of Superman set.

Based on this as you can imagine I was excited about possible adaptations, yet at the same time very hesitant and concerned they wouldn't be able to do them justice.

Superman: Doomsday (2007) was a mess, totally missed the point of the original story so when The Death of Superman (2018) was announced I assumed it would be the same. It wasn't, but it was still a very compacted loose adaptation that simply wasn't up to standard. Reign of the Superman? It's going to be awful I assumed, and yeah it kind of is.

As a take your brain out forget the comic book it would still be pretty mediocre but taking into consideration it's source material it's an absolute slap in the face to the fans. This isn't the Return of Superman story line, they've added characters who simply weren't there, they've changed peoples motivations, basically 90%+ is all original stuff that has nothing to do with the comic.

Fine, you couldn't possibly do a story of that size in a 90 minute movie but they didn't have to change it so dramatically! Could they not simply have condensed it?

It's just a Saturday morning cartoon effort that loosely touches upon the original story but quite frankly makes a mockery of it.

Stupid, bad, dumb *Shakes fist*

The Good:

Nice to see a couple of the characters up on screen

Mostly good voice cast

The Bad:

Has almost nothing to do with the original material

After a great "Death of Superman"... this is disappointingReviewed byHassantakeRVote: 6/10

I am a huge DC fan but I prefer to watch Young Justice over this. It is boring and we know everything that is going to happen. Darkseid is not scary AT ALL. They destroyed his character. The writing is lazy...

Do yourself a favour and watch Young Justice instead.

Huge disappointment.Reviewed byithildurnewVote: 2/10

The Death of Superman was decent, had some good moments... and served to set me up for a horrible disappointment with this, the sequel.It. Was. Horrible. I literally cringed, clenched my teeth at some of the scenes. Easily one of the worst DC animations I've seen in a while (though a lot of the more recent ones like Son of Batman etc were pretty horrible as well). Forget the action scenes, they're pretty bad but it's irrelevant when the plot, the writing, dialog and characterization is as wretched as it is in these recent flicks. It's mind boggling how bad the writing has gotten for DCAU productions; none of this is Oscar nomination worthy stuff but they used to be much, much better.

The stilted timing in the dialog animation doesn't help; so many awkward, weird split second moments where the dialog just stops dead, and there's dead space (not meaningful pause), before the banter awkwardly resumes... lost count of how many times this happens (noticeable in Death of Superman as well... wth is this about?).

Prime WTH moment, Lois suddenly becomes den mother giving a pep talk to Superboy, gets interrupted by a call from JHJ/Steel who calls to report a discovery related to Superman with all the urgency/importance of someone saying that there's a girl scout at the door selling cookies; Lois essentially says 'ok, call me back if you find out anything important', goes back to talking to Superboy like 'Whatever'. What in the world?? It was such a pointless exchange that my head nearly exploded.

I also don't think most (there are exceptions) of the current crop of DC animation voice actors/actresses (the women from JLU were especially amazing) can hold a candled to the older gen, though it could be that they have to deal with making their voices match the weirdly timed talking heads.

I'm sorry DC, this was just bad. Such a huge letdown after Death of Superman sort of hinting at better things to come.

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