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Richard Jewell (2019)

Richard Jewell is a movie starring Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, and Brandon Stanley. American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists...

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The Synopsis for Richard Jewell (2019) 720p

American security guard saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the press who falsely reported that he was a terrorist.

The Director and Players for Richard Jewell (2019) 720p

[Role:]Ryan Boz
[Role:]Brandon Stanley
[Role:]Paul Walter Hauser
[Role:Director]Clint Eastwood
[Role:]Sam Rockwell

The Reviews for Richard Jewell (2019) 720p

The competent biographyReviewed byeagandersongilVote: 8/10

"Richard's case" is a good and competent bibliography, following the line that Clint has been following in his films for some time, portraying small American heroes with assertiveness and good technical and artistic elements.

The script tells the story of Richard, a security guard who aspires to be a policeman who finds a bomb during the 96 Olympics, even with the explosion, the security guard ends up saving many lives and then sees himself as the main suspect in its implementation, following a timeline and without opening spaces for interpretations or contemplations the script focuses on three nuclei that intertwine and talk to each other, two of these nuclei represent the government and the media, and the feature exposes the malice and malice of those who seek an agony to condemn together public opinion.

Clint's direction interweaves some arcs and conducts the narrative in a precise way, without creating unnecessary scenes, its editing helps with a constant rhythm that makes the two-hour film seem to have had only one, despite a slightly cold direction. and not authorial, Clint is accurate in every scene, with simple cameras, clear photography and relying a lot on his actors.

And speaking of his cast of actors we speak of yet another hit by Clint and his production, all the actors are great in their roles, but it is worth highlighting the choice of the protagonist, actor Paul Walter, who delivers an amazing performance and his mom, the already stamped Kathy Bates looks wonderful and lives up to her nomination, Sam Rockwell also delivers a great performance. 8/10

Excellent portrayal of the sleaziness of law enforcementReviewed bythebricksVote: 10/10

I have experience dealing with the Feds and found this movie incredibly compelling. So much about this movie hit home for me. Just a few examples, when the Feds came to talk to Jewell and tried to make him sign shady documents, bugging his home, the slick self-righteous agent who thinks he decides who is right and wrong, cleaning out his home supposedly looking for evidence, wasting time on easy, harmless suspects instead of finding the real criminals to boost their career. It's sad. All that time spent looking at Richard Jewell as a suspect while the real terrorist got away. They knew he was innocent, all they had to do was actually do some actual investigative, science-based investigative work instead of using confirmation bias.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Jewell didn't have access to a great lawyer or had the law enforcement background to spot the tricks the Feds were using? He would probably have been in prison until his death, which is nuts. At no point did anyone use common sense and point out that there was absolutely no evidence this guy was involved. They were looking for an easy mark.

It just shows that reform is needed drastically. I've always thought that many in American law enforcement are not educated, which leads to this sort of thing happening too often. Then you have the for-profit prison system which encourages all the corruption in the justice system to begin with.

If I had kids, I'd definitely show them this movie and point out all the things Jewell did wrong and what to do in a situation like this. It should be mandatory to show in Civics classes, TBH.

Thank you Clint Eastwood!Reviewed byflickloverVote: 10/10

I just came back from a prescreening of this film and just had to comment. It is a very timely and comes in a time in our country where the media picks who they want to deify and who they want to destroy without caring about who they hurt. Clint Eastwood has created an eloquent, but searing critique on our media dominated society. He isn't Oliver Stone that comes with outrageous conspiracies and makes everyone a villain. The film says that we are forgetting that in this country your are innocent until PROVEN guilty not the other way around.

The film is about Richard Jewell, the security guard that at first was hailed as a hero for finding the bomb and prevented a worse tragedy in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics. The film focuses on the events after the bombing. Richard Jewell is presented as a humble but rather over zealous security guard that considered himself a law enforcement officer. Richard Jewell is played by Paul Walter Hauser in an oscar worthy performance. He plays Jewell with a wide eyed boy scout devotion to law enforcement but with a quiet dignity. Sam Rockwelk plays Watson, his friend and lawyer who helps him in the media a FBI onslaught that wanted to portray him as a lone bomber. His mother is played beautifully by Kathy Bates. The film focuses on the media and it's disregard to really investigate things instead of rushing to judgement because they liked the narrative. Sound familiar? Eastwood indicts them as rushing to judgement. The FBI agents are presented as doing there job but under pressure to find someone to blame for the bombing. It is all done in a great and heartfelt style which is typical.for Clint Eastwood. This man was innocent, but because he met a certain profile they went after him. The funny thing is that Jewell himself understands why they would be questioning him. But they had no hard evidence and the timeline of the bombing exonerated Jewell and the FBI ultimately declared him not a suspect. But for months they made Richard Jewell's life a living hell. The FBI was doing their job. The media rushed to judgement. This film comes out at a time where this happens regularly. It is as timely as ever.

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