Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p YIFY Movie

Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

Road to Utopia is a movie starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour. At the turn of the century, Duke and Chester, two vaudeville performers, go to Alaska to make their fortune. On the ship to Skagway, they find a map to a...

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  • Run Time: 90
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The Synopsis for Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

At the turn of the century, Duke and Chester, two vaudeville performers, go to Alaska to make their fortune. On the ship to Skagway, they find a map to a secret gold mine, which had been stolen by McGurk and Sperry, a couple of thugs. They disguise themselves as McGurk and Sperry to get off the ship. Meanwhile, Sal Van Hoyden is in Alaska to try and recover the map; it had been her father's. She falls in with Ace Larson, who wants to steal the gold mine for himself. Duke and Chester, McGurk and Sperry, Ace and his henchmen, and Sal, chase each other all over the countryside, trying to get the map.

The Director and Players for Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

[Director]Hal Walker
[Role:]Dorothy Lamour
[Role:]Bob Hope
[Role:]Bing Crosby
[Role:]Hillary Brooke

The Reviews for Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

Utopia - It was at the timeReviewed bycampbell-russell-aVote: 9/10

This is my favourite "Road" picture because it is genuinely funny from start to finish. Hope and Crosby were at their peak and the makers of comedy films knew how to entertain. Dorothy Lamour was beautiful, talented and sang songs like "Personality" with a wonderfully playful sexuality.

It was a shame that Bob Hope in his later years accepted scripts that were so beneath his talent. Perhaps his type of humour had become out of date but it is great to see what he could do with material found in "Road to Utopia". Of course, Bing helped make Hope funny in the "Road" pictures.Once the dynamic between the pair was established in the minds of the audience, Bing and Bob could make you laugh with a gag, look or physical reaction.

"Where do you keep YOUR butter?"Reviewed byutgard14Vote: 8/10

The fourth Hope & Crosby Road picture is one of the most fun. After a beginning set in the present day that lets us know Bob actually gets the girl this time, we flashback to the turn of the century where Bob & Bing work as vaudeville performers and charlatans. They head to Alaska, hoping to strike it rich as gold miners. But the mine they have a map to actually belongs to Dorothy Lamour. The trio try to avoid being killed by bad guys after the gold mine.

This was filmed in 1943 but not released until 1946. I've read a few different reasons for why this was. Whatever the reason, it's not a sign of this being a poor quality film, as is often the case with movies held back for a later release. Hope and Crosby are both in top form with lots of funny banter, ad-libbing, topical jokes, and fourth-wall breaking. Crosby sings some nice songs, including a lively duet with Hope. Dorothy Lamour is lovely as ever and gets to sing "Personality," one of her best songs from the Road films. Good villainy from Douglas Dumbrille and sexy Hillary Brooke. The talking animals are great fun, as is the Santa Claus bit. The best part of the movie, for me, was Robert Benchley's hilarious commentary. The Road movies were terrific and this is one of the best. Definitely recommended, whether you've seen one before or not.

Reviewed byPetri Pelkonen ([email protected])Vote: /10

At the turn of the century two vaudeville performers Chester (Bob Hope) andDuke (Bing Crosby) go to Alaska to make their fortune.On the way they run inall kind of weird and funny stuff, like talking animals.Road to Utopia from 1946 is one of the 'Road' films with Hope and Crosby andit's very good.These two worked really good together.Bing Crosby (1903-1977)does a very fine job in the lead.Bob Hope was a very funny man.This greatcomedian passed away last July of pneumonia.He had turned a hundred yearslast May.He had a great life and a great career and all the fans of Bob willmiss him very much.He was one of the kind.Dorothy Lamour (1914-1996) is brilliant as Sal van Hoyden.This movie isfilled with great gags.I recommend it to all comedy lovers outthere.

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