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Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

Road to Utopia is a movie starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour. At the turn of the century, Duke and Chester, two vaudeville performers, go to Alaska to make their fortune. On the ship to Skagway, they find a map to a...

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The Synopsis for Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

At the turn of the century, Duke and Chester, two vaudeville performers, go to Alaska to make their fortune. On the ship to Skagway, they find a map to a secret gold mine, which had been stolen by McGurk and Sperry, a couple of thugs. They disguise themselves as McGurk and Sperry to get off the ship. Meanwhile, Sal Van Hoyden is in Alaska to try and recover the map; it had been her father's. She falls in with Ace Larson, who wants to steal the gold mine for himself. Duke and Chester, McGurk and Sperry, Ace and his henchmen, and Sal, chase each other all over the countryside, trying to get the map.

The Director and Players for Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

[Director]Hal Walker
[Role:]Dorothy Lamour
[Role:]Bob Hope
[Role:]Bing Crosby
[Role:]Hillary Brooke

The Reviews for Road to Utopia (1946) 1080p

Reviewed by ([email protected])Vote: 8/10/10

Duke Johnson (Bing Crosby) and Chester Hooton (Bob Hope) are strugglingentertainers down on their luck who travel to Alaska. Killers Sperry andMcGurk steal a vital map showing the location of a gold mine. Our twoheroesmanage to obtain the map and decide to impersonate Sperry and McGurk whichleads them into more trouble than they could ever have imagined. Along theway they meet saloon singer Sal Van Hoyden (Dorothy Lamour) and as usualboth men compete for her charms. With Sperry and McGurk hot on their trailplus other assorted villains after them Hope and Crosby get into manytightcorners but they still find time for some catchy songs along the wayincluding "Put It There Pal" which is a typical Hope/Crosby kind of numberand Dorothy Lamour puts over "Personality" with her usualflair.

Of all seven of the "Road" pictures there are four which to me areoutstanding and superior to any other comedy films from that same period.The "Road" films have certainly stood the test of time over the years andnot become dated. My four favourites are the Roads to "Morocco", "Utopia","Rio" and "Bali". Hope and Crosby worked well together as a team and in"Road to Utopia" reached new comedy heights. The film is very fast movingwith gag following gag, talking animals, many hilarious comedy routinesandsituations, and even has Robert Benchley occasionally interrupting theproceedings to give an entertaining commentary on the film. The film istoldin "flashback" and has a brilliant pay-off line at the end (one of thebestin the entire "Road" series).

Some favourite lines from the film:

Bob Hope (to Bing Crosby): "I didn't think there was one more way to getthecops after us but you found it!".

Hope (to Crosby): "Next time I'll bring Sinatra!". (When Crosby loses atalent contest on board ship).

Hope (to Crosby): "It may be a mountain to you but it's bread and buttertome".

Hope (to Douglass Dumbrille): "I'll take a lemonade .... in a dirtyglass!".

Hope (to audience): "We adopted him!".

The "Road" films never won any Oscars but brought an enormous amount ofpleasure to a lot of people during the 40's. Hope and Crosby were a greatteam and made seven "Road" films in total. They both had very successfulcareers separately in movies, television, radio and on the stage and wereprobably two of the biggest stars to come out of Hollywood in the thirtiesand forties. 10/10. Clive Roberts.

Reviewed byfowler1Vote: /10

This is hardly an original insight, but anyone who dismisses Bob Hope asthetiresome, unfunny comic from those dreadful '60s 'comedies' he appeared inis missing out on a real national treasure - his films up to around 1952arehysterically funny, and his ROAD entries with cohorts Crosby and Lamour areamong the best of 'em. Hope, along with the brilliant Preston Sturges, hadrestored Paramount to the comedy throne they'd occupied in the early 30s;from the lavish budget and attention to period detail throughout UTOPIA,it's obvious that the studio was not ungrateful. For my money, ROAD TOUTOPIA is the funniest film he ever made (though there are half-a-dozenothers close on its heels). As in all ROAD movies, the engine powering thevehicle was the lightning-quick banter between the two leads; Crosby smoothas snake-oil , Hope perpetually suspicious and cowardly. And with excellentreason, as no straight man ever victimized a foil the way Bing routinelydoes to Bob. ROAD movies always threaded their satires of B-movie plots(this one spoofing Robert W Service-style frozen-North melodrama) withplenty of topical humor, much of it capitalizing on the fans' awareness ofthe stars' personal foibles (Crosby's rivalry with Sinatra, his investmentsin thoroughbreds, Hope's disastrous box-office returns in LET'S FACE IT),and there's a goodly amount of what later generations referred to as'breaking the fourth wall' ( they talk directly to the audience at varyingpoints). What elevates UTOPIA over the others is the sky-high breezyconfidence of everyone involved this go-around. The cast and crew, comingoff ROAD TO MOROCCO, were on a roll and knew it and they ride that momentumfor all it's worth, Hope's constant kibitzing particularly hilarious fromstart to finish. Der Bingle gets to groan a couple of subpar songs (asopposed to MOROCCO's highlights - 'Ho Hum' and 'Moonlight Becomes You' -this outing's 'It's Anybody's Spring' and 'Welcome To My Dream' areinstantly forgettable) but the team's 'Put It There, Pal' is infectious funand Miss Lamour's 'Personality' is sexy and sprightly. A further note onLamour - she's luxuriously beautiful here, an ice-cream sundae with curves(why she's never ranked with the decade's top screen sirens isunfathomable:she's every bit the looker that Lake, Grable, Hayworth & Sheridan were, anda better singer besides). My apologies for not quoting any of the zingersfrom the script, but there are just too many of them to play favoriteswith.ROAD TO UTOPIA is well worth the effort it'll take you to track down; getcracking.

ROAD TO UTOPIA (Hal Walker, 1945) ***Reviewed byBunuel1976Vote: 7/10

This is possibly the best regarded of the highly popular seven-movie "Road" series of musical comedies teaming Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour (all of which I've now watched and own).

It takes the boys to the Klondike (making the film a sort of Western spoof, a number of which I've scheduled for this Christmas marathon – and to which feast, by the way, there's even a visual reference here); they unwittingly take the identities of a couple of murderers and robbers of a map to a gold-mine. The latter is owned by Lamour's father, and she turns to his old pal Douglas Dumbrille for help in retrieving it – but he obviously has evil intentions (and is flanked by like-minded Hillary Brooke and Jack LaRue).

The series got progressively zanier, sometimes descending into surrealism (including a variety of talking animals!) – with in-jokes galore and even the proverbial breaking of the fourth wall (Hope referring to a mountain as his "bread and butter", and immediately the trademark Paramount stars appear around it!). This, then, adds yet another layer of hilarity with the presence (albeit rather too brief) of celebrated humorist/actor/scriptwriter Robert Benchley, whose last film this proved to be. Incidentally, the picture was shot in 1943-44 but its release was subsequently delayed for two years – due to a surplus of war-themed efforts the studio still had in the pipeline, as well as Bing's newly-acquired stature as an Oscar-caliber actor!

Though there are a few too many interruptions (for my taste) to accommodate the musical numbers, the songs in themselves are quite nice – and the film fast-paced fun all the way, with the star trio in excellent form. By the way, this is the one in which Hope shows his toughness by famously ordering the saloon's bartender to give him "Lemonade?in a dirty glass"!

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