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Rocketman (2019)

Rocketman is a movie starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, and Richard Madden. A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

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The Synopsis for Rocketman (2019) 720p

A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of 's breakthrough years.

The Director and Players for Rocketman (2019) 720p

[Role:]Richard Madden
[Role:]Taron Egerton
[Role:Director]Dexter Fletcher
[Role:]Bryce Dallas Howard
[Role:]Jamie Bell

The Reviews for Rocketman (2019) 720p

wow. just wowReviewed bydani-danVote: 10/10

Ok this is the second time that i need to write something, im feeling responsible to tell the world that this movie is a must watch ! I watched it yesterday and the hole 2 hours were pure emotions and fun, after the movie i flet sad that it was over ; i could have sat in the cinema for 1-2 more hours. The storyline, emotions were overwelming and all actors did a great job here especially Taron Egerton. I will definetly watch it a second time in the cinema and immediatally order the blu ray,these kind of films need to be supported !!!

Should have expected this.Reviewed byoliasdoug-407-409444Vote: 7/10

It's going to get very mixed reviews. I predict many will love it, and many will revile it. I was caught somewhere in the middle. Without giving any actual spoilers away, consider this:

1. If you absolutely HATE musicals, save your money. This is the John/Taupin equivalent of a Rodgers & Hammerstein. It is not presented as a straightforward biopic in the same manner as BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.2. Much as I love Elton John, this "rock & roll fantasy" of his life treads a little too far into campy territory for me, with 2, maybe 3 very (thankfully) brief moments in the film that can only be described as cringeworthy. ("Oh, come on, guys--seriously?" moments.) There were times when I genuinely felt this was going to end up as the Ken Russell version of TOMMY for the new millennium.3. Never, at any point in the film, is Paul Buckmaster mentioned or acknowledged. This infuriated me! For those who don't already know: in the early days of EJ's career, Paul was the orchestrator who provided EJ with the BEAUTIFUL, lush string accompaniments that added so much to EJ's early music (classic example: EJ's soundtrack to the 1971 French film, FRIENDS) and, IMHO, could have been a big player in his success as a burgeoning artist, firmly introducing/establishing The Elton John "Sound." He SHOULD have been a part of this film--even a small one, if deemed necessary--but for him to be utterly omitted from the story mystifies me. Maybe someone in the know can enlighten me on this.

These 3 things, however, are about my only problems with the film. Credit must be given where it's due:

1. Taron Egerton is actually pretty amazing. Some might see his acting as occasionally over the top, but frankly and for all we know, maybe EJ really did act that "extremely" at times, considering his anger issues. His singing, most of the time, is virtually spot-on, catching EJ's lilting singing style quite well.2. The supporting cast:Jamie Bell (Bernie Taupin), Bryce Dallas Howard , Richard Madden (EJ's agent & self-centered 1st lover), Stephen Graham (Dick James), Tate Donovan (L.A.'s Troubador Club manager Doug Weston), Gemma Jones (Ivy, EJ's grandmother, I think...? Or friend of the family?) & Steven Mackintosh (EJ's cold, uncaring father)...and all others in the film, essentially faultless. ESPECIALLY Jamie's portrayal of Bernie. Wow.3. You can't really find fault with the staging and choreography of the musical numbers. Very professionally done.4. You will learn many things about EJ's life in this film that you may not have known before...I know I did.5. Have a few Kleenexes handy. Enough said.6. Don't leave right away after the credits roll.

So, is it worth seeing? My criticisms aside (and we all know what they say about opinions), it really comes down to this: if you're a fan--and especially a DEDICATED fan, like me, who's followed him from his humble beginnings in America in the summer of 1970--go see it. Decide for yourself if my gripes hold any water.

Campy, heavy-handed mess from the get-goReviewed byPotassiumManVote: 4/10

This highly-touted film about Elton John that blends the biopic and musical genres together has one big selling point: Taron Egerton's go-for-broke performance as the deeply troubled musical genius. Regrettably, the film as a whole is self-indulgent and cliche-ridden to the hilt and goes down as a misfire.

Problematic right out of the gate, the film has to overcome a befuddling start which takes place from the tawdry vantage point of a psychiatric support group and frames the film's narrative from that trivializing angle from there on out. Perhaps a film of better nuance could have pulled this off but here we have camp, mawkishness and exploitation all rolled into one. The end result is a film whose tone is dumbfounding, annoying and at times embarrassing to endure. The musical numbers in this film are mostly perplexing and very rarely effective in conveying this life story.

I am not one to criticize a biopic because I realize it's a genre that is beholden to the life it is portraying. While I don't question the film's accuracy in portraying how awful Elton John's personal demons were, a film with more discipline almost definitely could have done better. A campy film, one that keeps poking you in the eye with how bad it is, will not tell anyone's story all that well, let alone a legend like Elton John.

Bearing in mind that Egerton's performance has to be seen to be believed, I nevertheless decline to recommend this.

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