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Rocketman (2019)

Rocketman is a movie starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, and Richard Madden. A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.

IMDB: 7.61 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • Run Time: 121
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The Synopsis for Rocketman (2019) 720p

A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of 's breakthrough years.

The Director and Players for Rocketman (2019) 720p

[Role:]Richard Madden
[Role:]Taron Egerton
[Role:Director]Dexter Fletcher
[Role:]Bryce Dallas Howard
[Role:]Jamie Bell

The Reviews for Rocketman (2019) 720p

wow. just wowReviewed bydani-danVote: 10/10

Ok this is the second time that i need to write something, im feeling responsible to tell the world that this movie is a must watch ! I watched it yesterday and the hole 2 hours were pure emotions and fun, after the movie i flet sad that it was over ; i could have sat in the cinema for 1-2 more hours. The storyline, emotions were overwelming and all actors did a great job here especially Taron Egerton. I will definetly watch it a second time in the cinema and immediatally order the blu ray,these kind of films need to be supported !!!

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE - TARON EGERTONReviewed byseirenexoticsVote: 9/10

I have been waiting for weeks to the premier and Taron's performance blowed me away. I can't tell it was going for a movie about Elton John or going to a premier of a concert where Taron singing and performing and telling his life story from the screen (or from the stage cause it's a premier). His voice is precious, is emotional and is skillful. He got that powerful voice yet that soulful and soft that I am sure that he is the right person, the PERFECT person for those songs and for this film. Such a perfect actor, with a gifted voice.His acting was outstanding and his eyes told things. I can felt his thoughts and feelings, his sadness, disapointment, his emptyness. Just, breathtaking.And Jamie Bell did great, Richard Madden also, such a wonderful compilation of these three talented and professional actors.Love their charisma and their chemistry together. Thank you very much for a great movie. Really enjoyed it.

What a disappointment:(Reviewed bycalchick-12806Vote: 1/10

I am a huge Elton John fan starting from way back when I was a kid in the '70's, and although I knew not to expect a straight biopic from what I had already heard about the film, I certainly didn't expect this! From the first song straight through the rest of the film, all I was thinking is that what we were watching was the Broadway musical Elton has probably always wanted to do, and probably should have done instead of a film. Ironically, now there's talk of turning this into a musical, so why not have gone that route instead?

I cannot even single out what was the worst thing about "Rocketman", but certainly the most irritating was the time frame of events/songs. My concern is that people of a younger generation who don't know much about Elton and see this film will think that certain things that occurred are fact, like that one of the songs he performed at the historic Troubadour show that helped catapult him to superstardom was "Crocodile Rock", when in reality, it hadn't even been written yet. Another concern was an example from a fan review I read on another website where a woman(who didn't seem like she was real familiar with Elton's life)said that after seeing "Rocketman"(which she loved), she "felt sorry" for him. I really don't think that Elton John would want pity from his fans, but because there is so much emphasis on the unhappy events in his life, one who is not familiar with the man and his body of work would think he hardly had ANY good times in his life during that crazy superstar time, and he DID have a significant amount of fun, he has admitted in interviews over the last couple of decades.

If this film was going to be a musical, it should have had at least a fair balance of good and bad times, and not so much a woe-is-me film. But even with a fair balance, the whole thing would have still probably been a hot mess with the way it was made. A straight biopic would have been SO much better. Somebody needs to make a REALLY good and detailed documentary(and it doesn't even have to be a film in theatres; it can be a multi-part series on a network like HBO or Showtime)on Elton John. If you really want to see something that more successfully captures the fascinating complexity that is Elton, I recommend watching "Tantrums and Tiaras" from 1997, the documentary that was directed by David Furnish(then-boyfriend, now husband). That will be far more interesting than "Rocketman" was, so save your money and skip "Rocketman", and I say this as somebody who's loved Elton John and his music for decades. Because I am a longtime fan, I really, really wanted to like, no, LOVE the film, but unfortunately, I just couldn't.

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