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Run Ronnie Run (2002)

A redneck with an uncanny knack for getting arrested becomes the star of his own reality program.

IMDB: 6.42 Likes

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The Synopsis for Run Ronnie Run (2002) 720p

Run Ronnie Run is a heart warming spin-off from the cult hit HBO series "Mr. Show". It is the story of Ronwell Quincy Dobbs (David Cross), who has a unique talent for getting arrest. A British television personality, Terry Twillstein (Bob Odenkirk), gets sight of Ronnie and brings Ronnie to Hollywood to get him his own TV show. Ronnie must then deal with his new life, while having to deal with missing his ex-wife that he left back home. This is a delightful comedy with countless celebrity cameos by Dave Foley, Jeff Goldblum, and Jack Black just to name a few. As well as many appearances by characters for the hit television series "Mr. Show".

The Director and Players for Run Ronnie Run (2002) 720p

[Director]Troy Miller
[Role:]Bob Odenkirk
[Role:]David Cross
[Role:]Bruce Taylor

The Reviews for Run Ronnie Run (2002) 720p

Major DisappointmentReviewed byElvisKnievelVote: 2/10

I remember seeing "Joe Dirt" and thinking that it was pretty good, but that it could have been a much better movie with just a little bit of effort. When I heard about this movie I had hoped that somebody might have figured that out and made a funny movie about the trailer park/NASCAR/mullet lifestyle. Unfortunately this movie doesn't even measure up to "Joe Dirt". It's not that the acting is bad, there just aren't many jokes, and the many easy targets for laughs aren't even explored. It was very difficult to watch the whole thing, but I managed it by watching the last half during the commercials of a television program.

Reviewed byMarvin Benjamin ([email protected])Vote: 7/10/10

This movie is generally funny, but I can't imagine someone who hasn'tseen the Ronnie Dobbs skits on Mr. Show finding it as funny as someonewho has. It has a lot of really funny moments. Lots of fresh whitetrash jokes, not the same old recycled trailer park jokes from before.You can't beat a vomit eating dog. Then again, there were a lot offorced jokes, a bit of trying too hard to make me laugh. For somereason there were more cameos than you can shake a stick at. But thereal stars of the show are David Cross and Bob Odenkirk and their senseof humor. It doesn't really apply to a wide demographic, but peoplethat have enjoyed Mr. Show and Cross' stand up will appreciate thesense of humor. I do wish they played more than two or three roles andinvolved more of their Mr. Show characters into the movie. It did haveThree Times One Minus One, which is good. It had Jack Black, which isvery very bad. If you liked Mr. Show, you'll love this movie. If not,you won't pick up on everything and the magic of Ronnie Dobbs. It'slike the Mr. Bean movie in how you'll appreciate it more if you likedthe show, but dislike the recycling of the same jokes from the show.

Reviewed byChrysanthepopVote: /10

I'm not familiar with the Ronnie Dobbs skits on 'Mr. Show' but I reallyenjoyed 'Run Ronnie Run'. It's funny from start to end. In thebeginning there's a cartoon which mocks the cine-goers and the movieitself is a spoof of the 'trailor trash culture', reality shows,censorship and stardom in Hollywood. The film is full of cameos and allthe actors show excellent comic timing. Dot Lancaster's openingsequence and his reappearance are hilarious. But, the stars of 'RunRonnie Run' are Bob Odenkirk and David Cross who also co-wrote thescreenplay. It is their tremendous comic abilities that make this one ajoy to watch. Even though both Ronnie and arguably Terry are dumb, theviewer roots for them no matter what. The offbeat and adult humourmight not be considered as everyone's cup of tea but I believe thatit's an underrated film. The humour works on multiple levels as satire,slapstick, dark humour and yes, there's something poetic about it too.Go and watch 'Run Ronnie Run'but remember that it isn't real, it's amovie.

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