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Running Time (1997)

Carl is released from jail after serving a 5-year term and immediately sets about executing his next heist. The plan is relatively simple but time is critical. However, he doesn't factor in bad luck or the incompetence of his accompl

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The Synopsis for Running Time (1997) 720p

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[Director]Josh Becker
[Role:]Bruce Campbell
[Role:]Anita Barone
[Role:]Jeremy Roberts

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Very nice movieReviewed byStreetwolfVote: 8/10

Nicely made black and white movie with some very nice acting.

Carl (Bruce Campbell), once a popular highschool student gets released from prison after serving 5 years for a heist gone bad. Outside, his friend and partner Patrick awaits his release so they can go rob a bank, but when he meets the girl he left behind in highschool 15 years ago he stands with a difficult choice of having to choose the money or her.

The movie was just over an hour and since it seemed very live we get to see all the actors really putting in a great effort to make this movie good.

Simple but effectiveReviewed bygrantssVote: 7/10

Carl is released from jail after serving a 5-year term and immediately sets about executing his next heist. The plan is relatively simple but time is of the essence. Unfortunately, he doesn't factor in bad luck or the incompetence of his accomplices.

Innovative yet simple film that is quite effective. Directed by Josh Becker, Running Time runs to real time - one minute of the viewer's time is one minute in the world of the movie. It is also shot in black & white, giving the film a raw, film noir atmosphere. Most tellingly, the camera work gives the feel of a single camera and one continuous shot, giving a very realistic feel.

The script, written by Becker and Peter Choi, is reasonably solid, though with one or two minor holes. Dialogue is snappy, and this helps the momentum of the movie. Here Becker is helped immensely by having Bruce Campbell (of The Evil Dead / Army of Darkness fame) in the lead role. He is perfect in the role and is easily a major factor in the effectiveness of the movie. Considering the low production values and how unknown the other actors are, I imagine his salary also made up a large part of the budget (total budget = $130,000, apparently): the idea would have been to keep everything else as cheap as possible and spend the bulk on the lead actor.

This said, the supporting cast are okay. Nobody is terrible and there's no hamminess (The Room this is not!). Dana Craig as the held-up office manager is probably the worst of the lot and his impact is kept to a minimum.

Some clumsiness in direction from Becker but this generally helps the realistic, candid feel of the movie. The real time aspect is not really used as effectively as it could have been: the importance of time is underplayed to an extent. Only during the robbery itself do we get the feeling that we are racing against the clock. What would have made it more enthralling and engaging would have been a count-down timer in the corner of the screen, showing how much time they have left to pull of the job. This may have detracted from the raw feel of the movie though.

Not brilliant, but quite innovative and a superb effort given the budgetary constraints.

An ambitious, and hugely successful experiment!Reviewed byThe_VoidVote: 7/10

It's an idea with the potential to go wrong, but Hitchcock made it work with Rope, and now Josh Becker has done the same with Running Time; a film with the word 'cult' written all over it! The fact that this film is shot in black and white makes it stand out somewhat from the crowd of nineties films, but it's the way that it's filmed that is Running Time's claim to fame. Becker shoots the film in one continuous shot that follows around lead character Carl through one day. This idea worked brilliantly for Hitchcock, but I was worried that it might not work so well for a movie about a heist - but it really couldn't have worked better! As mentioned, the plot follows Carl Metushka - a man newly released from prison. He meets up with his buddy, and it soon becomes apparent that Carl hasn't decided to stay away from the life of crime. No, he and his friend have a heist planned and we watch as they pick up a couple of people needed for the heist, and proceed to do the actual robbery...but you can't expect a plan like this to go off without a hitch.

The fact that Running Time is filmed in one continuous shot means that it's very easy to get into. This is complimented by the running time, which is extremely short at just sixty five minutes, and means that the film really doesn't have time to get boring. Becker keeps things interesting with a constant flow of action, and some rather amusing dialogue, which ensures that the film constantly makes for fun viewing. One of my major reasons for seeing this film was because of the presence of B-movie maestro Bruce Campbell. Campbell has a lot of charisma, and this shines through excellently in this film. Campbell is a very handsome man, and Becker makes good use of that fact with his role here. The rest of the cast are secondary to Campbell, but good use is made of all of them, and they all give realistic performances. The film is a little preposterous as certain things, the ending especially, are a little silly -but it really doesn't matter as Josh Becker's experiment is a huge success and overall, I can't not recommend that everyone takes the time to track Running Time down!

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