Sailor of the King (1953) 1080p YIFY Movie

Sailor of the King (1953) 1080p

Single-Handed is a movie starring Jeffrey Hunter, Michael Rennie, and Wendy Hiller. In 1940, Canadian sailor Andrew Brown is prisoner on a battle damaged German raider and he plans to delay the raider's at-sea repairs until a...

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  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 
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The Synopsis for Sailor of the King (1953) 1080p

The HMS Aylesbury is sunk by the the German raider Essen. Only two men survive and are rescued by the damaged German ship. When the Germans make for an isolated harbour to repair the damage the suffered during the fight one of the men decides he must do all he can to delay the repairs and give the Royal Navy time to locate and destroy the ship.

The Director and Players for Sailor of the King (1953) 1080p

[Director]Roy Boulting
[Role:]Jeffrey Hunter
[Role:]Michael Rennie
[Role:]Wendy Hiller
[Role:]Bernard Lee

The Reviews for Sailor of the King (1953) 1080p

Great role for Jeffrey Hunter and a touching love-affair...Reviewed bygregorhauserVote: 8/10

...between Hiller and Rennie.

"Sailor of the king" seems to be a lot of fiction. But it is a gripping story of two lovers in WW1 and the adventures of their son in WW2.

I love the beginning of the movie with shy Michael Rennie and the charming Wendy Hiller. Then Jeff comes and takes the command. It is very thrilling to watch him shooting Peter van Eyck who is a famous german actor and plays very well too.

I do not like the ending. It is too unrealistic. >

Naval War Drama with interesting endingReviewed byJrkrrddVote: 7/10

Excellent British naval war movie with Jeffrey Hunter. There are few movies of this type --as this is centered on sea action. I think of the movie "Pursuit of the Graf Spree" when watching this movie. This movie takes awhile to get going but is worth the wait.

They Don't Make Adventure Stories Like This AnymoreReviewed byPiafreduxVote: 7/10

Whichever of its titles you choose to like (I first saw this film as 'Sailor Of The King'), this is a fine adventure story.

The theme is inborn filial devotion to king, country (or Commonwealth), democracy, duty, and decency: inborn since the main character (played stirringly by Jeffrey Hunter as the ordinary bloke, Brown, who rises to the challenge of extraordinary circumstances) doesn't know who his father is, and the plot development tantalizes us with the nearness of the dispelling of Brown's ignorance.

I have heard that C.S. Forester wrote the novel as an adventure story for boys. No matter, the film builds slowly to a taut, exciting climax that viewers of all ages can thrill to.

Jeffrey Hunter was wonderfully handsome, and he could act; it would be lovely if such talent could also be found in today's (2003's) non-nutritional, unsatisfying crop of young male leads. Wendy Hiller's acting is always superb, and though she has a small part in 'Sailor of the King' she plays it with all her crackling, yet understated verve; Hiller's expressive, soulful eyes should have inspired the composition of a long, gorgeous symphony. Michael Rennie, another handsome and talented - and underappreciated - actor, gives a good effort too.

Though the plot is fictional, it doesn't matter a whit. 'Sailor Of The King' is a splendid adventure film, the likes of which "they just don't make anymore." This is the sort of film you can watch every six months, just for the pure joy of its congealing plot and the anxiety in its inspiring denouement. Pity 'Sailor Of The King' has not made it onto DVD.

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