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Saving Capitalism (2017)

SAVING CAPITALISM is a documentary film that follows former Secretary of Labor and Professor, Robert Reich, as he takes his book and his views to the heart of conservative America to speak ...

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The Synopsis for Saving Capitalism (2017) 720p

SAVING CAPITALISM is a documentary film that follows former Secretary of Labor and Professor, Robert Reich, as he takes his book and his views to the heart of conservative America to speak about our economic system and present big ideas for how to fix it.

The Director and Players for Saving Capitalism (2017) 720p

[Director]Sari Gilman
[Director]Jacob Kornbluth

The Reviews for Saving Capitalism (2017) 720p

Reviewed byHellmantVote: 7/10/10

'SAVING CAPITALISM': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A documentary about capitalism in modern society, starring liberalpolitician Robert Reich. It was released by Netflix, through theirstreaming site, and it was directed by Sari Gilman and Jacob Kornbluth.The film title is also the name of Reich's new book, which he discussescontinuously throughout the movie. I found the doc to be decently made,and somewhat informative.

Reich speaks in front of multiple audiences (of all kinds of differentpeople), about his book, and interviews several different individualsas well. He also speaks to several other politicians, addressing themajor issues with capitalism today. He informs the viewers, throughnarration, about many of the corrupt ways our government does businesstoo. The film also goes into Reich's history as a politician, professorand commentator. He served in President Gerald Ford's administration,as well as Jimmy Carter's, and he was also Secretary of Labor for BillClinton (from 1993 to 1997). So the guy is definitely an experiencedpolitician.

I usually agree with what Reich has to say, politically speaking, and Iagree with most of what he says in this film. There are times I don'tagree with him though, and I have a hard time respecting him afterknowing how close he is to the Clintons. Still I think his views aremostly true, and seemingly come from passion and commitment to makingthe world a better place. So I did like this movie. It's a little likea Michael Moore film, but less funny, and not quite as effective orwell made. You have to be a Robert Reich fan to enjoy it though,obviously.

Reviewed byjohn in missouriVote: 10/10/10

How our government and our economy work have a profound impact on everyAmerican family. Over the past 40 years, we've gone from being asociety in which our gains were broadly shared, to being one in which afew privileged elites get the lion's share of any progress we make.

We're producing twice as much wealth -- PER PERSON -- as we were in themid 1970's. Sadly, much of this wealth has been hijacked and redirectedto the wealthiest and most powerful among us. In this film, RobertReich explains, pretty clearly, how and why this has happened.

If you don't understand exactly what's happened -- and what'sCONTINUING to happen -- then you need to see this film.

Yes, it's a documentary. Documentaries aren't as exciting as the latestbig box-office smash hit. But even if you need to watch it in pieces,watch it. Because our very future is at stake, and understanding wherewe are at is key to preserving or regaining it.

Others have rightly noted that Reich doesn't present a lot of solutionshere. "Get involved" is a bit simplistic, but still, it's the firststep. And a very necessary one.

One step forward that I would recommend would be to connect with anorganization called "Represent Us" (you can find them on the web.)

In spite of the lack of "action steps," I give this a 10 out of 10 forthe importance of raising people's awareness of how our system isrigged. We can't move forward if we don't know what the game is.

Decent but lackingReviewed byjellopukeVote: 6/10

Short and without any real ideas other than to say it's up to the young people to demand change, which is all well and good, but it would have been nice to have a few ideas beyond just saying "organize." If you aren't brainwashed or holding your head under the sand, then you should know the information presented about inequality and corporate control and the rise of authoritarianism so it's not going to blow anyone's mind, but it is welcome for those that might not know. His previous movie was more biting and hard hitting, this almost feels like a special feature follow up.

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