Shadowlands (1993) 1080p YIFY Movie

Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

Shadowlands is a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger, and Julian Fellowes. C.S. Lewis, a world-renowned Christian theologian, writer and professor, leads a passionless life until he meets a spirited poet from the U.S.

IMDB: 7.44 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • Language: German
  • Run Time: 131
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

is the author of the "Chronicles of Narnia" books. Known as Jack, he teaches at Oxford during the 1950s. An American fan, Joy Gresham, arrives to meet him for tea in Oxford. It is the beginning of a love affair. Tragically, Joy becomes terminally ill and their lives become complicated.

The Director and Players for Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

[Director]Julian Fellowes
[Role:]Debra Winger
[Role:Director]Richard Attenborough
[Role:]Anthony Hopkins
[Role:]Roddy Maude-Roxby

The Reviews for Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

A lovely, deep filmReviewed bydenis888Vote: 10/10

Debra Winger was a great candidate for the part of CS Lewis' wife, and there is no other better Lewis than Mr. Anthony Hopkins. A sad, slow, painfully sincere story tells about the love of these two people, their short and passing happiness and her tragic death. But what a brilliant film! The elegiac nature adds to the pure British feel of the movie, while the secondary roles are also so refreshingly endearing and truly masterful. I agree, that's a pity that there is no JRR Tolkien in the film, but even then this is a worthy work. It gives a sense of something dear, fragile and very brisk, like their love in the film is. It leaves with a heavy heart and you only wonder how could a man who had such a tragic life write such great books as he did. A marvelous film and a great praise goes to all the film crew.

Attenborough's best directorial effort.Reviewed bypiasa84047Vote: 8/10

This film is Richard Attenborough's best directed film. Unlike Gandhi, it had no ambitions of being a grand scale historical epic. It actually played to Attenborough's strengths as a director, which are story and character development. Of course some fantastic performances from some great actors helped him out immensely. Debra Winger was nominated for an Oscar, and she was great, but we already saw her play the same disease in Terms of Endearment. Anthony Hopkins should have received an Oscar nomination for his incredible multi-layered turn as C. S. Lewis. His lifelong bachelor that falls in love and then questions his own theological beliefs when he grieves is the polar opposite of his most famous role, Hannibal Lechter, and yet he is just as convincing. With Hopkins in the lead, and Attenborough's attention to detail, this movie is one of the most overlooked films on every top 100 list, or in the case of this site, top 250 list. If you like movies that have stories, characters, and atmosphere, this is for you. 8 of 10.

Does he hear you?Reviewed byfougasseuVote: 10/10

I can only think of one movie that does as good a job of dealing with a child's loss: "Careful, He Might Hear You", directed by Carl Schultz. Both are so masterfully executed they don't deserve to be compared. "Shadowlands" is everything the other IMDb reviewers have so eloquently said. I just wanted to add a few comments regarding the look/design of the film. Ugliness is very cool right now, in commercials and and in our movies. I expect the studios to do away with posters and start promoting their new releases with spray paint on underpasses. "Shadowlands" is a period piece in more ways than one. Not only in terms of the story, but in how it's made. The clothing, the sets, the lighting, the pacing, the music...pitch-perfect. That's all. Not cool. There's even prayer. But with the powerful notion that he may not be listening.

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