Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) 720p YIFY Movie

Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)

Una Magnum Special per Tony Saitta is a movie starring Stuart Whitman, John Saxon, and Martin Landau. An Ottawa police captain searches for the person who poisoned his sister, who was attending the university in Montreal. So...

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  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Run Time: 100
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) 720p

An Ottawa police captain searches for the person who poisoned his sister, who was attending the university in Montreal. So desperate is he for revenge that he begin to use his own brutal methods to find the killer. Soon he discovers that not everything is what he thought it was.

The Director and Players for Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) 720p

[Director]Alberto De Martino
[Role:]Tisa Farrow
[Role:]Stuart Whitman
[Role:]Martin Landau
[Role:]John Saxon

The Reviews for Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) 720p

One of the all-time-great car chases!Reviewed byHup234!Vote: 7/10

If you as a 1970s filmmaker wanted to spike your latest release, you'd add a wild street chase with all the trimmings, all of which have since become cliches - extras jumping out of the way, close calls with baby buggies, speeding through alleys, ramming stacks of boxes, weaving around stopped buses, becoming airborne on downgrades - but 25 years ago, this was high melodrama, and including such a sequence was sure to sell tickets. And I too sat spellbound through the "Bullitt" and "The French Connection" street-action scenes. But this much-lesser-known film ranks right up there in masterful car-crash choreography. The chase scenes are absolutely stunning.....though the rest of the whodunit plot is rather ordinary, almost like a made-for-television film. (An unforgettable title, though!) If you dig the action genre, seek out "Strange Shadows in an Empty Room".

Lots of action, not much elseReviewed byZbigniew_KrycsiwikiVote: 6/10

A middle-aged Canadian policeman chases clues and leads, beats various people (including a group of transvestites!) and, in the film's most memorable scene, instigates a 20-minutes long car chase through Montrael whilst attempting to solve the sudden and mysterious death of his kid sister at a party she was attending. Plenty of action to hold the audience's attention, but it gets a bit too violent at times, Stuart Whitman was too old to play this Dirty Harry-wannabe character, and the plot is unconvincing in its resolution (She was into transvestites and was killed over a plastic necklace?) A bit of a sense of humour would have helped the film also, as Whitman's character is too unlikeable to elicit any sympathy.

The Curse of the Curling IronReviewed byradiobirdmaVote: 7/10

Until rugged cop Stuart Whitman makes full use of his Dirty Harry tool, you've got to wait until the very end of the movie. Along the way, you get your money's worth – a lineup of veteran Hollywood actors having fun poliziottesco style, a sex shop scene high on the 70s sleaze-o- meter, karate killer transvestites, Mia Farrow's sister as a blind girl, the stunning beauty of H'wood actress Gayle Hunnicutt, the admirable tits of Québécois Adjani lookalike Carole Laure, the creative use of a curling iron, plus a quite spectacular car chase in the streets of Montreal, expertly executed by legendary stunt coordinator Rémy Julienne (The Italian Job, six Bond movies, a dozen Belmondo action flicks). Of course Blazing Magnum is just a ripoff, but a highly entertaining one, in its molto-trasho-appeal unquestionably superior to each and every 70s Clint Eastwood vigilante vehicle. Gritty six stars, the seventh being for Armando Trovaioli's groovster soundtrack: That ain't Montreal, it's Funkytown.

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