Shanghai Surprise (1986) 1080p YIFY Movie

Shanghai Surprise (1986) 1080p

Shanghai Surprise is a movie starring Sean Penn, Madonna, and Paul Freeman. Shanghai, 1938: A missionary/Madonna hires a man/S.Penn to help her find 1100 lbs. opium lost, as wounded need the morphine. Chemistry?

IMDB: 3.21 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.85G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 97
  • IMDB Rating: 3.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 43 / 46

The Synopsis for Shanghai Surprise (1986) 1080p

Glendon Wasey is a fortune hunter looking for a fast track out of China. Gloria Tatlock is a missionary nurse seeking the curing powers of opium for her patients. Fate sets them on a hectic, exotic, and even romantic quest for stolen drugs. But they are up against every thug and smuggler in Shangai.

The Director and Players for Shanghai Surprise (1986) 1080p

[Director]Jim Goddard
[Role:]Paul Freeman
[Role:]Sean Penn
[Role:]Richard Griffiths

The Reviews for Shanghai Surprise (1986) 1080p

"It stinks so bad I can't think"....Sean Penn in "Shanghai Surprise"Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 2/10

Back in the 1980s, "Shanghai Surprise" was a notorious stinker...a film EVERYONE seemed to hate. And, with a score of 3.1, it's obvious that even today many people hated the film....and with good reason.

The story is a confusing mess. A missionary girl (??) (Madonna) seeks the help of a ne'er do well (Sean Penn) to locate some jewels or opium (they never seem sure WHICH they are seeking) in China in 1937. All sorts of bad people try to kill them and along the way they take time to have sex (which is quite strange for a missionary who just met this guy).

So why did I hate the film? There were many reasons and the most obvious is Madonna. Her performance mostly consists of her shrieking and the point where you wonder who, if anyone, would find her character anything other than 100% annoying and hateful. It was much like her poor performance in "Swept Away"...but even worse and more grating. Second, the script was inept....with lots of story elements that simply didn't fit together...such as the missionary girl who boinks the hero AND spends much of the film trying to find opium. What sort of religious mission is this she's running? Our Lady of Perpetual Whining, perhaps?! Third, having the ultimate treasure being opium suggests the 'heroes' want to get rich by selling horribly dangerous drugs...which seems anything other than heroic....and so it's hard to like or care about them. Fourth, the direction was poor and many re-shoots SHOULD have been made (such as any time Madonna opened her mouth). Overall, a painful vanity project with several songs by, of all people, George Harrison! Odd and not enjoyable....just grating.

An amazing adventure film that deserves to be revaluedReviewed byvogue-3Vote: 8/10

Missionary "Madonna" hires adventure "Penn" to capture a cache of stolen opium in 1937 China, but only for medical purpose. The plot seems simple but it reserves great unforseen turns of events, with a lot of action, a tender love story and a little bit of humour, on the backdrop of a beautiful 30s' China. "Shanghai Surprise" takes the best from 30s adventure films and re-propose it with the freshness of the 80s. The cinematography and the music are very suggestive and Madonna gives a good performance. She is a chameleon not only for what concern her looks but also getting into very different part (an explosive street girl in "Desperately seeking Susan", a modern "Betty Boop" in "Who's that girl", A seductive 30's night club star in "Dick Tracy", a baseball girl in "A league of their own", just the "Body of evidence" in the hononym film, an actress in the mirror in "Dangerous game", the first lady of Argentina in "Evita".etc. ) and I think that that is the most important quality that an actress should be! Penn is good too. Thrilling.exciting...really a good film.

"Gigli" for the 1980's!Reviewed byCTS-1Vote: 1/10

OK. So someone took an A-list actor and his famous singer/ part time kind of-sort of actress wife and decided that the movie would be carried on the weight of the names alone. Substitute "fiancee" for wife and one has Gigli.

But it is not- it is Shanghai Surprise, possibly the most ill-conceived movie of the 1980's (and yes, I have seen "Hobgoblins.")

This movie has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Ridiculous plot, painfully bad acting (Madonna as a missionary? She didn't buy it either, so she says her lines in a flat tone which just screams "get me out of this costume and get me my check"), cinematography worthy of an old episode of "Fantasy Island," lame ending.

If, by some chance, you stumble across a copy of this in an unused corner of your local video rental store, call your local hazardous waste disposal hotline- do not rent it.

But do not forget that this horror exists. Some people forgot- and thus "Gigli" was born.

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