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Shark (1969)

Shark! is a movie starring Burt Reynolds, Arthur Kennedy, and Barry Sullivan. A gunrunner loses his cargo near a small coastal Sudanese town so he's stuck there. When a woman hires him to raid a sunken ship in the shark-infested...

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The Synopsis for Shark (1969) 720p

A gunrunner loses his cargo near a small coastal Sudanese town so he's stuck there. When a woman hires him to raid a sunken ship in the shark-infested waters, he sees a chance to compensate for his losses. He's not the only one.

The Director and Players for Shark (1969) 720p

[Director]Samuel Fuller
[Role:]Burt Reynolds
[Role:]Silvia Pinal
[Role:]Barry Sullivan
[Role:]Arthur Kennedy

The Reviews for Shark (1969) 720p

Bad Film, but not Fuller's faultReviewed bymerkaba_326Vote: 3/10

Contrary to the previous critic's statements, the end result of this film is not a reflection on Burt, the crew or the late great Samuel Fuller. This was a doomed project from the beginning. Fuller, recently returning from France, was all but blacklisted by American producers. His two previous films: Shock Corridor and Naked Kiss were too hard hitting and edgy for Hollywood producers. Almost completely broke, Fuller accepted an offer from two Mexican producers to adapt Victor Canning's 'Twist of the Knife'. Thus began "Caine", AKA "Maneater" AKA "Shark!", etc al. At the time, Burt Reynolds was only a television actor, with few if any real film credits. Silvia Pinal, who was great in Luis Bunuel's masterful, 'Viridiana' was terrific in Shark, as was Barry Sullivan as Mallare(who was also great in Fuller's, 'Forty Guns'). Ultimately, the Mexican producers/studio heads completely recut this film behind Fuller's back. Fuller denounced it, and with good reason. This film is bad, make no mistake. However, it was not Sam Fuller's fault, or Burt's, or Pinal, or Raul Martinez Solares, who provided the gritty, spooky cinematography for Shark. Shark is still enjoyable enough though. I would recommend Vodka or some aged Kentucky Bourbon as an accompaniment. Maybe some Bulleit on ice. Water-logged? I think not. This lil' stinker just requires a bit of booze and some willing cohorts.

Not A Good Movie, But Not The Fault Of Burt Or FullerReviewed byslightlymad22Vote: 6/10

First off this movie is not really about sharks. The only thing accurate about my DVD is that it features Burt Reynolds in a lead role.

Plot In A Paragraph: Burt Reynolds plays Caine, a gunrunner who becomes stranded in a small port in the Red Sea. He meets a woman who propositions him to dive into shark- infested waters off the coast for scientific research. However, Caine realises the woman and her partner are actually treasure hunters, and at not to be trusted.

During production in Mexico in 1967, one of the film's stuntmen was attacked and killed on camera by a shark that was supposed to have been sedated. When the production company used the death to promote the film, (even retitling the film from "Caine" after Reynolds character to "Shark!") Fuller, who had been arguing with the producers on several major issues relating to the film, quit the production.

When Samuel Fuller finally saw the version that was released to theaters, he said it was so badly butchered he demanded the producers take his name off it. The producers refused.

Bad, Bad, Bad,Reviewed bygaryldibertVote: 7/10

Bad Bad Bad! This picture opened in theaters October 8 1969 Starring Burt Reynolds as Caine. Caine is overseas running guns for foreign countries. He's stop by three guys dressed as cops and they go through the cargo that he has on the back of his truck. After the first look, Caine starts to leave when the three men decide to look again. While going deeper into the cargo the discover the guns that Caine is hauling. While running from the three men Caine looses his brakes and the truck goes over the side of the mountain. Now Caine not only has to find away into the nearest town he also needs to find another way to make money. Now a few thoughts on the movie itself. This was a bad bad picture to the point where I turned it off 15 minute into it. The movie has no leading lady in it and the well known star was Burt Reynolds. This was not only I a waste of Reynolds talent, this movie should've never been shown in public. I give this movie 1 weasel star only because there's no other number to use lower then 1.

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