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Show Me a Hero (2015) 1080p

Yonkers' Mayor Nick Wasicsko takes offices in 1987 and has to deal with the serious subject of the building of public housing in the white, middle class side of the town.

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The Synopsis for Show Me a Hero (2015) 1080p

Mayor Nick Wasicsko took office in 1987 during Yonkers' worst crisis. When federal courts ordered public housing be built in the white, middle class side of town, it divided the city in a bitter battle fueled by fear, racism, murder and politics.

The Director and Players for Show Me a Hero (2015) 1080p

[Role:]Natalie Paul
[Role:]Oscar Isaac
[Role:]Peter Riegert

The Reviews for Show Me a Hero (2015) 1080p

HBO Series on the true life battle to build homes for the needyReviewed byTom DooleyVote: 8/10

Nick Wasicsko was a councillor in the city of Yonkers, New York, when he went for the allure that power wields and became mayor. This was at a time when the council was being told that it had to build low income housing and 'affordable' homes. The problem was that these had to go in the nice part of town where all the white voters loved. And if you want to be re-elected then you do what the voters want.

Now this sounds like the usual tale of haves and have nots but it is more than that. The series follows the lives of some of the 'would be' new tenants and the people objecting and all the lovely Machiavellian politicians and their scheming ways. It is a warts and all kind of approach and at times you find it hard to single out the god guys and indeed the gals.

It is very well made as you would expect from HBO but it does take its time to get going and find its stride, but at 6 episodes long it does have the time to do that. All acted really well with good period detail and a kind of inevitability about it that made me keep coming back for more. A social drama with a heart but it kind of wears it on different sleeves and is all the better for it.

Sure Has a Slow StartReviewed byCharles Herold (cherold)Vote: 5/10

I had such high hopes for this show. Creator/director Paul Haggis is a brilliant guy who has created shows like Due South and The Black Donnellys. The show is written by the folks behind The Wire. The subject of the integration battles of the 1980s seems like a good subject for a series.

Alas, I only made it through the first episode, which was remarkably slow moving. I kept thinking something would happen that would explain why I should care, but nothing did. A somewhat smarmy guy runs for mayor, boosted by his mild opposition towards a desegregation plan that has white folks up in arms. This is inter-cut with scenes of people of color in bad neighborhoods, but nothing in the first episode ties them to the main story in any way at all. I'm sure they connect eventually, but their stories aren't inherently interesting, so the entire episode has a "so what?" quality to it.

The first episode of a mini-series needs to sell you on watching the rest of it, and this one in no way did that. I find the positive reviews for this inexplicable. Perhaps it gets better later, but I was given no reason to find out.

Reviewed bycaspian1978Vote: 8/10/10

Show Me a Hero is a six part mini series that takes six episodes towatch. The reason I say this is because I found myself changing my mindmultiple times on what I thought about what I was watching. Unlike theWire, there is a lack of action and climatic moments. This gave theWire the suspense element to go along with the drama. Here, all we haveis a political drama. Although the casting is perfect and the truereflection of politics is well defined, it lacks the grit that the Wireshowcased. Still, both the Wire and Show Me a Hero gave a realisticaccount of our society. Oscar Isaac gives a perfect performance as NickWasicsko. His portrayal of the not so perfect, inexperienced, yetheroic Mayor of Yonkers gives the mini series the meat on the bone. Hisjourney reflects what it means to have courage in a world of cut throatpolitics. Much of the audience will be on the ropes with this story. Ifound myself changing my mind about what I felt about Wasicsko, thepeople living in the projects, members of the city council and theprotesters. The mini series does this perfectly as you become aspectator of what Yonkers went through. I feel the producers of themini series did this for a reason. This alone makes Show Me a Heroworth watching.

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