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Singularity (2017)

In 2020, Elias van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world's largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention--Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars...

IMDB: 5.26 Likes

  • Genre: Sci-Fi |
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.12G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 7

The Synopsis for Singularity (2017) 720p

In 2020, Elias van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world's largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention--Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars. When Kronos goes online, it quickly determines that mankind, itself, is the biggest threat to world peace and launches a worldwide robot attack to rid the world of the "infection" of man. Ninety-seven years later, a small band of humans remain alive but on the run from the robot army. A teenage boy, Andrew (Julian Schaffner) and a teenage girl, Calia (Jeannine Wacker), form an unlikely alliance to reach a new world, where it is rumored mankind exists without fear of robot persecution. But does this world actually exist? And will they live long enough to find out?

The Director and Players for Singularity (2017) 720p

[Director]Robert Kouba
[Role:]Carmen Argenziano
[Role:]John Cusack
[Role:]Julian Schaffner

The Reviews for Singularity (2017) 720p

Reviewed bytriffidCZVote: 1/10/10

After almost 20 years of using IMDb, I finally decided to register.Why? To get a chance to review Singularity? No. Just to express myanger. Somebody behind this movie (probably the studio) paid for 1000false ratings to move Singularity up the ladder. Yesterday the overallscore was 8.0!!! The best film ever made????

If you open the detailed score, you can immediately see why. Today(11-5-17, day 3 after release) the score is still 7,3 and it is fallingdown. There are 40 to 100 votes in each level, except for 9 starslevel. So far the movie received 9 stars 1300 times. With noexplanation, no written review, there are just these 9-star ratingsaccumulated within 2 days out of nowhere.

Nobody with clear mind can give Singularity 9 stars. At least nobodywho saw movies like Hunger Games, Terminator or Blade Runner. Maybe itdeserves 3, maybe 5. I am giving 1 for this intentional deception withfalse ratings. As another reviewer already pointed out, the situationis similar at RottenTomatoes.

IMDb staff: please check the voters' accounts! Are all the 9-star votesfrom accounts created 2 days ago by some cheating software?

One personal note: The scenes in an empty village with desolated churchwere shot in my country and that was the only time the movie got myattention (because I tried to figure out which village it may be)...

Reviewed byscreechy_jimVote: 4/10/10

Plain and simple, this is not a very good movie. There are definitelysome good aspects to it that I did appreciate, but right off the batthere are some glaringly obvious problems that will probably irk you,so lets get them out of the way quickly.

97 years after the robots have destroyed 8+ billion people and ourheroine is walking around in new clothes and makeup like she's just hada makeover. She,(in fact both our leads) are always pristine, itstotally ridiculous. She also has a crossbow, arrows, a new canteen, GPStracker and in fact just seems to magic things from nowhere wheneverthey are needed. It's preposterous. There are incidents like thisthroughout the whole movie that continually jerk you from the settingas you wonder how 'this or that' would be 'just so' given the historyof events.

Aside from those overtly obvious issues there are many others. Theacting is poor, the cast is very small and only John Cusack and CarmenArgenziano are up to the task. The script is terrible, it's corny,stilted, and hackneyed. There is a pointless voice-over thataccompanies many scenes with our two leads, but mostly it justdescribes on screen events. Kronos always knows where they are and hasa holo-image of everything they do yet he's having difficulty findingaurora. That our leads continually do stupid things or behaveatypically is a given. Much of the music is overdone. There is barely ascene without musical accompaniment and this rather than the acting iswhat unfortunately conveys most of the mood. This is just a handful ofhe problems, there's a lot more, but you get the point so I won't goon.

However its not all bad. Though most everything in this endeavour isB-movie standard, the visuals aren't. There is some greatcinematography. The scenic shots are great, the sci-fi shots with themekanoids are also quite impressive, and good shots, angles, andperspective detail throughout... in fact the whole visual portfolioseems to have been carefully planned, structured and executed. Somecredit is due here to the camera and visual crew. It's only with theaction sequences where shots degenerate to shaky camera action thatleaves a lot to be desired. The sci-fi special effects are also prettygood.

The plot is actually a good one, a post apocalyptic one with a lot ofpromise. Unfortunately it's just been executed poorly and a lot morecare and planning needed doing before this went to screen. Some tipsfrom 'The Walking Dead' would not have gone amiss.

I think its main failing is you're never really pulled in into thestory because of the distractions and weaknesses. At best you watch,but are on the outskirts of everything happening on screen and neverreally taken into the tale. Its a sure-fire mistake that marks manyself indulgent interests that centre too much on the project ratherthan the movie as a piece of entertainment from the perspective of theaudience. If I had to guess I would say there' an inexperienceddirector at the helm and maybe a sketchy production crew.

As I've said I think there are some good people involved in thisproject, but all in all, the movie isn't entertaining and I can't sayits worth watching... sadly.

Reviewed bysmilegelVote: 2/10/10

I gave it a 2, but it's more of 4/10 movie...maybe. I lowered therating because producers/owners of the movie are using one of manysites that give you free positive ratings, which is illegal. Theyshould've spent that budget on making the movie better! Just google:buy IMDb ratings and many sites will pop-up offering this service. Realrating of this movie is more like 4/10 at the MOST!

OK acting by some...Bad for some others and of course 1 good actor.

The issue I have with the movie is that it is pointless, slow andpredictable. I won't discuss bad graphics sfx as certainly the budgetwasn't big.

The story could've had so much more to it. It just sad they decided todumb-out the script and make it so plain. It is a very slow pace movieand not in a good way as I got bored 1/3 of the way and not sure how Igot through the rest- I was really expecting it to pick up and it neverdid. The idea behind the movie is nice,but it was never developed atall.

Do NOT believe the high rating (currently 8) as those are fake ratings.There are many sites that sell Anyone giving this more than 5 or 6 didnot watch the movie at all. I'd say any reviews of 2-5 can beconsidered real.

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