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Slaughter High (1986)

Slaughter High is a movie starring Caroline Munro, Simon Scuddamore, and Carmine Iannaccone. Eight people are invited to their old high school for their ten-year reunion where a fellow former student, disfigured from a prank gone...

IMDB: 5.32 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 5 / 13

The Synopsis for Slaughter High (1986) 720p

A group of popular students play a cruel prank on a shy nerd resulting in a terrible accident. Years later a reunion is held where each of the students face a stalker killer who may be the same nerd out for revenge.

The Director and Players for Slaughter High (1986) 720p

[Director]George Dugdale
[Role:]Caroline Munro
[Role:]Donna Yeager
[Role:]Carmine Iannaccone
[Role:]Simon Scuddamore

The Reviews for Slaughter High (1986) 720p

Horrible high-school revenge flick!Reviewed byZiggy5446Vote: 2/10

Slaughter High is intrinsically your emblematic 80s slasher flick. A prank goes out of hand leaving a geeky guy horribly burnt. A few years later the geeky guy returns and starts killing the people who hurt him. Now the story might sound intriguing and very entertaining, but what makes this horrible film so different from the rest of the 80s slasher flicks is that it has some humorless flaws and continuation errors.

The acting is horrendous, however, actually not as bad as one would suspect. Though it doesn't help that every character in the film are so grody and unlikable. The lead, Carol Manning (Caroline Munro) is the easily the biggest tormentor of them all and she's the one that we are ostensibly supposed to share compassion and root for. Not to mention, the geeky guy is almost too geeky and I think that even stereotypical geeks themselves would be rudely maddened and just downright antagonized by how geeky he his, so when he gets mauled, does anyone really care?

There is much unintentional laughter potential. Munro's lack of acting talent is quite apparent, which puts her down at the same level as the rest of the awful cast. However, the most amusement is easily when the film poorly attempts to pose Munro, who is in her mid 30s at the time, as a teenager amongst a cast of teenagers. And then when it comes to later life and Munro is playing around her real age, the rest of the cast do not pass as adults. This all goes well with a theme song that is a hilariously pose of heavy metal thrash accompanied by maniacal laughter and a voice shrieking "I'll get you." With that being said, Slaughter High really isn't a very good slasher flick, but it does have a bad cheesy entertainment value to it. Perhaps an essential for hardcore slasher fans, but don't expect dilemma, suspense, or any credibility from it. Horrible!!!

Now this is something!!Reviewed byshuklavinashVote: 7/10

To begin with, How would you like acid being splashed on one's face, a javelin poked near crotch, someone being strangulated and then nailed to the door, a beer that explodes innards out and a beautiful body dissolving slowly in acid. Well if you are into punk depiction of death 'Slaughter High' is for you. Indigenous attributes set this one apart from many contemporary slasher flicks, and it's fun watching the English apply American accents to sound Americans. Unlike most of the slasher flicks that fail to hold you tight during the entire course, 'Slaughter High' promises relentless fun and violence. The Jester mask, though not very horrid, is creepy enough.

Marty (Scuddamore) is a plain fool. He is such a loser that no girl would like to spend her time with. Marty soon becomes a victim of college prank, when a popular college girl Carol (Caroline Munro) cajoles him to make love under the shower, while intentionally letting the pranksters shoot Marty nude on the camera, of course without Marty's knowledge. Marty is insulted, beaten and also has his head drowned into the commode. His troubles end when the college coach (Smith) saves him and condemns the wrongdoers to hard labor in the gymnasium. The ring leader Skip (Inannaccone) wants to settle scores with Marty and rigs his chemistry practical apparatus to explode on Marty's face. The trick works and Marty collapses on floor. To make this worse, an acid jar turns down splashing a liter of hazardous liquid on his face, thus horribly disfiguring him. Most of the wrongdoers show remorse at Marty's burns and it appears that Marty is taken to a hospital for treatment. Several years later, these students get an invitation to show up for reunion at the same old college building. They find the building in serious disrepair awaiting demolition. They somehow get adjusted to it but a crazy 3-horned jester is stalking and finishing them in brutal and bizarre ways.

So what all does it take to make a nice shock movie? Well, watch 'Slaughter High' and you'll know. The movie is cheesy to the core with all the English actors pretending to be Americans. The setup is great and so is the atmosphere. It looks strange to see a crowded college building go deserted with time. The dim lit corridors remind me of Nazi concentration camp shown in 'Wold3D' game. It's the sheer sense of isolation, that rules the mind whenever any such set up comes before in real life. For example, I really fear walking on long and silent corridors at night. This movie needs to be enjoyed instead of being reviewed. So folks, enjoy the hip hop ride with lots of stylistic murders and gore.

Makes you think twice about picking on peopleReviewed bySonya WoodsVote: 10/10

it's movies like these that make you wish that you never picked on the nerd growing up in school. If you liked this movie, then I would suggest you watch Valentine. I just found out today that the guy who played Marty(Simon) killed himself a little after the movie was released which is a shame since he did a good job. I wonder if it's because of the part he played in the movie. It starts out when Carol tricks him into going into the girls restroom to act like they were about to do it. When he was changing in the showers, Carols popular friends snuck into the bathroom and got everything ready, camera, electric shock, pole. When Marty open the curtain butt naked he realized that he was tricked. He tries to cover the shower up but the kids open it, grab Marty and starts being mean to him while the camera is rolling. They picked him up, dunked his head in the toliet while it was being flushed, and they electricuted him(slightly). When the kids are in detention, given by the coach, 2 of the boys give Marty a joint that will make him throw up. Skip breaks one of the glass windows in the gym using a brick to get the teacher to excuse him. While Marty is puking in the bathroom Skip sneaks into the Science Lab and mixes some stuff that looks like cocaine but not sure what it was. The lab blows up disfiguring him badly. 5 years later the kids who tormented him that day got invitations for a 5 year school reunion at the old school which was burn that day it exploded. One by one the people get killed off. I don't understand how the girl who drowned really drowned. she could have gotten back up after Marty left. She almost got out the first time.

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