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Sneakers (1992) 1080p

Sneakers is a movie starring Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, and Sidney Poitier. A security pro finds his past coming back to haunt him, when he and his unique team are tasked with retrieving a particularly important item.

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The Synopsis for Sneakers (1992) 1080p

Martin Bishop is the head of a group of experts who specialize in testing security systems. When he is blackmailed by government agents into stealing a top secret black box, the team find themselves embroiled in a game of danger and intrigue. After they recover the box, they discover that it has the capability to decode all existing encryption systems around the world, and that the agents who hired them didn't work for the government after all.

The Director and Players for Sneakers (1992) 1080p

[Director]Phil Alden Robinson
[Role:]Jo Marr
[Role:]Sidney Poitier
[Role:]Robert Redford
[Role:]Dan Aykroyd

The Reviews for Sneakers (1992) 1080p

The last good hacking movieReviewed bytek-9Vote: 7/10

I was saddened that this movie had such a low rating. I've watched it many, many times over the years, and it continues to entertain. It is, perhaps, the last good "hacker" film (well, 23 (1998) also comes to mind, but that isn't widely available in English).

The math is believable (Janek's lecture makes sense), as is the technology (except for the Hollywood-ish decryption displays -- but that's forgivable). The characters are among the most realistic in any of these movies (with the exception of Joey the lamer in Hackers (1995) -- most accurate character in a hacking movie I've seen yet). They're each composites of well-known people from the 80s security scene. The techniques they use are the techniques of the business, especially in that era.

Now that computers have become such a big thing, I don't think it would be possible for Hollywood to produce another movie like this. Anything made now would have to be far more glamorous and unrealistic.

What's this movie got, if you don't care about any of that stuff? It's tremendously funny, cleverly written (every scene works overtime to say and do more than one thing), and beautifully shot and scored. (The opening scene and transition is wonderful) The acting is priceless. I've never met someone who didn't love this film. See it.

Fun, engaging flickReviewed byimdb-5765Vote: 7/10

Mostly overlooked and underrated this is a fun and engaging movie about a group of free-lance computer crackers, hackers, conspiracy theorist and others with geek/spy cred from diverse backgrounds, all with secrets and pasts of their own. The fun that ensues when they become ensnared in something much bigger than they opted for is too good to miss.

My only slight quibble is that the move borrows one gag wholesale (right down to the geese party) from the Rock Hudson movie Blindfold without referencing it in any way. One of the characters could have mentioned that movie at an appropriate point. But don't let that detract from your enjoyment. Too much good fun to miss.

From the guy who did Field of Dreams comes a much better movie about code breaking and stuff.Reviewed byschmimicVote: 10/10

Starring: Robert Redford, Dan Akroyd, Ben Kingsley, Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Mary McDonnell, David Straithairn This movie is just so good, it's almost hard to sum up the greatness in a review. At one point this was basically my favorite movie, but now it's just one of my favorite movies. It still gets a place on the mantel.

The movie starts with a young Marty and Cosmo back in 1969 doing some early computer hacking. They're busily transferring money from those who have it to those who need it. Example, taking from Richard Nixon's personal checking account and giving it to the Association of Legalized Marijuana. Truly, Robin Hoods. But then Marty gets hungry, so he heads out for pizza. When he gets to the van and tries to start it, flashing lights appear outside, head upstairs, and haul Cosmo away. Marty runs, and then it fades to present day, which when the movie was made, was 1992.

Martin Brice (Redford) now goes by the alias of Martin Bishop. He has an interesting job. As a bank teller says, "So you get hired to break into other people's places, to make sure nobody can break into their places?" In the team is a blind sound expert who goes by the name of Whistler (Straithairn), an electronics expert who goes by Mother (Akroyd), a teenager named Carl (Phoenix), and an ex-CIA agent, Donald Crease (Poitier).

One day they get some clients who walk in with a long list of information on all the people in Bishop's team. The only person they don't have info on is Martin Bishop. They then identify themselves as NSA, tell Bishop that they know his real identity, and ask to meet with them again for a special assignment. That assignment is to steal a little black box from some mathematician. Bishop's crew doesn't know what the box does, so they accept the offer. As part of the deal it pays $175,000, and they'll clear Bishop's record.

Once they have the box, they fiddle around with it a little and discover that it is actually a sophisticated code breaker that can hack American encryption systems. But when they are getting ready to give it to the NSA guys, they find out that Dr. Janek, the mathematician, has been murdered. At this point it's kind of hard to not wonder how important the box is, but unfortunately, the box is already in the NSA's hands before they find out about Janek, and so they drive away with no money and no little black box.

It's around this point where the plot of the movie really takes off and it gets very interesting. I'm not going to say much else. You'll just have to watch it for yourself and see.

Bottom Line: 4 out of 4 (own this movie)

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