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Snow Bride (2013) 1080p

Snow Bride is a TV movie starring Katrina Law, Jordan Belfi, and Patricia Richardson. Greta Kaine (Katrina Law) is always in search of juicy gossip. As a tabloid reporter of gossip in Los Angeles, it's her job to expose the rich and...

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  • Genre: Comedy | Family
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Snow Bride (2013) 1080p

Greta Kaine (Katrina Law) is always in search of juicy gossip. As a tabloid reporter of gossip in Los Angeles, it's her job to expose the rich and famous. So when word gets out that the late Senator Tannehill's sons might be proposing marriage at the families Big Bear compound during Christmas, Greta and her chief rival Wes (Tom Lenk) are challenged by their old-school editor to get the scoop. There's incentive to be the first, too -- the editorship of the magazine's new online incarnation. Greta's assistant tells her that Wes has a head start to snowy Big Bear, so she dashes to the mountain resort. When she mistakenly ends up as a guest of the family, she's in the middle of what could be her best story yet! However, she soon discovers that the family, including matriarch Maggie Tannenhill (Patricia Richardson) and caretaker Peters (Robert Curtis Brown) are more down-to-earth than she ever gave them credit for. Increasingly guilt-ridden about her game of subterfuge, Greta must make a ...

The Director and Players for Snow Bride (2013) 1080p

[Director]Bert Kish
[Role:]Jordan Belfi
[Role:]Patricia Richardson
[Role:]Susie Abromeit
[Role:]Katrina Law

The Reviews for Snow Bride (2013) 1080p

Hallmark Has Another Winner! Enjoyable, Predictable Holiday Fare with Appealing Leads!Reviewed byEsselleeeVote: 7/10

I have to admit that I am a sucker for the Hallmark Channel's holiday movies. I look forward to their annual, 2-month long "Countdown to Christmas" extravaganza with the giddiness of an excited child waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Hallmark's movies are warm, inviting and comforting, and they envelop me in holiday spirit, like a cozy winter blanket or a cup of hot chocolate. The plots are good-natured, usually a bit flimsy, and always predictable -- and yet I am drawn into the stories they tell as though I think something new and unexpected is going to happen at the end of each one.

In the case of "Snow Bride," I expected a standard, lightweight, family-friendly, thinly outlined romantic comedy -- and that's precisely what I got. However, it seems surprisingly modern and fresh.

One highlight of this movie is that the two romantic leads in "Snow Bride" (the striking Katrina Law and Jordan Belfi) are impossibly attractive, and they have genuine chemistry. This is not to say that other actors in other Hallmark productions are unappealing, but many times the couplings fall flat in the absence of any true sparks. The "Snow Bride" duo, however, sparks left and right.

Also, the repartee between "Greta" and "Ben" throughout this movie is fairly snappy, witty, and clever, which had me wondering if Hallmark hired some new writers...or maybe just better actors?

I suppose the only reason I am not assigning a higher rating to "Snow Bride" is that the circumstances under which our two leads meet seem a bit implausible and preposterous, although that is generally the formula for many of the Hallmark holiday romcoms that I already love.

Overall, though, "Snow Bride" is one of the better installments in Hallmark's pantheon of reliable, feel-good Yuletide fare. It's not going to win an Emmy, and it's not going to provoke deep thought, but it is as sweet and delightful as a sugary piece of Christmas candy, and that's all I need it to be.

Definitely Worth a WatchReviewed byAnonnamusVote: 9/10

Hallmark mass-produces Christmas movies by the dozen and they are, for the most part, interchangeable. Although not particularly unique, it's still a charming and heartwarming story with two characters who just mesh well together. Katrina Law is unlike I've ever seen her before (I only know her from Arrow), and her expressive eyes and face and goofy nature steals the show. Patricia Richardson is wonderful as the male lead's mother, exuding a natural warmness that many other actors try too hard to convey. The chemistry between the two leads are what makes this film stand out from other holiday flicks. I definitely recommend this one.

ChemistryReviewed byasherthomasVote: 9/10

This is an amazing Hallmark movie and if you are looking for genuine chemistry between the two leads in this case look no further than Snow Bride with It's leads played by Katrina Law and Jordan Belfi.

Another Hallmark movie with genuine chemistry between the leads is A December Bride where the leads Layla and Seth are played by Jessica Lowndes and Daniel Lissing.

If you are looking for a good feel good Christmas movie try these out you won't be disappointed.

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