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What happened to the children who lived through the Pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived but will never be the same Post Covid.

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The Synopsis for South Park: Post COVID (2021) 2160p

What happened to the children who lived through the Pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived but will never be the same Post Covid.

The Director and Players for South Park: Post COVID (2021) 2160p

[Role:]Matt Stone

The Reviews for South Park: Post COVID (2021) 2160p

A fun jab at the pandemic...Reviewed bypaul_haakonsenVote: 6/10

Now, I cannot claim to be a fan of "South Park", never have been and never will be. I just never could get into the animation - or lack thereof - and the way everything looks. But when Trey Parker and Matt Stone opted to sit down and do a take on the Covid-19 pandemic, I must admit that I had to watch this 2021 animated movie. So of course I did.

And I have to say that "South Park: Post Covid" is really enjoyable. There is a lot of great observations on the situation of how, when, where and why the Covid-19 has been taking place, how it has been taking place and the effects it have had on people and society. And in the traditional "South Park" approach, Parker and Stone delivers spot on jabs at the whole situations.

Sure, it could be considered tacky and immoral, given the ongoing pandemic. But this was not only fun, but also actually showcased the absurdity of how certain things have played out during Covid-19 and still does. So there are actually great pokes at society and such.

"South Park: Post Covid" is not going to turn me into a "South Park" fan, by no means, but it was actually an enjoyable animated movie and it was done in a way that only Parker and Stone could manage.

So you should definitely sit down to watch "South Park: Post Covid", that much is certain.

I am rating "South Park: Post Covid" a well-deserved six out of ten stars.

Blame China!!! - We're Missing A SongReviewed bynrgigabaVote: 7/10

I watched South Park: Post Covid soon after the passing of Virgil Abloh. I've been watching a lot of Virgil x Kanye interviews lately, a paragraph didn't pass without Kanye mentioning the South Park episode where they threw jabs at his fashion. I realize how much social commentary South Park made and the impact on our landscape.

Post Covid is not any less. They throwing jabs at the pandemic, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theories, cancel culture, censorship of comedy etc.

The censorship of comedy is one of the things which stands out in this movie as it tries to censor itself whilst mocking how much effect censorship has on comedy (people will say this South Park's comedy sucks - uhm duh - that's the point they are trying to highlight when it comes to censorship).

Go in with an open mind and try not comparing it with South Park of years past.

A LoveletterReviewed byjosephellisVote: 7/10

That's all this really is to me. A Loveletter to the show, everyone's all grown up and to be honest it's so different and yet very familiar. And it's also a lot darker and emotional, which is unexpected from this comical show. People say this show is struggling to be relevant but in all honesty, what are they talking about? This depiction of the future, whether you like it or not is depressingly real. Humor and culture and "being offended too easily". All of this was on point. It was annoying at first when they used the "this is the future" joke but it stuck with me because honestly this is the direction the future is heading. I cannot wait for the next episode of this new fresh start. Which feels like a big climatic end to a legendary series. And I wish it was.

Edit: I just watched this twice with my younger brother. We both liked it again. But I feel like only fans of South Park would find this special. It relies on old characters and general knowledge of the show to uphold it's quality. This really is not just a love letter to south park, but to the fans.

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