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Sparkle (2007)

Sam is a charming, young chancer who moves to London. His best laid plans for success suffer a real setback when true love turns his world upside down in the most unexpected of circumstances.

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The Synopsis for Sparkle (2007) 720p

Sam Sparks is a 22-year-old ready to strike out on is own in moving to London. When landlord Vince gets his brother Bernie to have friend Frank hire Sam as a waiter, Sam meets his soon-to-be PR boss, Sheila. Sensing opportunity, Sam charms himself a job as Sheila's PA... and her lover, but when Sam falls for Kate, he instigates a series of family revelations. As balancing his job and love life becomes overwhelming, unexpected twists and uncovered secrets force Sam to choose between his career and the love of his life.

The Director and Players for Sparkle (2007) 720p

[Director]Neil Hunter
[Director]Tom Hunsinger
[Role:]Bob Hoskins
[Role:]Lesley Manville
[Role:]John Shrapnel

The Reviews for Sparkle (2007) 720p

Reviewed bypoowkVote: 3/10/10

I thought the plot was somewhat weak and the male character veryunlikable. He seemed to be selfish throughout the film and remained soeven in the end. I did not find myself cheering for a happy ending. Theonly character I did like was the struggling mother trying to make itas a singer, but that side story really had no parallels with the mainplot. The rest of the story flowed in a very predictable manner and wasquite unoriginal. After watching the movie, I felt like I had justwasted my time. I don't recommend watching it unless you have aprofound love for British accents and that, that alone would satisfyyour time in watching the movie.

Reviewed by (gsygsy)Vote: 5/10/10

Not as good as the writers'/directors' previous effort, LAWLESS HEART,despite an array of fine actors. I think the problem lies in thelimited range of the male lead. Scenes between everyone else work wellenough, but his cheeky-chap persona grates after a while. This is moreof a criticism of the script than of the actor. When we finally see hisvulnerable side, it's too late for the rom-com ending.

The relationship between the characters also seems too convenientlyclose-knit to convince. Sure, by definition every work of fiction isartificial, a fabrication. There was a central idea in LAWLESS HEART -a bereavement - that bound the whole thing together. Here,unfortunately, the inter-connections seem worthier of a novel than amovie.

Bob Hoskins is particularly endearing in SPARKLE, so fans of his shouldsee the movie if they can. Otherwise, in spite of reliable performancesfrom reliable performers, this feels like a rather half-hearted attemptat a feelgood movie.

i love it.Reviewed byobobjimVote: 8/10

i love this movie.even though this was a simple no point movie i live Stockard Channing and think she does an excellent job in whatever shes in. this movie, although not the conventional love story, will steel your heart and have you wanting more.Although i hardly know any of the British actors in this film except the man who plays uncle Luke i thought all were phenomenal.its was a funny down to earth film that I'm sure if we don't relate to it someone we know can.i also advice you to check out some of her other films as well as the other actors you might like should watch this movie it will make you laugh =]. Also i think that it could be a great date movie just not on the first one.

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