Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001) 1080p YIFY Movie

Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001) 1080p

Spiders II: Breeding Ground is a movie starring Stephanie Niznik, Greg Cromer, and Daniel Quinn. Jason and Alexandra 'Alex', a close couple, lose their sail yacht in a storm and are grateful to get picked up by Captain Jim Bigelow's...

IMDB: 3.00 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.85G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 19 / 30

The Synopsis for Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001) 1080p

Jason and Alexandra 'Alex', a close couple, lose their sail yacht in a storm and are grateful to get picked up by Captain Jim Bigelow's commercial carrier. Suspicious about the rough treatment and injections given by ship's doctor Gerbac which make the strong man faint, and realizing the ship is improbably empty and the radio not broken as the crew claims, Jason starts snooping around and finds human bodies on meat hooks, but even Alex thinks he's just hallucinating. Alas while sane Jason is restrained for his 'paranoia', the real madmen are the doc's genetic experiment outfit, who abuse their human captives as live incubators for a giant spider's eggs...

The Director and Players for Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001) 1080p

[Director]Sam Firstenberg
[Role:]Richard Moll
[Role:]Greg Cromer
[Role:]Stephanie Niznik
[Role:]Daniel Quinn

The Reviews for Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001) 1080p

Ummmm..... not the best movie :)Reviewed byNilsosmarVote: 7/10

let's see now... Spiders 2... ummm.... the special effects are just silly..... the dialogue is wooden, weird, and hard to take seriously... the mad scientist acts and talks and looks like a Saturday morning cartoon character... the story has lots of plot and logic loopholes, verging on the ridiculous....

the story is predictable and is very very very slow moving -- we can all see where it's going, so why can't the characters?

actually you could save this movie by taking out virtually all of the dialogue -- not a word of it is necessary --- then taking out redundant and unnecessary scenes -- and bringing in a better cinematographer with more knowledge about dramatic lighting. It would work okay as a silent movie, about ten or fifteen minutes long.

Going down with all hands and hairy legs on board...Reviewed byCoventryVote: 2/10

The first "Spiders" is one of my guiltiest guilty pleasures in the horror genre, simply because that movie is just too stupid NOT to enjoy! It had grotesque special effects, featured every single cliché of the freshly revived creature-feature sub genre and it never took itself too seriously, which resulted in a fairly entertaining & campy flick. Part two regretfully is the complete opposite of all that. It tries to be scary and original, which is a pretty bad approach if you're dealing with mutated spiders that look as gigantic as a house! Despite the remotely promising opening sequences (featuring an authentic pirate attack!) and a lot of gory killings near the end, "Spiders 2" is also a very boring film and that's really unforgivable for a post-2000 horror production. The sail boat of a young couple sinks during a storm but they're rescued by a huge cargo ship. The exclusively male crew members are insufferably friendly even though it's more than obvious that they're naughty villains, especially the annoying captain of the ship and the stereotypical mad doctor with the white beard. It takes another tedious half hour before it's confirmed that the cargo ship actually is a floating research lab where the sinister scientist feeds human bodies to over-sized tarantulas. The ramshackle old cargo ship forms an interesting location, but crap-director Sam Firstenberg nearly isn't talented enough to make full use of it. The CGI-effects are atrocious, as are the acting performances and it's really pathetic to see how everyone involved in this Nu-Image production takes this thing so damn seriously.

Really, really badReviewed byGetBackYouEightLeggedFreaksVote: 7/10

This has to be one of the worst films I have ever seen. The first film, Spiders, was a fun movie. It constantly poked fun at itself, and delivered what it intended to bring to the screen. This one...I say 'What the hell were they thinking?'. It berily even mentions the spiders throughout most of the film, and then they appear, and the way all of it comes about is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Filled with bad dialogue, a bad story that is not coherent and bad visual effects(the first one was a lot better, and this movie actually steals scenes from the first one to "enhance" the story and move it forward). The only, very slight, redeeming factor about this movie is the blood and gore, of which there is even very little(and some of it is too fake). Extremely bad, and I pity anyone involved in this movie.

Still, none of the violence/gore can pull it from me giving it the worst rating of all.

MPAA Rating: R(violence and gore, language and nudity)

Final Grade: 1/10

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