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SPL: Kill Zone (2005)

Chan, an articulate senior detective nearing the end of his career, is taking care of the daughter of a witness killed by ruthless crime lord Po. Martial arts expert Ma is set to take over as head of the crime unit, replacing Chan who wants an early retirement.

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  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Language: Chinese 2.0  
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 7/10 
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The Synopsis for SPL: Kill Zone (2005) 720p

Chan, an articulate senior detective nearing the end of his career, is taking care of the daughter of a witness killed by ruthless crime lord Po. Martial arts expert Ma is set to take over as head of the crime unit, replacing Chan who wants an early retirement.

The Director and Players for SPL: Kill Zone (2005) 720p

[Director]Wilson Yip
[Role:]Simon Yam
[Role:]Donnie Yen
[Role:]Wu Jing
[Role:]Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

The Reviews for SPL: Kill Zone (2005) 720p

what HK marital arts cinema should beReviewed bycowskickassVote: 10/10

This movie rocks. Thats it, those are my feelings for this film summed up in a comprehensible sentence.

This is a surprisingly dark film, not all clean-cut heroes and villains story. its not a story about idealistic law enforcement, its about cops living in a very bad world, and doing whatever they need to do to get the job done.

Donnie Yen is in prime form here, its great to see him back in action and in such center-stage role. But Sammo Hung is THE MAN in this film, a perfect villain and total badass. watch it just for him.

The fights are all amazing.Its less artsy kungfu and a little more brutal streetfighting. Donnie Yen's choreography is at its best, everything looks painful and bloody. The battle between Sammo and Donnie has to be one of the best I've seen in a while.

Kill or kidnap whoever you need to see this flick. its worth it.

Best pure Hong Kong action film for a long time.Reviewed bykit_lokVote: 10/10

Being of a British born Chinese decent I was brought up on a staple diet of Hong Kong action movies mostly action. Yes I knew Jackie Chan before he went and made the "International" action film (See Police Story, then watch Medallion and then see Police Story). It was also before the advent of teeny bop stars taking over the movie scene making way for Japanese and especially Korean films to become the new movie darlings of the Far East. I watched these films before Hollywood hired Yuen Woo Ping and other HK choreographers repeating wire work scenes that I had seen earlier in other films and this kind of wire work made way for the antidote of the non wire work in the shape the excellent Ong Bak.

I also watched the antics of Jet Li,Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen growing up. Two of the aforementioned feature in this rather superior crime thriller from Hong Kong. It doesn't have the depth of Infernal Affairs or the close brotherhood of male bonding characters that you see in a John Woo thriller, but it does have the best action from a Hong Kong movie since Drunken Master 2. However rather being a straight edged action movie it does attempt a story of that being Detective Chan (Simon Yam) leads a posse to take down Po(Sammo Hung). However every move he makes on Po is thwarted and due to a terminal illness Chan is soon to retire to be replaced by tough man cop Detective Ma (Donnie Yen). However a shade of grey comes into Chan and his posse when they attempt to frame Po and that's were everything literally explodes.

SPL is primary built on the finale between action Gods Sammo and Yen. No these guys are not Hollywood actors training "hard" for three months only to make an action sequence look so stiff you think your watching stop motion animation, these are actors who have been training most of their lives who can also act(is that too hard to find?). What make's SPL interesting is the little fights in between that build you up for Donnie Yen's inevitable awesome confrontations with not only Sammo but his evil dagger wielding psycho henchman played by Wu Jing (Drunken Monkey) who is probably the best secondary bad guy since Bobba Fett. It also should be noted that the scenes when the heroes and villains don't actually fight are pretty intense. The stylistic approach by director Wilson Yip is fresh and displaying that Johnnie To is not the only one who can do serious thrillers in Hong Kong...but I'm digressing lets talk about the action.

Donnie Yen choreographed the fights and has it spot on, no wire work here just pure raw fight scenes, bloody and brutal but the most entertaining elements are the incorporation of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu moves, simply amazing. The way the action is shot is superb penetrating close ups and eye level action and brilliantly edited. The acting is superb by Yam and especially Sammo Hung hamming it up as the bad guy with such glee, Yen's character is perhaps the least developed although his motives become true to the end of the film but thats only a small hiccup. The supporting cast of Chan's posse though all have little star turns and yes the cast contains NO POP STARS. Let's hope Hong Kong carries on making these kinds of rocking Martial Art movies and not go backwards. It's this kind of film that finally tells all other countries that Hong Kong action is back.

Resets the standard for modern day martial arts filmsReviewed byhkauteurVote: 8/10

When I found the film was having its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, I made it first priority to go see it. I saw it with a friend at an Industry screening in rush line. Donnie versus Sammo, can it get any better than that?

The story of the film, to make it simple, Simon Yam is the retiring determined bad-good cop, Donnie is the new good-good cop replacing him and Sammo is the mob boss. The film takes place during father's day and every character in the film is either a son or a father. Everyone is dealing with some form of father and son relationship; Sammo's character is expecting a child, Simon Yam has an adopted daughter of whose real parents were killed by men sent from Sammo, Donnie's character defies his father's wishes to become a policeman and so forth. The theme serves to add a emotional element that connects all the characters in the film. None of the characters are extreme good or extreme evil, everybody is shades of grey on different levels. There seems to be a very heavy Infernal Affairs influence here coupled with the bleak colours and dark settings. However, the film does not take itself as seriously as the IA trilogy. There are many moments of humor and it works well to break the tension of the film in the beginning to middle. The humor leaves at the middle to the finale at the end when things start to get serious; which helps engage the audience and assures them the film does not take itself any more seriously but to engage you for the duration of the movie to entertain you.

The film is shot very stylishly. Combined with the duration of the film (the film clocks in to about 97 minutes), I can imagine the meanest western critic would say this film is pretentious, trading too much style for not enough storytelling in such a short time. (Yes I already see that coming, aren't I pretty?) I would d say that would be the wrong way to look at it, because he would be forgetting the fact that this a modern day kung fu film, which has always been a very hard genre to do. In the modern day setting, it basically means you're more grounded and limited by the realms of reality, which means no obvious wirework and more realistic choreography, which you need expert talent to pull off. When you're in ancient times, you can get away with stuff, not in modern day. The story lines for modern day martial arts films have not been very impressive either in the past. It's it's own ballgame in my opinion. Only recent one I can think of is Danny the Dog/Unleashed, an old example being Jackie Chan's Police Story series (and I don't count the unevenly New Police Story).

And now, the thing you've been waiting for,.... the action! Donnie Yen commented that this was the pinnacle of his career with SPL. When you see the film, you can see what he's talking about. You know that thing when you hear reading about kung fu movies sometimes when Bruce Lee moves too fast for the camera and they ask him to slow down so people can see what's going on? I don't think much of that was going on here in SPL. The fights were lightning fast and brutal. Every move was checkmate and everyone's going for the throat. The fights are not many, but they are cruelly intense. The fight with Wu Jing and Donnie Yen in the alleyway was spectacular, I think they were rolling camera and just going at it full speed. I guess it seemed natural to do a weapon fight (baton vs. a short Japanese knife) because Wu Jing has a more graceful swift strength as to Donnie's hard and solid's. The finale with Sammo and Donnie was my favorite. Sammo is a fifty-year old two hundred pound fat man and he moves like he never aged at all. He keeps up every second with Donnie. No one had to slow anything down for him, nor nothing was undercranked or wired. Wrestling seemed to be a very natural choice for this fight, given the circumstances; Donnie and Sammo are hard, solid strength types and it added a new visual element compared to Donnie's In The Line of Duty and Tiger Cage days. This fight was so intense it made me forget what the plot of the story was about, I forgot why Donnie was fighting Sammo plotwise and just purely experienced the cinematics of the fight. You'll see what I mean when you see the film.

Yes, SPL succeeds in what it does. With more martial arts films coming out internationally (such as Ong Bak), as Donnie has been quoted as saying repetitively, Hong Kong has deteriorated in its quality of kung fu film, despite the fact that Hong Kong choreography has now become international. SPL sets the standard again and reminds the world that we still have a few things up our sleeves and that this is the Hong Kong brand of action choreography. So yes, martial arts fans, you'll definitely dig it. It's on your must-see list for sure.

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