Splitting Heirs (1993) 1080p YIFY Movie

Splitting Heirs (1993) 1080p

Splitting Heirs is a movie starring Eric Idle, Rick Moranis, and Barbara Hershey. A duke dies and leaves the title and wealth to his adult son. But who's the real son: the found baby raised in USA or the abandoned baby raised by a...

IMDB: 5.60 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Crime
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Splitting Heirs (1993) 1080p

A member of the English upper class dies, leaving his estate and his business to an American, whom he thinks is his son who was lost as a baby and then found again. An Englishman who thinks he is an Indian comes to believe that he is actually the heir. He comes to hate the American who is his boss, his friend, and the man who has stolen the woman after whom he lusts.

The Director and Players for Splitting Heirs (1993) 1080p

[Director]Robert Young
[Role:]Barbara Hershey
[Role:]Eric Idle
[Role:]Rick Moranis
[Role:]Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Reviews for Splitting Heirs (1993) 1080p

Rather amusing little black comedy with some of the Monty Python touchReviewed byTBJCSKCNRRQTreviewsVote: 6/10

I'm probably in the minority here... but I always preferred Eric Idle of the members of the Monty Python gang. The more talented writer, both in sketch material and song lyrics(to any other Python fan who appreciates those; Yes, Idle wrote and performed the main theme), the better facial expressions and acting. Naturally, when I found out that he had written and starred in a film of his own(though John Cleese does also have a role), I had to watch it. I don't believe I ever did get to watch this more than a few times, some years back, and then I didn't really go back to it until today. As much as I like Idle, I have to admit that this isn't up to the standards of most of the Pythons' movies or Flying Circus episodes. The basic idea is fun enough; I won't reveal it here, though, since it is an important plot point(and I urge anyone reading this to not read any of the cast credits on the main page... and if you've already done so, try your best to forget what you read). The plot certainly isn't brilliant, but it's quite funny, and makes for some highly comical situations. The pacing is actually fairly solid. I can't think of any point in the film where I was genuinely bored... in spite of knowing everything that would happen. The acting is all very good. The characters are quite well-written, though I guess few of them are particularly likable. The humor is quite black, and some will definitely be offended. I'm not fond of admitting it, but Cleese actually has some of the funniest moments of the entire film. He's not very prominently featured, but he is hilarious when he is on-screen. Moranis is about as tolerable as usual... I don't feel much neither for nor against him, but if you don't care for him, you won't like him in this, either. Idle gets to both under- and overplay, and his presence was definitely the selling point of the movie for me. All in all, some very funny moments, but only just enough to make it worth watching. I recommend it to huge fans of the Monty Python crew, in particular those fond of Idle and Cleese. 6/10

Truly god awfulReviewed byredkiwiVote: 1/10

This film epitomises everything that is wrong with Hollywood. A quaint American knowledge of what the British aristocracy is, which bears absolutely zero resemblance in fact, is spun into a stunningly unfunny tale about Eric Idle having his inheritance taken by a mistaken identity while he was a baby.

The king of not being funny, Rick Moranis, takes his place and of course Eric tries to knock him off, and it's predictable as it is painful, and every single thing you could see happening.

Quite how John Cleese could lower himself to this I'm not sure, and I have no doubt that Catherine Zeta Jones will look back on this and cringe in years to come.

Never ever see this film, it's terrible.

...the clever title suggests a better pastime in lieu of viewing this film.Reviewed byatracVote: 7/10

One would hope for more humour and less depression from a motion picture written by and starring Eric Idle. Other than an interesting score by Michael Kamen, the only reason to view this movie is for the always gorgeous, absolutely fabulous Catherine Zeta-Jones. At age 23, she shines in this early role as the sassy, money hungry, love interest of Rick Moranis(!). Her beauty and grace almost saves this film from absolute terror (and yes, on a whole this film is more 'scary' than "The Haunting.")

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